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  1. I'm not as poetic as Paulyski but my utmost condolences go to you and your family. I can't begin to imagine how horrible that must be. If it's any consolation I know of an amazing little range about 20 minutes south of Lubbock and a certain outdoor store that has a sale on cases of 12 ga for $40 if firing a few hundred rounds at some skeet could somehow brighten your day a little. God Bless
  2. pyrostevo

    Chaos sights are shipping!!!:))))

    You just need to remove the rear sight which may require a hacksaw, a big ass hammer, and a punch. Or you might get lucky and be able to tap it out easily. But that's all. I saw a thread somewhere talking about how to fit the rail with a file if it ends up crooked thanks to the russian QC...
  3. pyrostevo

    Chaos sights are shipping!!!:))))

    They look amazing! Got my tracking number and I can't wait to put them on!
  4. pyrostevo

    New Poly-Choke Breachers

    Aww man!!! I knew I should of waited!!!
  5. pyrostevo

    New Chaos HK style Sights

    Seriously? Just send the rail with a mo? Would you need a order number or something for whatever reason? Same address I received my quad from? Hell I'll be sending mine off tomorrow then (since I placed my order tonight lol)
  6. pyrostevo

    New Chaos HK style Sights

    Looking great!
  7. pyrostevo

    Saiga 12 SBS

    I'm assuming he is going to move the gas system. It'd be pretty hard to turn down the barrel for the gas block with the receiver attached I'm sure.
  8. pyrostevo

    New Chaos HK style Sights

    If everything goes as planned we're about 3 to 4 weeks out. Sweet! Can't wait!
  9. pyrostevo

    Should I replace my Mossy 500?

    The recoil is nothing like a pump. Not nearly as sharp a pain as pumps. There's still a good amount of recoil thanks to the big ass bolt smashing back and forth.
  10. pyrostevo

    Chaos Super Memorial Day Blowout Sale!!!!!!&#3

    If you buy one now and send it in later you still save. And you have it now and if this enconomy picks up, so will the price on our rails, but that's your choice. You make sense lol... Lemme check my bank account ...
  11. pyrostevo

    Chaos Super Memorial Day Blowout Sale!!!!!!&#3

    Is there any way you could tap the rail for your new sights? If you can I'll order one tonight otherwise I'll wait till you come out with the sights.
  12. pyrostevo

    Chaos Super Memorial Day Blowout Sale!!!!!!&#3

    I'd like to get one if you could tap for those sexy new irons you're coming out with.
  13. pyrostevo

    So I have this idea...

    Recently I've been dicking around with a homemade rocket launcher I built because my saiga is getting expensive lol. It shoots a modified estes rocket and is made out of pvc... Fun as hell and less than $100 for hours of entertainment. Anywho the only problem is it takes a while to get the rockets juuust right to launch smoothly. What does this have to do with Saiga 12s you ask? My plan to remedy the launch is a barrel attachment. something like the grenade launching attachment for the garand but a rocket on a short fuse instead of a grenade. Why you may ask? Why the hell not? Now if I'm about to violate some law please tell me. I'm in Texas and I have plenty of clear land to test on so I think I may be good. My question to you guys is how would you mount it? My thoughts was a simple short steel tube fit loosely over the barrel. I haven't shot any blanks out of my saiga so I'm not exactly sure what kind pressures I'm dealing with but I'm not stupid (Well... Maybe). Obviously I'd want plenty of open porting to vent off the over pressure. I was thinking a 1.5" steel tube about 3 or 4 inches long over the barrel with 4 "prongs" welded on at an angle that then attach to the main rocket body leaving a large gap between the barrel tube and main body. Then I just figure out a fusing system that will light the three estes motors I'm planning on using from the blast of the blank and I'm in business.
  14. pyrostevo

    Saiga 12 Bullpup Prototype - gauging interest

    Boba I think he uses delrin plastic... The second design looks awesome! I'd buy one...
  15. pyrostevo

    12 guage slugs and sabots?

    Now if we could get ole boy with the one off rifled tromix to contribute too we'd have all the bases covered lol. I'd really like to see the results of this...