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  1. Will this work with the non xn model? A first generation mka.... Mine still has the jewels.
  2. Ill take at least 2, maybe more. ThNks for putting them out for us!!!
  3. I have chaos hk bolt ons on mine.
  4. I'm pretty sure you can still shoot buck and slugs in the short version, just no 3" shells. I could be wrong though.... Hopefully Jim can correct me.
  5. My receiver with the new ramp should be showing up today!! Now I just have to drill and tap for the chaos hk style sights.....
  6. If you make the unfortunate mistake of cracking the feed ramp, there is a company that can replace it with a stronger aluminum one that won't crack and also supposedly smooths the feeding transition which fixes most feeding issues. I don't think I can link the site, but I bet you can find it if you search "mka aluminum feed ramp". Or contact gentleman Jim on this site.
  7. Ill be the first to admit I broke my feed ramp EXACTLY how Jim describes.... Had to send the receiver Monday. But good news is the aluminum feed ramp fixes many feeding issues with the 10 rnd mags.
  8. I got mine about around 2 weeks ago with my 10 rounder. Love it! Sorry to here you haven't got yours.
  9. Wow! That's too bad. Now I'm scared for mine. What kinda ammo did you run? Wal Mart bulk pack doesn't normaly work well for me. I'd love to see a pic of the long handguard installed. I got the shorty which I believe is the one that pyro has.
  10. Nice!! Can't wait to see. My hand guard arrives Wednesday along with a mag. Did you get the long or short handguard?? I'm planning on sticking my chaos hk style sights on mine.
  11. Hmmm... On second look, I see that you don't have a set of flip up sights... I must have been confusing it with another pic... But still interested in the handguard and also if you have any ideas on fitting a rear flip up sight, I would appreciate any help. Thanks to all.
  12. Got a couple questions for ya pyro. First, is that the "short" version of the firebird handguard? Also, I was wondering of you have the original mka that came with red and white "gems" in the the receiver, I only ask because that's what I have an I am wondering what you did to get the flip up rear sight onto the non-mil spec picatinny rail. Thanks for any help, I just ordered the FB handguard and a few 10 rounders, so I want to get the sights setup figured out ASAP.
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