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  1. ^^^ or better yet, do that above. lol. It'll be quicker, that's for sure.
  2. Pop your gas block off as-per the instructions here and send it over with a two inch piece of steel rail.. $75.00. & it'll look like it came as one piece. ​It'll take a couple months though due to a backlog, otherwise, just take the two pieces to a local machine shop that has a decent weldor. Use 309L. It welds to dissimilar metals very well.
  3. lol. Re-read the O.P. and saw you said it was getting better. I'll leave the troubleshooting info for the next guy just in case there's someone with a mysterious extraction issue that's killing them.. Bolt face's fine. I wouldn't worry about it. The hang up you experience while chambering is the overpowered extractor spring climbing its ramp by the chamber. Some are very strong, some are very weak. The springs are consistant, but depths of indentation in the bolt's head, and the extractor hole differ, so the spring can be tougn if both holes are on the shallow side. Tuning the extractor like I
  4. Got your PM asking to check out the thread. That dent on the bolt's normal, or at least it happens on many which run verry good. Half the pieces in my shop have it. Without looking at the gun I'd GUESS your chamber might be just a cunthair small. This is just a guess from you saying you have to slam the hell out of the charger to get it to extract. One comp shooter a while back that I deal with had a similar issue. His firearm would cycle some ammos like Remmy high-brass great, but he thought it was locking up with Estate low brass (steel). Go figure... That was the shit he decided to buy 3,0
  5. Just a suggestion from "the other side", but if you're already sending the firearm to Robert for some tuning on the internals, have him do everything else as well. Working on stuff after someone else has can be expensive depending on the first person's skill and level of understanding of what they're looking at. Furthermore, we have systems, all of which have differing aspects & shop specs with regards to modifications which work in conjunction with other components we tune, so a client adding a wild card can be annoying at best, and costly at worse. It's really easy for one to think they
  6. Romanian 762x.39 75 round drum & pouch; 109.99 shipped. (just dropped price from $139.99) The same package is going for $188.00 shipped the cheapest it can be found elsewhere at the moment, and this one's been fit so it fits all 762x39's The rear has been fitted so it'll clip right into any AK or WASR. (not the locking tabs, but those parts to the side that're too big to fit in most WASRs) (correction, it WILL NOT "clip right into" the SINGLE STACK WASRs) It's VERY reliable. I got my handguards smoking when bumpfiring with it and another, and it's never missed a round. Please check &a
  7. If there's anything I can purchase in the US rather than a foreign nation, I will buy US. Period. It disgusts me that the best hope we have are fools that don't know that our federal government is SUPPOSED to be financed exclusively by import tarrifs. This so called "free trade" bullshit is only a "free-for-all" buffet on OUR market. Any second rate drug dealer knows that a market holds more value than a product, because if one has no market, they can only use so many of X product. So my answer is hell-no. I'll put Russian furniture on my S-12, because it works, but I WILL NOT CONTRIBUTE to
  8. I'll gladly take credit for that. The video you did years ago when that happened was part of the long term motivation that brought mine to where they currently are. Currently the owner of that gun is running an autoplug, runs a bit more gas than 3 @ 093, shoots the gun often with all types of ammo and it's held up great, even though it's an older style of mount from before I really started building them up like I do now, right? I've had 3 failures. One was Menace 667's, the one you speak of where the first, and last mid shaft weld that I'd done on a handle broke, the other was the first (m
  9. Had a bunch of fires and a bunch of setbacks over the last year.. Order got all FUBAR. That's why I'm stopping taking any more work for a month or so. So I'm not responding to stuff all day, and I can just hammer stuff out. Once the shop is clear, stuff will be QUICK, but stuff's gotten perpetual at this point. I never caught up from last year's after summer rush, so this is kind of a restructuring thing to take what I now know about the yearly cycles and make a more efficient system. I just need to clear stuff first. Right now my head's spinning so fast, I talk to three people, and get them
  10. Someone alerted me to this thread. Hello Tim. I'm about to get to a bunch of emails. I'm unsure the day a specific piece will ship, but would be quite surprised if yours isn't in the current run. Everybody wants theirs equally, including builders who do massive orders & an increasing number of Sheriff's departments over the last few months. Between builders, and service weapos, they're half my business. I am going to place a 1-2 month moratorium on taking incoming orders starting at 11:59pm PST this Sunday to catch up, because there always seems to be SOMETHING that happens when I think
  11. A picture is worth a thousand words..... The repair after you shoot it a whole lot and it eats itself up until it jams is worth about $300.00 (And, no. I'm seriously NOT interested in taking on another one of those jobs. Sorry, they're a royal PITA with all the live fire testing/readjustment & I don't have the time) Kind of a waste of time and money IMHO, especially since the resistance people are generally trying to get rid of there, is actually the extractor climbing it's slot at the chamber...
  12. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/61898-russian-red-akm-wood-fitting-staining/
  13. I just do that to protect S-12s that are overgassed, but I'm doing it with a longer op-rod, so the over all length remains unchanged.. They're actually supposed to have a little play in them. The V-12 is a better gas system design than the S-12 in the regard that the puc's designed to center the op-rod and not get a huge running start before slamming into the op-rod. So far as I know, nobody's reported any issues with a V-12 yet. I won't be changing anything on my personal V-12.
  14. I figured out how to take pictures of Icerack without reflections distorting the image! ^_^

  15. If you claim to be concerned about constitutional infringements, and you're here between 10 AM & 2 pm rather than at your state capitol, just STFU. You have no room to bitch if you're not out there physically networking with other locals around you right now!!! The net ain't shit! All politics are LOCAL! http://www.facebook.com/events/144639815690301/

    1. Dad2142Dad


      3 generations headed to the Sc state house. Ya'll have fun and behave.

    2. Paulyski


      lol. Yeah... Cameras abound.

      They're all around.

      Don't pull a Yeager. :P



    3. thebuns1


      Didnt get off work til 11, doubt Id make the 3.5+ hour trip in time. Sucks as I did want to go. Maybe Id see Yeager there. lol

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  16. Yep... been there, done that, don't want to again. It's what you do it seems, but I enjoy shooting the guns way more than dicking with them I emailed the guy last night, he said 4 ports at 5/64. So, seems like it's good to go. I put a bid in on it, we'll see where it goes I guess! Well then I definitely wouldn't buy it, because the guy's a liar, or a fool & I wouldn't want to trust either's work when making explosions happen next to my face. The ad says it's 4 ports at 9/32" which would be .28" (over 1/4" EACH), which is unheard of. It'd be absolutely insane and would break the
  17. It looks to be a low end basic conversion with a DIY TG & plastic plugs that any hack can do. Maybe the ports are drilled, that could be good, could be bad, depending on if they over-gassed it to get it to run like many hacks do. I'd rather get a stock one, and tune it myself personally. As for what it's worth, I'd say the price of the gun + parts tops. Maybe a touch less. I wouldn't pay more for the labor due to the uncertainty of it possibly being overgassed to get it to run the really light stuff with the auto plug. I've just seen too many people who don't know their ass from a ho
  18. There's A National Gun Rights Rally at your State Capitol this Saturday. Pass it on!!! http://www.facebook.com/events/144639815690301/

    1. Paulyski


      ahhhh, You removed the comment.

      You should have left it here.


      It reminds me of when politicians speak about reducing the deficit without talking about ending debt based currency, because it makes just as much sense.. Except this one puts a smile on my face. :D

      I'm putting the link back up for those who missed it;



      That made my day. ^_^

    2. YOT


      I'll be in Albany tomorrow.


  19. This is so helpful. Im going to troll gunbroker and I am going to call every FFL near me tomorrow. Pauly, thank you. If a ban goes through, are you still going to do glass bolt for all the weapons already in circulation? Yeah. Worse case scenario, I can do on-call psychiatric work monitoring violent psychotic patients 1:1 to fill in the gaps. I kept my medical licences current because I like to remain versatile in a constantly shifting economy. Might have to up my fees, but I kinda need to do that anyhow to slow business.
  20. Get a fucking battle rifle! Just get it, and a shitload of ammo. Think about it.... If there's anything in this world that you'd really be bummed not to have if you needed it, what would be more urgent? (here's a tip though... RPKs are actually going cheaper than Wasr AKs on Gunbroker at times, because non gun-people don't know what they are) I shit you not on that one.
  21. Paulyski

    Constitutional Sheriff

    2 more Oregon Sheriffs just followed suit.
  22. Just a heads up... It CAN be welded. I've welded on that part in the past. E-309 fuses to it great. Dinzag's likely a hell of a lot cheaper than the time it would take to rebuild then mill it though, so you lucked out.
  23. There's A National Gun Rights Rally at your State Capitol this Saturday. Pass it on!!! http://www.facebook.com/events/144639815690301/

  24. There's A National Gun Rights Rally at your State Capitol this Saturday. Pass it on!!! http://www.facebook.com/events/144639815690301/

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