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  1. Boy oh boy.... Thanks, Liberals! Sure glad I get to get Obamacare, so I can now be force to get coverage for Maternity care.. Just in case I get surprised and piss a kid out of my pecker some Day! #WINNING :/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGeSpWfOqIY

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    2. SaigaKen


      You can only be fined from your income tax refund....Adjust your W2 to break even and the POS can not collect

    3. Mullet Man

      Mullet Man

      Hi Pauly, best friend buddy old pal lol.

    4. YOT
  2. For those who've not YET to be tested, and those who are still unaware.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRJ99wuV1ng

    1. Paulyski


      BTW... FUCK whatever Google-ad comes after the link... ;)

  3. DOWNLOAD, SUPPORT, AND BUY, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! These are some local cats. They're as real as real is. No bullshit. They don't front. Real as real is. Hell... They even played for Simon (Gypsy Jokers)... Not to mention, they fuckin' ROCK!!!! http://www.reverbnation.com/lowdown503/songs

    1. SaigaKen


      Got a little Staind/System of a Down/311/Linkin Park/Flaw influence....

    2. SaigaKen


      And a little Rage Against the Machine

  4. I figured out how to take pictures of Icerack without reflections distorting the image! ^_^

  5. If you claim to be concerned about constitutional infringements, and you're here between 10 AM & 2 pm rather than at your state capitol, just STFU. You have no room to bitch if you're not out there physically networking with other locals around you right now!!! The net ain't shit! All politics are LOCAL! http://www.facebook.com/events/144639815690301/

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    2. Dad2142Dad


      3 generations headed to the Sc state house. Ya'll have fun and behave.

    3. Paulyski


      lol. Yeah... Cameras abound.

      They're all around.

      Don't pull a Yeager. :P



    4. thebuns1


      Didnt get off work til 11, doubt Id make the 3.5+ hour trip in time. Sucks as I did want to go. Maybe Id see Yeager there. lol

  6. There's A National Gun Rights Rally at your State Capitol this Saturday. Pass it on!!! http://www.facebook.com/events/144639815690301/

    1. Paulyski


      ahhhh, You removed the comment.

      You should have left it here.


      It reminds me of when politicians speak about reducing the deficit without talking about ending debt based currency, because it makes just as much sense.. Except this one puts a smile on my face. :D

      I'm putting the link back up for those who missed it;



      That made my day. ^_^

    2. YOT


      I'll be in Albany tomorrow.


  7. There's A National Gun Rights Rally at your State Capitol this Saturday. Pass it on!!! http://www.facebook.com/events/144639815690301/

  8. There's A National Gun Rights Rally at your State Capitol this Saturday. Pass it on!!! http://www.facebook.com/events/144639815690301/

  9. There's A National Gun Rights Rally at your State Capitol this Saturday. Pass it on!!! http://www.facebook.com/events/144639815690301/

    1. Dad2142Dad


      Keep keeping it real Pauly

  10. Attention Oregon & SW Washington Residents; Come to the Oregon State Capitol in Salem this Saturday! Open Carry Rally. (Read Rules); https://www.facebook.com/events/244608102339266/

  11. This kinda sucks. My 100+ pound white German Shepherd pup "Buckshot" bitchslapped me & got me right in the eyeball with a claw, so here I am now, fuckin' Pirate Patch Pauly for at least a week until this heals... Depth perception is HIGHLY under rated, I'll tell ya'.... Still doesn't stop production though.

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    2. ChileRelleno


      Buckshot 1 Pauly 0

      Heal quick!

    3. Shandlanos


      I have two eye patches, and three eye-size gauze pads left in my first aid/trauma kit. Used to have four of the gauze pads.

    4. Paulyski



      34 hours later & I can move my eyes without pain... Just a slight annoyance!

      Saved five grand on an ER visit! (the public dole is NOT an option I'd consider, that, and the damn banks, insurance companies, and lawyers are why it's so ungodly expensive to begin with)

  12. Looks like Max (the owner of this forum) just Re-Upped on MD-20's Promag-12 drums, and AGP Sticks for the S-12! :)http://www.saiga-12.com/products.asp?cat=10

    1. Zombiehunter762


      Thanks for the heads up amongst all this panic buying bs.

    2. Paulyski


      For the love of all that's holy....


      Nate, of MAA had over 950 Promag 20 rd drums last night...

      He just sold out.



  13. A look into our future... Unfortunately, this ain't photoshopped. It's real; http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz68/Paulyski/TheFuture.jpg

    1. Paulyski
    2. David Mark

      David Mark

      Thank God this is happening. One of my greatest fears is being spooned to death.

    3. ChileRelleno


      Knives without points, unbreakable pint glasses... All things the UK is trying to implement to solve their violence problems... G'luck...

      Coming the US soon.

  14. If you've been putting off studying scripture, I'd highly suggest turning off the TV and seeking... God Bless

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    2. timy


      Well "God Bless America" has become little more than a trite phrase. With the way the country is trending, is there any reason to bless it?

    3. DrThunder88


      If it sneezes. "Gesundheit" is also acceptable.

    4. gregomega


      not sure turning pages in the bible at the last second in attempt to save my soul will work, dont think it works like that. either way im ready for anything. be it another day or death. Godbless Pauly.

  15. Great.... Some dickhead's shooting up Clackamas Town Center mall in my area.... Let the 2A attacks begin.

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    2. Paulyski
    3. thebuns1
    4. Shandlanos


      It's a nice mall. My GF used to work there... I was there about two months ago, with her, and her 4-year-old son - he loves the koi pond downstairs, kept running around greeting all the fish.

  16. As I was jerry-rigging my mill to turn on with the wrong switch, because the old one is very, very rare and burnt out, I once again found myself wishing I'd enlisted as an ET as opposed to an RM when I signed up.... Oh well. At least it'll turn in the right direction so it'll work until the right part can be obtained so I'm not down for a month.

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    2. Dad2142Dad


      Oh good god, a twidget?


      You do great work for a rider.....


    3. Paulyski


      In 1 week, my personal laptop's monitor stops working (It'll work with an external hooked up though), Then my Lathe needs service because a part broke and it got loose, then my mill's switch starts electrocuting me so I have to jerry-rig the thing, then my business laptop goes tits up....

      Chrimany.... Hope the streak's over. lol

    4. Paulyski


      Oh yeah.... Then the small dog's shittin' blood and that costs me at the vet because he ate some dead thing...

      I about have the makings of a country song here.


  17. Timeless Quote from my friend Jessie Sponberg (AKA "Ozone") when asked about where he got his black eye... He replies; "It came as part of a set with my big mouth". lol

    1. thebuns1
    2. Paulyski


      Yeah, Dude's a riot.

      I've never had a friend that when hanging out with, I find myself required to launch fools across tables in bars so much with.

      Good times. :)


      Dude organizes shit that does a lot of good though.



      Other than parts for charity gun raffle builds, Jessie's the guy I do most of my charity work with because he can turn out massive crowds with his social networking skills.

    3. Squishy


      Before I put the plug in the jug I blocked may punches with my face...

  18. In America we have a two party system... The Stupid Party, and the Evil party.... Every now and again, they overcome their differences and work together to develop bi-partisan sollutions... Which are both stupid, and evil.

    1. Azkamidaka


      nail = hit on the head

  19. Got done testing an S-12, 2 sets of the last internela I'll EVER repair (sorry guys, don't fuck up) & 2 AKs.... Learned something... When an AK mag tag says "this drum will set your handguard on fire" that's NOT a sales pitch. It will. Thankfully I keep a 24 pack of water in the trunk.

    1. Squishy


      Or you could have done like the boys did in "We Were Soldiers" when the mortars overheated, piss on it. It's stank though..

  20. Just lost a very dear friend. She passed away from congestive heart failure on this, her 32nd birthday. Enjoy every moment you have with those you love, and tell them so upon departure. Never leave on bad terms, as you never know... It may be the last time you speak..

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    2. 22_Shooter


      My condolences, Pauly.

    3. Pro2A


      Sorry for your loss, I just dealt with my first family death as an adult, hard to stop thinking about.

    4. CAGLS


      Sorry for your loss brother.

  21. Another new style that kicked my ass developing it's done... The High Roller's in the house; http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/gallery/image/7357-paulys-high-roller-d-6/

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    2. Paulyski



      The client I did it for will eventually send me pics of it on the gun.

      I did it for Mike of National Firearms for a charity raffle to benefit a child with Leukemia.

    3. Mullet Man

      Mullet Man

      Yea, it's because there is alot going on in the pic.

      Very humanitarian of you Pauly!

    4. YOT


      I got it at first glance, Pauly. Very nice.

    1. ShadowFire


      CISPA was shot down in the Senate 52-46

    2. Paulyski



      That was a vote on Cloture, which was a vote, to vote on it.

      It was delayed, not shot down.


    3. ShadowFire
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