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  1. by Gabe Suarez A pretty short book (only about 60 pages). I don't own my S-12 anymore (just have the Saiga 308) so this book is collecting dust. I'm not looking to make any profit, but I just though someone here might find useful. Send me a few bucks to cover postage and I'll drop it in the mail.
  2. My S-308 will work just fine up close as well as reach-out-and-touch-someone.
  3. Thought everyone would enjoy this. Shows where this BS figure came from. MYTH: 90% of Mexico's Guns Come From USA Good for sharing with your gun-hating neighbors and politicians. Not that they will listen...
  4. Threaded barrel. Nick, I think I shot some video a while back. I'll look around tonight and see if I can find it and upload to YouTube for ya. No promises. Can't find the video of me shooting for. Must have tape over it with a kids b-day or something. I know, I know, where are my priorities, right? I think my boys and I are going to do some shooting this weekend so I'll try and shoot some decent video. Maybe someone can donate a factory S308 for a side-by-side comparison
  5. Hi all, Selling the following: A Galil Style Pistol Grip with a quarter circle cut for a Galil style safety. As the pics bewlow show, there is some sort of metal pin that runs crosswise in the PG and out to the cut out side of the PG (sorry for the shavings inside - i'll brush it out before I ship). Not sure of complete function on this pin as the PG was mounted to my S-308. But I'm sure it relates to the Galil Style safety somehow. This PG was on the rifle when I bought it and has no US markings. $20 plus shipping. USPS Money Order or Paypal. Also have an Arsenal Inc AK-47/AK-74 s
  6. +1 on LOUD. I have the 74 style on my 16.5" and she roars! But with the Limbsaver and the muzzlebrake she is a joy to shoot. I "feel" the trade off is worth it. Nick, I think I shot some video a while back. I'll look around tonight and see if I can find it and upload to YouTube for ya. No promises.
  7. I hope you all find this trend as disturbing as I do. Preemptive Law Enforcement
  8. Wow! Some very interesting commentary so far. I work about 8 miles from my home. I have wife and kids (3 are at school during the day, 1 at home with mom). I work in a gun-free zone (or kill-freely zone) from 8-5 and have to dress biz casual. My primary concern in any SHTF scenario is to GTFH (or GTF to the school my kids are). If the roads are clogged with frantic sheeple and I need to hoof it, I have a large cheap duffel in my trunk. In it, I have an extra mag for my XD45 (which is my glove box), a 5" fixed blade, flashlight, some general non-descript civies, a good pair of boots,
  9. jhansjr


    +1 on what Salmonking said. Here's my 308 with the UTG Bipod (SWAT/Combat Profile, Adjustable Height, Rubberized stand). Got it off Amazon for $20.I use the pic rail mount. It does come with a swivel mount as well. With Factory 8 round mag And with a FBMG 20 rounder The bipod does extend from about 6.2 to 6.7 inches high. In the pic with the 20 rounder, it's on it's 6.2 setting. Of course, it is attached to a rail on the lower handguard that extends down a bit more than a standard factory handguard would.IN addition, the bipod collapses as seen below:
  10. Just added the Upper/Lower HG this weekend so not yet. Hopefully next weekend.
  11. A poly upper and lower by EMA. TDI makes one very similar. It almost fit snug out of the box but I had to grind a bit to get it to fit right. Obviously the Dinzag gas tube and HG retainer are necessary. I'd like an aluminum upper/lower combo that leaves the gas tube showing. I just like that look versus a long rail (like DPH, etc.) but for now this works.
  12. Limbsaver.com Uner Grind-to-fit section
  13. Oops, Meant to put this in the Tacked .308 Pic Thread Well, Happy Valentine's Day to all you Saiga Lover's out there! John
  14. I moved this over to the .308 Tacked Picture Thread.
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