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  1. I'm getting ready to sell some stuff on GunBroker and I see they have an option to sign up for GunBroker Pay that uses FreedomCoin I'm not sure about how it works but it seems more convenient then Postal Money Order Anyone have any experience with this service
  2. Your are in full on retard mood I'm a 50 year old Marine Combat Veteran who still works as and Aircraft Electrician on F-35s and have been a conservative since I was old enough to know Carter was an idiot. BTW "GOCB" ryhymes with "Bumpy Bold Bunt Bag". If you're too old to figure it out as the male nurse that changes your diapers to explain it to you the next time he's wiping your ass
  3. Yes, the guns are for sale, but I'm not in a hurry to sell them so they are priced accordingly. I'm not even close to being upset. Written replies to idiots on forums always read angrier then the actual mood of the person typing. I'm a former Marine and I would say that my anger level has been at about 2 the entire time I posted to this thread. I would say I more amused then angered by the ignorance of some of the members. I live about 30 minutes for Atlantic Beach NC, so if I don't interact on this forum for a week or so it's because I d
  4. Forums are supposed to be about sharing what you do with others the have a common interest. I like to experiment when I build things and that goes for guns as well. Have I sold some of my experiments, yes. Was I looking for info about my Saiga Conversions so that I could effectively market them in the For sale threads and GB auction I planned to create? YES. Is that a bad thing, NO. Is Price Phishy bad. YES, but only on forums that require you to pay membership dues to sell items. It's a way to circumvent that. I apply a simple though process when I po
  5. I don't waste my time posting info about my gun projects, home reno projects, etc, since they mostly only drew trolls. The few people that did appreciate them got drowned out by vocal minority that has nothing better to do then troll people on the net.
  6. This forum has always had a toxic atmosphere, but I tolerated it in the past because it was the only place to talk Saigas. Even back then I would try to take the high road but eventually I would have to respond to all of the trolls that infested this particular forum. As for you GOB (GOCB) - Yep, you got me pegged. Life Long Vaping, Prius Driving, Tree Hugging Liberal
  7. Get serious, you a couple others always had issues with me and you just used this situ to fuck with me, because I guess it somehow makes you feel better. You don't even know what price phishing. I already explained it once but let me state it more simply for the interneterly impaired. Price phishing only became a bad thing when forums owners figured out they could make money off their members by charging them to be able to sell items on their forum. Back in the good old days when no one cared about membership fees, "What's it worth" threads weren
  8. I stop posting here a long time ago because it seemed members were more interested in being pissing instead of helping people and discussing guns I stopped by once in while only to see that it just continued it downward slide. I thought some people would be happy to help me out but quickly realized that the loud mouthed curmudgeons still run the place BTW - I formally served in the Corps for a spell and do not suffer fools, so if you think getting testy on a forum is a sign of mental angst you might want to recalibrate your "need for therapy" meter
  9. Converted to be similar to the AK103 style rifle I have 2 of these available for $1500 each or $2750 for both A rifle that is very similar to these just sold for $1650 on Gunbrooker on Aug 8th https://www.gunbroker.com/item/772751762 If interested send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com These are 922R Compliant Warsaw Length Butt Stock with Metal Butt Plate Comes with One Tapco Magazine, original Tool Kit and Instruction Manual For information about the original rifle click
  10. The primary purpose of my thread was to figure out that they were, asking abought the value was secondary I never understood why people feel the need to harass someone over a the so called "What's it worth" threads. On a forum that you have to pay for membership in order to sell items, it makes sense because it is a way for non paying members too short circuit the system. But on a forum like this it makes no sense. I'm guessing some of you have miserable lives and being a dick bag on a forum brings you a little joy so have at it.
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