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  1. idk guys but im going to wait for cobra, trust me he is a great guy i rather give him my money!
  2. woohooo! thx for all the help guys i cant wait until i have a perfect shine to it!!! i will post pick after im done
  3. thx alot. well i want to polish the whole deal so i wanted to ask if i should use a wire wheel to strip the factory finish and use a felt pad with red rouge to polish away?
  4. ok guys i already have my wood on order for my conversion and i already have all the other conversion parts. i have also fired 150 rounds of federal bulk pack from wally world no problem with the gunfixers plug! now until my wood set comes in i want to polish the whole bolt and all moving parts. i know i can send it out to get it polished but i need any reason to bust out my dremel!!! so can anyone tell me how they polished there bolt and if they have pics please post them up!!!
  5. what about the number of american parts how many do i need?
  6. ok guys i have ordered a new saiga 12 and some wood from russia for the forearm, pistol grip, and stock. i also have added a bullet button. what do i have to change to make it compliant?i also just ordered these to do my ak conversion will i be ok? i also want to ask whats the largest mag capacity on the saiga 12 thats cali legal? i know its 10 for everything i just want to make sure if its different for shotguns TAC 47 Tactical DIY trigger guard TAC-47 G2 Moddified FCG Gunfixer's plug
  7. whatever i jjst ordered it lol....it looks to good!!! i just hope they fit as good as they loook
  8. wow i can almost pickup another saiga in 7.62 for a little extra!!!! does anyone know a alternative?
  9. i like them but idk if the price is right.... its over 200 american?
  10. how does it fit? does it have any play?
  11. ok guys i have went to both web sites i cant find the exact same wood setup with the vents! i really want to order
  12. i will take it if its the 19 inch barrel and i will pay for you to put a bullet button on it since i live in california. you would also need to dissassemble the 12 round mags so i can convert them to 10(california sucks)
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