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  1. I have had retaining plates in every ak I own so I know how they work. I thought maybe the reciever was different or something. I probably did something wrong. i didn't mess with it much. I am going to be taking it apart to finish some areas with some alumahyde 2. When I do that I will try again.
  2. I'm using the front chicago screw or whatever it's called for the retaining wire. I bought a retaining plate but the bolt carrier was hitting it. Maybe I did something wrong when I was trying to get the retaining plate in.
  3. Wifey (my wife) looking over my shoulder commented: "She doesn't look exhausted, she looks ticked off that you spent your money on that shotgun and not on a ring for her..." Funny, all I noticed was the beautiful lady and the weapon. Guess women have a slightly different perspective! -Scott LOL She has a ring. She was lounging so she didn't have it on. She used to work at a really nice jewelry store. She worked there when we got engaged so I was pretty much screwed. I just let her pick it out since she looked at them every day. That damn thing took forever to pay for
  4. I ordered 4 from a guy in russia through this forum a couple years back so I know what you are talking about. I just don't see as many being sold anymore so I wasn't sure.
  5. I can't understand why they cost so much. I knew why right after the AWB died but they are still so expensive. Do they still make them? Military contracts making them scarce? What's the scoop?
  6. I got it at a garage sale for $50. My wife for some reason thinks it is for her.
  7. I picked up the Saiga I ordered yesterday. I handled one in a store and my Saiga 12 and the trigger on my .223 is probably twice as heavy and stiff. Kinda dissapointing considering you can't just take the FCG out easily. Every time I get it out after I clear it and then start to dry fire it I glance down to make sure the safety off because of how much pressure I have to exert. I just bought it to be a cheap beater rifle/truck gun so it won't be that big of a deal. I don't plan on converting this so I'll just have to get used to it. Is this typical? I don't expect a match grade trigger w
  8. would a dremel have worked? your wife looks like a doll in that HUGE chair I don't know the only things for my dremel I could find small enough for the job was a tapered grinding stone, a round bur, and a basic drill bit. I tried them all and none of them worked well. I could have went to the store to get more stuff for my dremel but I live way out in the sticks. I had grinding stones and cutting discs so I felt I could get by without going to town. The rest of the reciever was no where near as hard. It took less than a minute to drill any other holes. I guess the spot weld ki
  9. I got my calipers out and found the feed lips were sticking out a little at the corners where the sides meet the back (on the metal). I basically rounded the corners with a file which reduced them some in the process and it fits perfect now. Just as easy to insert as my 5rd mag but it has slightly less play so it feels more rigid. I got three agp mags in today. They were REALLY tight in the front. I just lightly sanded the sides towards the front and they are all perfect now. They actually feel more solid in the gun and have less play than the factory mags. They don't seem quite as well
  10. I converted my Saiga 3 days ago. I had one in the past that I had gotten from cdnn for $200 before the AWB died and my friend converted it for me after it died. I was able to sell it for way more than I payed for it but I have really missed it so I got my current one a few weeks ago from atlantic firearms. I have the factory 5rd mag, one 8rd mag, and just got 3 AGP mags earlier than expected today Damn the 10rd mags are so big they almost look retarded. Still cool as hell but I prefer the 8rd mag a little more. The only part of the conversion that was a PITA was drilling through the sp
  11. I converted a saiga 12 recently. Anyways I have an 8rd mag and it's hard to seat it completely even when the mag is empty. I had another saiga 12 that I got from cdnn a while back and the 8rd mags were alot easier to seat completely.
  12. Price drop. I'll try to get some pics up that show how the conversion was done.
  13. OK I've been getting PM's now. I'm not looking to sell my Saiga. Stop PMing me!
  14. Anyone...... I honestly just don't know the vaule of a converted Saiga.
  15. How sure are you? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'd say 99%. The language when referring to shotguns made specific reference to fixed or tube magazines.
  16. I'm pretty sure that law refers to a fixed mag. Nothing about Detachable mags.
  17. Just curious. I bought my Saiga 12 right before the sunset of the ban anticipating the conversion. I paid $200 new from cdnn. I have put about 200 shells total through it. I'm not a big shotgun fan but I want to have at least one. Anyways the conversion was done by my friend. He's not a gunsmith but he does all sorts of projects like this all the time. I think it turned out great and it hasn't had any failures. The 2 silver bolts near the reciver trunion are just there to fill the holes where the trigger was if I remember correctly. I've been meaning to paint them black or replace the
  18. Your kidding about the 8rd mags right? I had a total of 5 of them before selling 3 on ebay to make the 2 I kept seem cheaper.
  19. This is some very positive feedback for Acca47. He is in Russia I guess and sold me 2-8rd Saiga 12 mags. I got them faster than I expected and he gave me lots of updates. He's great to do business with and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again!
  20. This is some very positive feedback for Acca47. He is in Russia I guess and sold me 2-8rd Saiga 12 mags. I got them faster than I expected and he gave me lots of updates. He's great to do business with and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again!
  21. of course not - yours is coming at ya, I just emailed you today saying the parcel's status changed to "exported to US". <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I got the 2-8rd mags I ordered. They look great!! These things are HUGE! Don't hesitate ordering from acca47! He's a great guy and sent me lots of updates.
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