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  1. All these problems are resolved as of now. I won't get into too much of the personal problems I was having but I'm probably going to lose my best friend (not a dog). Thanks for the the concernes, the last thing I needed right now as trying to defend myself when I'm already down. You guys are great buyers and good people. Thanks guys. -John ETA: I thought I'd mention this to give a little perspective on how down and how the grieving/worries are affecting me... The aformentioned 410 mags, well, any time I do a small transaction involving a USPS money order I bring it to the PO with the i
  2. Awesome!! How many rounds are all the mags going to be able to hold combined? Not sure on the size of all of them.
  3. Sure you can swap them, but as soon as you take off the ORIGINAL pistol grip configured shotgun, it isn't an AOW (any other weapon, national firearms act, blah blah blah) anymore. If you put it back on it technically is manufacturing an AOW if I remember correctly.
  4. Bumpy bump, who wouldn't want 4 extra shells on their mossy? Especially for $50 shipped.
  5. Up for sale is two 15 round Surefire .410 mags and one 10 round. USPS money order only, I have good rep, first person that says "i'll take it" takes it. Oh yeah, price. $75 shipped. Can't really beat that as these go for over $40 + shipping. Merry Christmas. -John
  6. True, but stupid laws make for stupid measures. I'm not sure if a bayonet would count towards bbl length. I vaguely remember reading about any legal extension having to encircle the bullet path, but don;t quote me. Oh I'm quoting you.... lol
  7. Just private message me from the forum software, I really don't want to send me address through an aol server. If you don't know how to use it I'll explain it but I'll go ahead and send you a private message with my shipping info. You should get a red icon on the top of your browser window on this site when you get it.
  8. The whole purpose of a shortened barrel is compactness. Adding something to it to make the length longer than the barrel kind of defeats the purpose. Plus you'll lose power and the only thing you'll gain is a funky looking weapon.
  9. Just a note, this is still for sale. It's RED's if it doesn't sell by the time he has the money for it.
  10. ARRRGGG!!!! These are bullets, not loaded amunition, I've had two people tell me they'll take it then figure out that Sierra is a bullet manufacturer. So here's your warning!!! I had this listed in another thread in the WTS section but it was way down on the bottom and I had post earlier that everything listed was sold. Anyways, down to business. USPS money order only, I have a very good reputation on this site for selling items, I can give you references or you can search my name. Now on to the good stuff. This is for a box of 500 168gr Sierra Match King bullets. I will let them go fo
  11. meant to fix that.... now there are two of each pictures, fuckit, i'll just leave it like that. -John
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