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  1. saiga460

    Makc do these lasers fit on the saiga 20?
    Yes - .410, 20, 12 - any Saiga that has a regular gas tube with 1 & 2 positon markings on it.



    I would consider it for $50
    Maybe if you go to Belorussia and buy one on the local fleemarket (stolen from the factory...) that would be possible... I really do not wanna engage in to black market :ded: dealings here... sorry... :(


    ONLY geting 5 is there anyway to order more?
    - sure - I just wanted to bring 5 with me to see if people wanted them... I DOES look cool as hell and WORKS perfectly!!! I tried it last night!


    I'll get the pictures up here on Tusday morning as I do not have internet at home right now... Before I left the country, I asked the cable company :killer: to "suspend" my service for 2 months - instead they just disconected me completely.... Idiots!!! They will reconect me on Tusday... :smoke:



  2. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, S.659, is coming up for US Senate approval very soon and your support is urgently needed to help get it passed. The US House of Representatives passed it, but in the Senate we need you to contact your Senators to urge them to support this bill. There are several Democratic Senators, such as Senator Schumer (D-NY), that are threatening to kill the bill by filibuster, but this can be avoided by getting 60 votes. Currently there are 52 solidly supporting the bill.


    These frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers for political purposes are a disgrace and abuse of our legal system. What some of these anti-gun groups have not been able to do through the voting booth, through lobbying, and through the media, they are now trying to accomplish by driving law-abiding gun manufacturers out of business through unfounded lawsuits and blackmail tactics.


    The White House issued a statement strongly supporting this bill, saying it would "help prevent abuse of the legal system and help curb the growing problem of frivolous lawsuits."


    Please call, email or write both your Senators today. Urge them to support the "common sense" legislation of The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, S.659

  3. here is a bit more info about different ammo shot from saiga 20:


    Brand of ammo,Country_Shell size, mm_Shot size, N (respectively)

    Baikal, Russia 20x70 5

    Federal, USA 20x76 Mag. 7 1/2

    Federal, USA 20x76 Mag. 4

    Federal, USA 20x70 4

    Bellot Sellier, Czech R. 20x76 Mag. 5

    Winchester, USA 20x76 Mag. 6

    Winchester, USA 20x76 Mag. 4

    Horrido, Germany 20x76 5

    Tunet, France 20x76 5




    Brand of ammo, Country Length, mm Type of bullet (respectively)

    Federal, USA 70 Foster

    Winchester, USA 70 Foster

    Treffer-Brenneke, Germany 76 Brenneke

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