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  1. I just ordered a second!! I hope they really do ship soon.
  2. I don't really see why it is bad to want an update when the projected possible ship date is reached. Constant bitching and moaning is one thing but just an hnest request for an update is really not asking for much. Nobody is asking mike to take a day off to respond to 1000's of emails. It would take all of 5 min to log on and say drums are shipping, need more time, etc. It is reall just courteousy to your customers IMHO. I am not going to bitch and moan because I have faith. At the same time I like updates (especially when a certain referenced goal date has passed) because I do not
  3. So I gotta ask the question........ It'll be 3 weeks tomorrow........ How are things looking?
  4. An update would really be nice. I ordered in August. I remember when I read the MD website it saying the remaining balance would be charged in full when the drums were ready to ship, but that's not what happened. I've never paid in full for something with no idea when I was going to get it. Not trying to whine but I think a estimate would help.
  5. I'm excited as shit about mikes drum but I don't feel like I owe him or something. If someone was to make some drums of equal quality for less I'd buy them instead. Nothing personal. I'm glad Mike stepped up to the plate though the wraithmaker is a joke.
  6. From Mike's original post at the beginning of this thread: " I am still not sure of when I will be shipping." That's why I said rough estimate. Meaning while you aren't for sure if everything goes right then maybe at such and such time. Plus I just want to know whether to expect several months or weeks which should be fairly easy to estimate.
  7. Just curious, but can you give a rough estimation of when you think they will start shipping? I know nothing is absolute. I have not sent any emails and have no plans to cancel I just am curious whether more adjustments to molds is something that will run the course of weeks or months to get right. Once again I am not complaining and am very excited about getting a drum. I ordered mine back in August I think.
  8. I didn't go through near that. I have came close before though.
  9. Guys I appreciate the apologies. It's not that big of a deal. I understand your frustration. I had a similar experience with Vector Uzi's. They however tryed to fix the first, replaced it, then replaced the replacement so they had good CS about it. I probably never would have started this thread but I found it really irritating that the buyer just decided not to tell me he had changed his mind.
  10. I have no committed buyers. Just shoot me a PM if you have any specific questions or want to buy it.
  11. I just decided it was to much for one mag. I have a feeling that these work in a good portion of the saigas they are used in. I think there is a tendency for people to be much more verbal about negative than positive results. There is obviously a larger than average failure rate though. I just need the cash other wise I'd try it out.
  12. Thanks. The price is $330 shipped. That is $10 less shipped then from Wraithmaker.
  13. Damnit I guess I can't edit my first post now. Mods please close this thread I am about to start another so I can have the price listed and not have SOLD PENDING FUNDS typed out.
  14. Committed to buying something from me. Told me he was sending a MO for it. It never shows up so I send a PM to find out if he was delayed or backing out. Didn't respond even though the tracking showed he read it within an hour of me sending it. Send another telling him I know he is reading the PM's since I had the message tracked so to please to let me know whether I need to relist it or not. He tells me he is passing on it. Ummm... OK so you never sent the MO when you told me you were doing just that?? Not that big of a deal I just can't stand people who lack integrity. Shit hap
  15. WTS all the parts below. The stock is a used US made Warsaw Pact length stock, grip is a new tapco grip and there is a screw and nut I am throwing in. The trigger is a G2 trigger group I purchased new from Tromix and it is still completely new. They sell them with the hammer already recontoured for use in Saiga's and they modify it so it will fit with the last round bolt hold open. So you won't have to mess with the trigger group in any way. I was going to use these to convert a 2nd Saiga I had but I sold the Saiga 12 instead. $80 shipped. SOLD PENDING FUNDS
  16. i may take it but make sure you get it frist and open it send pic's to me with a news paper with the date and your id in the pic's with the drum and your phone number anyway e mail me your e mail and let me know Yea no problem I understand. I will just post the pics here and PM you my contact info when it gets here.
  17. I had this posted for sale a couple of months ago. I decided it was to expensive for one magazine shortly after ordering and decided to sell it. I had a buyer lined up from another forum to purchase it for when I got the thing but I guess I erased my messages and I can't remember or figure out who it is. Alliance Armament called me on Thursday to take my final payment and said it was shipping Friday. So it should be here this week unless the holidays slow everything. $315 shipped I ordered this thing in August. If you want a new one and don't want to wait now is your chance. Th
  18. I figured you guys would know the best about this. I want to have my Saiga 12 barrel shortened. How short can you make it without shortening the gas tube etc? Say the ports are opened up some but not enough to cause issues like pieces of the plastic wad etc getting lodged in them. Could the barrel be shortened some doing it this way and how much if it can? I don' really like the look of super short 8-10" saiga 12's. I'd like to have mine shortened to 14-15" or so. Is this possible or will the gas system have to be shortened. Being able to still shoot target loads is a must.
  19. Thanks. I know pretty much how to do a conversion and that's about it.
  20. I really don't know all that much about the different "Saiga Smiths" except Tromix. Who is Will and how do I contact him?
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