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  1. recived PM for source of real stock set. Good choice. Wood > Plastik
  2. Nah, have not been looking around. I still need to do it though. Probably will need to find someone who can sand blast off the original finish.

  3. Zenmetsu, any luck with finding someone to parkerize your gun? I live in Casa Grande, let me know.

  4. Macs are basically BSD machines. If you are in development or engineering, they are great. I only own a Mac laptop and my G4 Mac mini. Laptops are usually not upgraded anyways, aside from RAM, and HDD. Nothing about the Macbook is any more proprietary than your average laptop. Hell, even the prices are coming down a lot now. I bought mine brand new for two years ago for $1000 and it has never failed me. In my case, where I can get a laptop or desktop from work, they only want the O/S supplied by the manufacturer installed. I would much rather deal with a unix system on the Mac th
  5. Except that the Russians are no longer communist. I am kinda curious about the new subs, they will be Russia's first nuke subs and one is undergoing sea trials now. Kinda sad to see the Typhoon go though, that thing was a beast. Now China... that is who we need to worry about now...
  6. That is not one of ours, unless you mean "ours" as in NATO. That is a British sub. And they have the successors to the Typhoon class now... "they" being the Russian Federation. Hate to break it to ya, but no one wins a nuclear war.
  7. I will have to agree with Paladin. I love my VTAC. Granted, the design is simple as hell, but it works. I am surprised that I cannot find other slings that are as easily adjustable. :/
  8. dremel mandrels and screws are usually too soft to scratch the harder steel of the bolt and carrier. I slipped numerous times after getting to the final polishing stage of my carrier and did not even make a scratch on the surface when the mandrel or retaining screw hit the carrier. Your mileage may vary. I used the #425 wheel for removing paint on the carrier. This removes paint and produces a decent pre-polish surface. You can use it to remove minor surface imperfections before going to the felt polishing wheels. Use the black and the red polishing compounds with the felt wheels.
  9. The sensors were supplied by the same folks who make the pitot tubes for Airbus.
  10. To answer your question, we must first determine what is a "BAD TIME" to buy a Saiga. Bad times would include: 1. 2. 3. 4. Since we are not dealing with any of these, then this is a good time to buy one.
  11. when posting an attachment, you have to select it and press the "add to post" or whatever it is called on the right hand side after uploading the attachment...
  12. Get a bike... then blow through a speed trap on the highway at 130mph+ I have seen it done before, and ID'ing the rider just is not going to happen if they have a helmet on. Another option is to flood the inside of your vehicle with IR light. This will blind the camera but not you. I am looking into getting IR retro-reflective film. If I can find some, putting this on your glass will be an instant win as long as illumination is coming from the camera. Too often, however, they offset the flash and the camera so that such measures will not work.
  13. I agree with Shannon... to hell with other people's opinion of me. I am going to post what is in my heart and what I feel like sharing. We are all Americans and we all disagree sometimes. Speaking your mind is exercising your rights. Worrying about your reputation and holding back on what you think needs to be said is really just allowing it to become a censoring device.
  14. Too late, I practically walked right into the process server. So? I had one trying to serve me, walked right up to my door and they were there. "Hi, are you Mr. ----" --"He lives in this apartment. Is there something that I can help you with?" "No, I have something to deliver to him." --"Oh, I can do that for you" "No, that is alright." I then proceed to knock on my own door and chuckled a bit on the inside as the process server stood there. I went back to my car and went grocery shopping. Issue resolved. Best part, I did not even lie to the person. Granted
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