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  1. I have shot the 500 many times. It is a joy to shoot and recoil is not bad at all. I have shot several 357 mags that hurt my hand way worse. Love the 500.
  2. I have had a fenix TK10 for 4 yrs. Bought it after my old g2 bit the dust after only a yr. I have beat the piss out of the fenix and it is still going strong. Can't go wrong with fenix.
  3. That rifle is pretty sexy. Good job. I wish I would have known about that mag well. Totally would have changed my mind about a few purchases. Congrats.
  4. My daughter is 4yrs old and we have little self defense training sessions all the time. Last night after work she and her 2yr old brother wanted to attack Daddy. She punches and kicks pretty good. Half way through I pretended that I was down and out for the count. As I lay there her brother continued attacking and she kicked me straight in the face. Hurt pretty good, but all I could do was laugh. I had to stop the session and explain that there are certain moves we never use on the family members. She already knows about Dad's special spot that she is not supposed to kick.(That hurt also
  5. How off is it now? If it was only a few clicks I wouldn't even worry. I have come to find that not everyone holds a rifle the same. People also see the sights differently. If you can zero it without gross adjustment than I would be wearing that thing out.
  6. Gotcha ya. I will have to do the sharpie thing tommorow. I wasn't trying to not follow directions, I am just sick with the flu, along with my 3 kids. I am thankful for your willingness to help. No disrespect intended.
  7. Indy, I know the mark you speak of. This is different. Hopefully this pic will post. As you can see it is about half way down on the case. Sorry for the crappy cell pic. It is faint but you can see it and it is around the hole case.
  8. Yes Sir. I agree with you, however I will snap some pics for ya'll to look at. If it is my die does that mean I should scrap it?
  9. Carolina Shooter Supply has S12 mags but they are going fast.

  10. I cut a case open and there doesnt seem to be any sign of damage on the inside. I think the die is leaving the mark. Guess I could try one and examine it for signs of trouble.
  11. Upon further inspection, just about every case has this mark. Some more than others. Some of this brass is brand new that I resized. I would hate to discard 300 rounds for this. Most of this is once fired or new.
  12. Thanks for all of the suggested reading. I bought some of the books mentioned here. Looks like very good material. Also looked up some info on the web. I am already using some of my new skills. My daughter and I snarred a rabbit today.
  13. Thanks Patriot. Good sound advice there. I'll check it out.
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