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    Bunny-boppin' with red-tail hawks. <br />Target shooting - handguns at 'extended ranges'.<br />Fast Motorcycles.<br />Old Porsche 928's<br />My neighbors daughter :<)<br />Cold beer, cold weather north of the Mason Dixon.<br /><br />The new Saiga 12 <br />Future interest: Laupa .338, and hyper velocity mini caliber target rifles.
  1. nice track

    can you get one with a suppressor?


  2. Thanks, I shall wait with baited breath. Truthfully, I see little hazard to anyone behind the shotgun but there is a slim possibillity of the adjuster launching.
  3. Cadiz, I looked for a solution to this in the archives , found some neat stuff -sacsucs article and your mention of warranty ...-. Nothing like my problem though. Description: In my case, a brand new Saiga 12 has moderate to severe damage to the threads on the gas plug adjuster., The detent moved/moves freely but the adjuster was damn near froze -wasn't bottomed out-. I had to hold the pin detent down and use the handle of a flat spanner type wrench that would span both adjuster slots but not hit detent or gas tube/cylinder to incrementally turn and remove the adjuster/plug. Upon remo
  4. Nope. Good idea with the shimming. You probably know already but just in case. There are several loc-tite types that are two part products and are significantly stronger than what you usually pick up at the Auto parts store. Some are darn near permanant. Often you have to hit the Loc-tite site to find the best product for your application. FWIW If you measure 5 feet 11 inches and over from tip of middle finger to tip middle finger (arms spread) you might want to check out a stock or telescoping stock longer than what you currently have. Believe it or not most folks have a tip to ti
  5. Etek, Your butt is showing. This will be my last on forum response to you on this subject. 1. Army trng is slowed down only when the the matierial being taught is critical, or possibly life threatening. FWIW ... you aren't funny. 2. As I recall, Airborne, at least thru Class 2-87 when the last of my 160th SOAR Green Plt crew went thru, and you will note, that's the US Army Airborne School was not offering AK 47/74 in any block of instruction. Furthermore, from Basic trng on the ARMY taught "Do not touch or pick up enemy military equipment of any kind unless cleared by EOD or the enginee
  6. Yo! Etek. Where in your comments -cold bucket of piss that they were- was ANY of the info I needed? Bad day? Me-thinks you have made a permanent impression -not a good one-. Thanks for nothing manny. :<) Perhaps if you had started out with "I've looked everywhere for the teardown video but can't find it" instead of insisting other folks to do a search for you. There IS a search button on this site. Also try youtube.com and Voila! there is another search button! I'm not going to try to figure out if you're firearm or computer ignorant. Perhaps both. To the rest of the Foru
  7. Size counts! Up to a point. A 16" is a more manuverable platform in tight quarters ...hands down. Simply bringing a shorter lighter gun to bear on target faster from a safe carry or sweep without banging into something - just once - will make a believer of you. Bringing a shorter (16") weapon to bear on multiple targets left to right/right to left and back again from cover and/or concealment particularly from kneeling or prone position .... more belief. This kind of echo's the "What are you going to use it for" arguement. A 20"- 24" bbl - in similar condition to a 16" - depending on b
  8. Yes, but those are 10 year olds who have already watched somebody else (probably an 11 year old) show them how to strip it. Give the guy a break. AK's are simple to strip. They don't have YouTube in asscrackistan. An online howto is all it takes to get the idea. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ak+field+strip arsev, Thanks! I checked out the good with the bad at the youtube page. Disassembly seems fairly generic. Should I pick up a RAAC AK-47 -probably will- will come in handy.
  9. Yo! Etek. Where in your comments -cold bucket of piss that they were- was ANY of the info I needed? Bad day? Me-thinks you have made a permanent impression -not a good one-. Thanks for nothing manny. :<)
  10. This is the only disassembly vid i've ran across . Superhawk, Danke Schone. That's just what the doctor ordered. I saw the factory teardown vid screen on a YouTube menu but got sidetracked and never found it again. In your debt for the basics.
  11. Posted this 3 times and it has yet to show up???? Oh well. 1. Is there a link to a Saiga 12 teardown video, and perhaps a pdf write up on same? 2. I picked up my Saiga 12 on August 11, 2009 for $525.00, out the door $568.31 -seemed reasonable-. 3. Does anyone have a shipping list for the Saiga 12's? Mine came with one Mag., a tool kit, -of sorts- a cautionary manual but, no warranty paper work, owners/operators manual or, disassembly manual. seems a little light to me ... However, it was a display item and things do get lost, just curious. 4. I'm not looking to hotrod/trick my 12 out li
  12. Dispicable scum ....... grrrrr. Loved my Taurus -not as much as my Dan Wesson's- but the poor dear is nothing more than a single shot (with a hi cap mag) paper weight now. She still looks good .... worn but, gorgeous wood grips, a clean, unblemished aluminum frame -her downfall-. And that fantastic stipled/burnished stainless upper. If your locking block ears go again ... look at the ear grooves in the frame for ANY damage if none buy the beretta block. Mine vacationed in South America twice with no luck.
  13. Picked mine up on tuesday (aug11,09) for $525 .00 -$568.31 out the door-. Oddly, I was just dropping in to get Between the Walls FFL # as I had planned on buying a Saiga 12 soon and finally commited. I was waiting outside the shop - I was early after Jury Duty selection - when I noticed the flyer amongst the dozens on his door. Ka Ching $$$$. :<)
  14. Why you no good scum suckin' .... Oop's, thought you were trying to defend George "I rode the short bus" Bush. sorry
  15. Neo-con fruitcake special. 3 cakes for a buck. Get a life clowns, where were you when Nixon and Spiro started developing Properties for dissidents? The very fact that you can own weapons and talk like nutbags on a open electronic forum (problimatic) insures us that there will be no 'CAMPS'. Hell you know darn well that if Hillary was in the lead down the backstretch there would have been a monster sale on guns and ammo just like the one still going on. Started July of 08'. I was, both, a hippie and a hardcore ARMY Lifer. You guys are talking like my parents back in the mid 60's. No hope,
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