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  1. I paid some D-B tweeker $20.00 to buy one for me when I was 15ish, It was a brand new russian for $120, I felt like rambo (so did my dipshit friend who started bump-fireing indiscriminately down the field with Chinese steel core armor piercing 7.62x39, until "farmer John" crested the hill waveing his arms sceraming! ). If you can get them cheap their good. I wouldn't pay much for them. Just the other day I saw a chineese for $700.00!!!! I felt like telling the guy to shovit up..... That drumed one was cool though. At any rate, if you ever expect to use an sks in a real life or death
  2. I used to play with those things, their kinda hypnotic when you get a good routine going real fast. If you ever decide to practice (being able to open mine quicker than a switchblade was enough to deter a couple of altercations in my youth. luckily I didn't get shot.) remember a few things, 1. Only the BACK of the blade should be able to touch your hand. 2. DON'T practice while drunk. 3. DON'T practice close to your friends. 4. DON'T practice next to your dog, kid, cat, or anything/one that wouldn't appreciate having a knife thrown at it or them. 5. ABSOLUTLY NEVER bring a knife t
  3. Don't worry cobra, I'll change the subject and help you cover this one up! how am i doing? Gotta make it hard for indy to keep this thread here for 22's sake... I second that, sorry LEOs...
  4. I used a hole saw on my drill press to gut the wood as I don't have a router. I think this way is easier anyhow. I just sanded it down with a hand-held belt sander for an hour I even tried an angle grinder, but settled on the belt sander. I only removed 1/4 inch, I need to remove 3/4" more. I REALLY wish I had a table saw or bandsaw! it is in the classic Dragunov shape though. This isn't that easy to do. Unless your bound & determined to have the pride of your own handcrafted stock, just buy one. I cant find my camera's cable but I will post pics eventually.
  5. Ok, so he chose to be a cop, but come on, His avatar is a war-like pig! You gotta love that!

  6. Heres what happens when you talk to cops in China! "I have 3 demands or I'll kill the boy" Police negotiators asses the situation from next door. Police negotiators make first contact. Negotiations begin. Negotiations conclude Negotiations are successful. Here we would have closed the street indefinitely, Negotiated for umpteen hours, then spent 5 million dollars on giving him a fair trial & supplying him room & board for life. Maybe that's why their products are so much cheaper than ours?
  7. Dang this forum is good. Thanks! if I cant pull mine together I will defanetly go through him. He does beautiful work. I know where I'll get my fore grip now! With the cost of supplies & my time, BattlerifleG3 would probably be cheaper than I will end up in to this making it myself... But then I wouldn't have an excuse to get a new jigsaw.
  8. I am copying the SVT wood stock (the one on the bottom). I probably will buy or not worry about the leather cheek pad as I don't intend on mounting a scope. This wood "purple heart" is next to iornwood, the hardest wood I have ever tried to work. I will probably spend $60+ on blades & sandpaper alone. Boy do I wish I had a bandsaw (I am using a Porter Cable recriprocating saw, Skillsaw & B&D jigsaw). Well I WAS using a B&D jigsaw, but I just smoked it. That wood is REAL TOUGH, & its fighting back! Time for a new jigsaw. I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!!! I started out tracin
  9. Maybe I'm just justifying here, & I'm no giant but the A.K. dimensions feel small for me. I like having my hands spread out like they are with the stock trigger where it is. Also the next item on my wishlist is a couple of MD's drums. So I can't afford the conversion for a while.
  10. I have searched & searched & I can't find any Dragunov style but-stocks that I like! I have long arms & big hands, so the idea of the Dragunov stock conversion that does not relocate the trigger is appealing to me. Plus the Dragunov, to quote some guy I read, "looks like the devils own riffle" It is just one sexy-assed weapon. All that I find out there are polymer "skeleton-stocks" Don't get me wrong, their nice, they look new-age, I'm sure their light as a feather & I have seen them for as low as $86.00.(I think from a business member here?) I mean that IS the cheape
  11. True, all professions have their unethical members. This probably pisses off more cops than anyone else. I work in acute adult behavioral health sciences, ("the nut house" ) as a Phychotherapist & every time I hear about abuse or sexual misconduct in my profession I cringe. It makes me so pissed that a select few A$$ holes defame the names of so many people who sacrefice much to help others. In their defense however They depend on each other for their lives so much that covering each other's a$$es is second nature. Thats no excuse though.
  12. Girlfriend at the time liked me blond. I'm back to natrual redish to light brown.
  13. You kinda resemble Luca Bratzi from the movie the godfather too!
  14. Thank you for your X-ray photos, I was on the fence about the MD-20, I have been doing alot of research about diffrent high capacity mags because the Pro-mag piece of crap I bought failed me miserably. it won't even lift 3" buck when I MANUALLY extract them! The x-ray of the MD-20 however is cementing my choice to buy it. Before I was concerned about the front wearing out & breaking with heavy use. You show the steel reinforcement . I don't know why mike doesn't mention that...?
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