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  1. Thank you GunFun. Also I want to mention that Saiga-12.com customer service, contacted me back with the suggestion I use a brush and carefully clean my muzzle threads. I am sure between that and chasing the threads, I will have success. I was feeling sorry for myself after spending money on something that I was worried would not work. Happy know to have specific direction to proceed. FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was finally able to sit down and take some oil and a good stiff brush and clean the threads on my S-12 muzzle. Got a lot of dirt/plastic crap from the plastic muzzle cover out of t
  2. I bought a Poly Choke Flash Hider and had issues with it and my shotgun. I contacted Saiga-12 by email and was astounded by the friendly and quick personal service. If a company has service personnel like those I delt with, then they are a GREAT company. Thank you I will reccommend them to anyone I can.
  3. I am demoralized at present. I bought the PolyChoke Flash Hider muzzle choke for my self converted Saiga 12. Imagine my surprise when I easily unscrewed my factory thread protector and attempted to screw on the Poly Choke. No go. Threads on about 1 thread and then stops. Mindful of the fact that these are fine threads, I do not try to force it, but contact the Saiga-12 store where I bought. They suggest returning it and I do. They send me a NEW PolyChoke Flash Hider that they have tried on their Saiga-12 to ensure it's function. BTW Super nice treatment by the service staff at Saiga-12, I am T
  4. I too am thrilled with the pricing, service and above all, FAST shipping of the e-store. The part I was interested in was out of stock, signed up for the restock notification email, recieved the notification, ordered, and got it QUICKLY. Also recieved the AWESOME free Saiga-12.com T-shirt! Thanks
  5. Received my Magazines this morning. WOW! These are CLASS! No I haven’t made it to the range yet, BUT if these work as well as they look, My Saigas might just have been made my goto SHTF shoulder weapons! The packaging is absolutely 1st class. I do not have the words to express how impressed I am. I worried as I had never seen these mags in real life, but bought them based on reviews of several members here whom I value their opinion. (Thanks GunFun and Cobra762 among others). Thank you Gentleman for making a superb Magazine and an excellent business.
  6. OK, I was finally able to order the steel mags for my Saiga 12s that I had been promising to do for a year! Been a busy life, but finally was able to order. Not 10 minutes after my order was placed, I got my notice that the Mags have shipped. This is seriously fast. Yes I am impressed! I hope the Saiga 12 mags continue to be made here! I seriously hope this business prospers and grows. GREAT PEOPLE! Thank you.
  7. Thank you Spacehog. you have given me much to think about. People like you, who go out of their way to help others is what makes this board GREAT! Thank you Sir! BTW Great looking forend on your shotgun!
  8. Thank you for your time and effort. I look foreward to seeing your picts!
  9. Thank you for your reply Spacehog. I will reconsider. If you don't mind, how long is the Polychoke?
  10. Never mind. Contacted Poly-Choke and was quoted that they would have them instock in a month. On the other hand I did order from CSS and man what service! I will be a repeat customer. Thanks
  11. Is SKU POLYS12-FLASHER still available? This is the one with the horizontal slotted flash suppressor appearing part on the front, not the traditional slotted Poly-Choke II? Your site shows out of stock and I am hoping you will get at least one more in. Thanks
  12. My Krebs S-12 is super nice and worth every penny I paid for it. I have pictures in an old thread of it. It functions great.
  13. GunFun Googling RCBS Shotshell Manual shows it is a 2007 print and has been discontinued, am I looking for the correct book?
  14. I have a dumb question to ask. I have reloaded some handgun rounds and a few rifle rounds BUT Shotshells are entirely new to me. Prior to retirement I was a firearms instructor for the local Sheriff's Office and being a handgun reloader, thought it would be a good idea to retain our high brass, slug and buck hulls. I have about two thirty gallon bags of empties. I am unable to find information on reloading these hulls vice AA hulls. Can someone educate a poor old retired boy about reloading high brass? I would love to use these in my two S-12s (and other shotguns). I have a Lee Loader II, but
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