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  1. Damn it i am always late on the cool new products lol! I do have a concern with this product i would like to know the measurments of this plug particularly the hieght it looks much taller than the MD gas plug let me explain. I currently have MAA lighting shroud on my s12 with a MD gas plug now the shroud leaves very little room between the gas plug and the and the end of the shroud. In fact thier is so little room in order to remove the gas plug i have to remove the shroud not a big deal but my fear is that this new plug may be so tall that i would not be able to screw the shroud all the way back down?
  2. Now that's what i call a assault pistol it's bad ass!!!
  3. That's the good info i was looking for great list.
  4. I have a DRACO and i love it the fireballs and extra loud report are awsome! My sights where a bit crooked as well but it's not a big deal to me like u guys said 25-50 yards is all i expect this gun to do. If u want a beautiful black tack driver this ain't it but it is a hoot to shoot.
  5. Just got my md20 a couple weeks ago i have not shot it yet but i seen on this forum that the federal 2 3/4 round with the flight control wad runs smooth in the drum. I picked up a 100rds of it to test out the drum hopefully next week. My question is what other brands of ammo will cycle properly in the md 20? I want to stock up but i don't have time to test a bunch of brands.
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