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  1. I'll be wearing this one: Thing's held up great over the years. But alas....... It'll be under the english professor wear. For some odd reason, when debating people who act motivated by their emotions instead of logic, the tweed sportcoat seems to give one an edge due to their simple minded methods of perception. I'm guessing that's why the look works well for me when I'm watching over them in Psych wards as well. I look like their Psychiatrist, so they respond to that.
  2. Paulyski

    Paulyski guns

    Firearms that I will admit to owning
  3. I'm honored, but wouldn't really have too too much time. I've worked on and helped spearhead many campaigns, so could help with ideas, and guidance for a short peek each night or whenever I stop working at the end of my 16-20 hour work day or on breaks, other than that I'm not on the forum all that much other than to answer PMs, and an occasional alert Racegal is a great choice, she has a level head and activism experience behind her, from what I gather Yakdung has activist background, and Guido definitely has activist background to spare. I'd be very surprised if Guido wouldn't be intere
  4. That's the whole point. NOT a hidden section. Our regular political is a black hole. Right under General Discussion is where I'd personally like to see something like it.
  5. Technically the 2-A threats, can tend to get political, although they're purely CONSTITUTIONAL in nature. An issue I see is the political forum we currently have, serves a purpose for debate, but because of some of the passionate debate, many people avoid the section. I know I do. If I debated in that place, one part of the forum, or another would hate me & I'd piss some of the people off so bad that they'd organize boycotts on my ass. lol Our Rights under the Second Amendment are of universal importance to MANY people who identify with nearly every point in the political spectrum from t
  6. There's A National Gun Rights Rally at your State Capitol this Saturday. Pass it on!!! http://www.facebook.com/events/144639815690301/

    1. Dad2142Dad


      Keep keeping it real Pauly

  7. Attention Oregon & SW Washington Residents; Come to the Oregon State Capitol in Salem this Saturday! Open Carry Rally. (Read Rules); https://www.facebook.com/events/244608102339266/

  8. Join & Share! https://www.facebook.com/events/244608102339266/
  9. Blinded by the light are ya? Sorry. I'd just hack shit out and leave a bunch of tool marks, but I wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes. That's just not the market I pursue. I found a guy reselling my mods like the above for over $700.00, and he has repeat clients.
  10. Yeah, that's damn weird, being as receivers are generally stamped, therefore all the pin holes are cut as the receiver is stamped out, cut & bent, all in one step. I know Tapco just recently redid their casting mold as evidenced by the new dip under the disconnector cast into the newer triggers. I tested 3 of the new triggers in 2 vepr-12's and came up with slight movement, but not even close to release. They release when the safety's fully removed in the S-12's but not the Veprs I tested on. Next old style Tapco trigger hook I come across I'll check that to see if that's the variable, o
  11. Just take your calipers and measure with the jaws of your calipers perpendicular to the face of the hammer over the "o" of the word TAPCO that's cast into the part. Here's a pic of what the hammer face looks like when I do them;
  12. Did you actually try (test) this on a Vepr-12? Because I just made 3 Tapco-G-2's fit V-12's and I only had to bring the axis to 1.01" & the hammer's face to .555". With the hammer held in the sear I was able to completely remove the safety and reinstall it without tripping the hammer. The safeties on both V-12's I tested on were not modified in any way. Yes, it moved the fcg very slightly when I completely removed the safeties, but still came nowhere close to moving the sear far enough forward to release the hammer, which is what would cause the accidental discharge. It didn't move
  13. Hammer axis = 1.01" like the S-12. (if using the BHO) Profile the [tapco] hammer face to .555" if you measure it with calipers at the "O" where Tapco is marked on the side. Make it a smooth transition while you're at it. Safety levers on 3 I just tested did NOT cause the the hammer to release, even when I completely removed the safety from the weapon & reiinstalled it while the hammer sat in the sear. When measuring (photos on page 1) the height that the hammer sits, measure it while the hammer is in the disconnector if you're going to measure. The hammer is in the disconnector as
  14. This kinda sucks. My 100+ pound white German Shepherd pup "Buckshot" bitchslapped me & got me right in the eyeball with a claw, so here I am now, fuckin' Pirate Patch Pauly for at least a week until this heals... Depth perception is HIGHLY under rated, I'll tell ya'.... Still doesn't stop production though.

    1. ChileRelleno


      Buckshot 1 Pauly 0

      Heal quick!

    2. Shandlanos


      I have two eye patches, and three eye-size gauze pads left in my first aid/trauma kit. Used to have four of the gauze pads.

    3. Paulyski



      34 hours later & I can move my eyes without pain... Just a slight annoyance!

      Saved five grand on an ER visit! (the public dole is NOT an option I'd consider, that, and the damn banks, insurance companies, and lawyers are why it's so ungodly expensive to begin with)

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  15. Step back, calm down, write our reps, debate passionately, logically, and skillfully in liberal crowds to enlighten & flip the recently indoctrinated about exactly what state our country is in, so long as you know your facts and can hold your temper so you don't look like a fool, or worse, a raving mad-man with a gun. That's what we do for the time being. There's a difference between being nutless, and wise. There's a few other amendments in our bill of rights people who've grown up on the internet need to familiarize themselves with. One of those is the 5th. God bless. Pauly
  16. This is a debate that happened between a UN rep and the NRA this last july during US/UN small arms treaty negotiations... It was all about the US's 2A, but it was not aired in the US... For reasons that will become apparent if you watch it. I was watching it as I'm working on a large GlassBolt run. After watching it, I stopped and renewed my membership in the NRA. This is a must watch if you are wondering what's in store for our laws ultimately. If you drank too much fluoride in your water & have a 5 minuet attention span, just skip to 57 min & 30 seconds to see what they plan to lea
  17. You can Here's a little background on the owner There even seems to be descrepencies about some parents. Want it to get even fuckin' weirder??? As you can see on youtube, this video was posted last may. There's some really weird & dark shit going on guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9VP5DXS2Z4
  18. Yep...Either people will need more to buy the next one... Or they'll need a couple extra bucks to get them by until they figure out WTF they're gonna do for a living now that their business was shut down by the great one, depending how everything goes. The second Pops called and told me to avoid I-205 because there was a shooter at the mall & the freeway was backed up for miles, I began to make sure I had a backup plan that would allow me to live with a severe reduction in business while still staying in the game. I've seen several builders selling off parts of their personal colle
  19. That's what I'm sayin' Brother..I want as much equipment on the street before anything can happen. Hell, so far as Fienstein said her ban stuff's not retroactive, so the more we all have to last a lifetime, the better, but moreover, That store keeps this site up. My shit's going to take a hit because people need to acquire right now, that's #1 priority if people haven't already or at least it really should be IMHO. I myself just topped off a mag & ammo need that all of a sudden seemed a bit more urgent. Hell, I can take the hit & just pull on-call shifts at hospital's Acute Behaviora
  20. Note from present self, to former self; "Dear Mr. Pawlowski The combination of Vodka, Coffee and heavy metal music, apparently can, at times, give your posts a slightly hyperaggressive tone. You may want to keep that in mind in the future " Oops...
  21. The paradigm shift included over 46,000 people on Mississippi Auto Arms site, ALONE, last night, arming themselves to the teeth.
  22. Heads up! Max, The owner of this forum just Re-Upped on S-12 mags & drums. Looks like he had a touch of foresight when he placed his last order. As of the time of this post, his site says he has; 125 - MD-20's (140 a couple hours ago) 90 - ProMag 12 round "Nutsack" drums 157 - black AGP 10 round sticks 103 - dark earth AGP 10 round sticks 91 - SGM 10 round sticks 7 - SGM 8 round sticks Get'em while they're hot & show these liberal douchebags they're only INCREASING the numbers of firearms out there with their ban talk! These bitches will click an online petitio
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