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  1. Santa Azrial... I didn't know that Santa needed firearms... I'm guessing that was for your present delivery runs over Somalia?
  2. I showed this post to my husband and he said to also check Kalinka Optics... http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/ He bought his Kobra Red Dot off eBay and then someone on S12 was kind enough to point to Kalinka, which is where we'll be picking up side mount AK PSOP (sic?) scopes at some point in 2010, when money allows.
  3. Ryann

    Saigas at a Group Shoot

    Last Saturday, we went out with a group of friends and set up targets and had a fun shoot. We ended up bringing about half the guns that showed up... and most of the ammo... and also the fire and food... but oh well. Eric had always wanted to shoot skeet but use EZ Cheese. He loves EZ Cheese and some people on another forum suggested that because of the "Warning Contents Under Pressure" warning label on EZ Cheese, that it wouldn't make good backpacking and camping/survival food. So, we took a bunch. The pics and videos of EZ Cheese blowing up in the air don't do it justice, but we got a fun video of Chaos' Warthog stabbing it. A full un-used can of EZ Cheese will explode when hit in the air with any type of bird or buckshot. A can of EZ Cheese, even if only slightly used seems to exhaust enough pressure it won't explode anymore. Before posting the pics and videos, let me also say that the Saigas drew a lot of attention, as they always do. One of my friends' dad came into town later and heard about it and insisted on coming over so he could see the Saigas. What a great gun! There have also been the occassional thread about exotic 12 gauge ammo, summarized here (shot from Mossberg 500s): - Flashbangs are very very very loud and create a muzzle flash about 3x bigger than a magnum shell. Even with ear guards, Eric and my ears were ringing for the rest of the day and a bit more into the next. We're going to buy more of these. - 12 gauge marine flares. A bit hard to insert and remove but shoot beautifully from a normal 12 gauge shotgun. At a 70 degree arc, they go up about 200 yards, get about 200 yards distance, and fade out about 10 yards above ground. - Rubber batons and water bags... shoot like a paintball gun. I can't imagine the velocity on these being more than 500 or 600 fps as you can actually see the projectile separate from the wad mid-air. Like a pball with spin, they'll arc up or to the side. I could tell Eric was glad to get rid of these. - CTD's Door Breachers... look like crap but man do they pack a punch like a 7/8 slug. They do horrible things to trees. Eric showed me the Box of Truth content about these afterwards. - Thermite makes a great fire starter. On behalf of Eric, let me share with you the 2nd coolest website for gear you might ever see... www.unitednuclear.com... wander over to the Chemistry stuff, death ray stuff, etc. It's a fun site if you've ever thought... "Gee, it'd sure be nice to find a place that sells KI and other fun stuff. EZ Cheese follows: Warthog vs EZ Cheese Video... Birdshot vs Half Empty EZ Cheese...
  4. Ryann

    Fun thread. I'm sure Eric could come up with some stuff to add to this thread. Juggs, he was debating the merits of wearing your Recycle shirt to a meeting out at Stanford yesterday. He ended up wearing a suit, but it's the thought that counts right? I hate the word "Honey" "I" "won't" "be" "home" "in" "time" "for" "dinner"... and when they're all together, well! At the risk of offending some sensibilities... I'm also finding that the WWJD thing has been taking way out of context in the mainstream and has become almost the opposite of it's original intention. Almost like you could say, "Roll over and play dead on this issue" when it's intent was to stand with integrity in the face of evil.
  5. Using your own money to essentially refi a higher mortgage with a cheaper mortgage is not only a good idea, but a very good idea. Odds are that you'll have a job for a few years, maybe 1, 2, 6, 10 who knows? I say you go for it. Rent out your paid off house and use that money to repay your 401k. Go off grid in Montana? If you work a few extra years, and do your new Montana off-grid shack with a super-low interest rate loan, using your current employment and rental income, by the time your SSD kicks in, you'll be golden. The only problem I felt your plan had is that you assume all debt is evil. It can be a tool if used well and interest rates are really really low and so is real estate. If the economy goes inflationary, it's not like having a fixed rate mortgage is going to up-adjust rates... every month of inflation will make your Montana getaway more affordable. If I had a 401k with enough money to do something like this, I already would have. You da man. Live the dream.
  6. Ryann

    First range trip

    First time husband and I shot the Saiga AK was amazing. Compared to our Maadi, wow. Sadly, we have not shot the Maadi since. Just eyeballing... but less recoil, better accuracy, better feel... hard to believe they're both AKs.
  7. I knew I shouldn't have read this thread right before making dinner! YUCK!!
  8. Lorie, I didn't know you specifically sent me those smaller sizes, THANKS! I'm SO glad becauase I would never wear the big shapeless ones that guys wear. I especially loved the carbon footprint one for Eric, LOL!
  9. My husband's dream car is an Outback Sedan, but they become too expensive compared to other cars out there. He also loves the true rally cars that Subaru puts out. Before I met him, he had a Subaru and loved it. I asked him about it and his only comment was to get the biggest engine size with the most cylinders you can get if you go the Subaru route as they feel a bit under-powered in the tiny V4 flavors.
  10. Ryann


    As Eric pointed out, I got it done 2 years ago (it was a Christmas gift ftom him :-) . A few things that stand out were that they had giant T.V's in the wating area where you could watch the operation on the person going before you... I almost walked out because it was so nasty! I went through with it and an glad I did. Although before the procedure, they drop numbing drops into your eyes and on my left eye, I didn't open my eye enough (hate eye drops!), and most of it ran down my cheek, instead of INTO my eye. So when I had the left eye done, I could feel it and it was excruciating! There was a trace amount of numbing drops that made it into my eye, but I could feel when the laser cut open my eye, and the laser zapping away at the cornia. It was like a bad dream, where you wake up in the middle if an operation and can feel everything. The good news is that the pain only lasted as long as the surgery (which in the moment felt like forever), but once it was done, the pain was gone. The right side was great though, I made sure my eye was WIDE open when they put the drops in and I didn't feel a thing! I took lots of sleep/pain meds adndliterally came home and slept for 6 hours. Eric had called my parents over that evening, so when I got up I walked downstairs, had NO pain whatsoever and could see crystal clear! Amazing! Another peice of advice... dont cheap out and get the least expensive package. Get the expensive one! You get what you pay for and you dont want to find a bargain when your talking about your eyesight!! pay more and get the custon lasik, NOT the bargain lasik. ALSO, the drops they give you afterwards are gross. They make you get wierd colored gunk in your eye all day long, so be aware, because it will gross people out. They also taste bad! Once I put them in my eye, after about 10 seconds you can taste it in your throat! I always had something to drink right after I did the drops because the taste was so bad. It's wierd to think though that the stuff I put in my eye made it's way to my throat!
  11. Ryann

    Gun Porn Starting with the S12

    Yep, that is mine! it's still in the holding period, but the gun store owner brought it for me to play with when we went to the full auto shoot.
  12. Ryann

    Gun Porn Starting with the S12

    I did, of course. I'm not going to give my video some lame name like "First Time Newbie Soccer Mom with Some Kind of Machine-type Gunny Thing".
  13. So, Eric and I went to a full auto shoot over the weekend, loads of fun! I was the only girl there besides the gun store owners wife but I dont remember her shooting anything. She brought all the food and grilled it up for us (we feasted!). So, that was a little wierd... there were probably 15-20 guys there, I definetely felt out of place... until I started shooting, then I didn't care! The gun store owner brought my Saiga AK to the shoot so I could fire it (it's still in the holding period). It was fantastic! Eric thinks it's vastly superior to our Maddi AK. VIDEOS... (I can't fiqure out how to post them, so here are links... Here I am shooting it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwo5EyuiKko Here's Eric shooting his Saiga 12 gauge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPxdFLavzeU Here I am shooting an M60 machine gun! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Q_5BPqCT7o Eric shooting a full auto Ak-47 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1bqHJnqtKg I have alot more pics and video... but I have clue how to upload anything, maybe I'll have Eric add more when he gets home! We also shot a FA Mac10 and Glock. The Mac10 was embarassing, LOL! My arm was swinging all over the place!
  14. Awesome!!! About 2 years ago, I was really into that. I had a notebook I took to the stores with me. I stockpiled all sorts of stuff for free (I still have some of it left TWO YEARS later, like dish soap and razors...etc.) Every Sunday I'd cut out all my coupons and combine them... I was the master! Even Eric was impressed sometimes! I stopped though, because it was SO time consuming!!!! And alot of the time, I went in to the stores and the coupons didn't work, so they didn't allow me to use them all (they didn't want me to get TOO good a deal I guess!). So, I eventaully petered out... But maybe I'll start again, that was a fun video! Thanks!
  15. About two weeks ago Eric sent me the link to the KVAR Saiga AKs that were for sale. I picked one out and bought it right then! You'd have to be crazy not to have! Anyway, I got a call yesterday afternoon from the gun store I had it shipped too, that it was in finally. I went in this morning to do the paperwork. It's so... Pretty!! I'll post some pics when I'm able to brig it home next week. Actually this Sunday that gun store is holding a full auto shoot that Eric and I are going to. The store owner said he would bring my gun so I could shoot it! So, hopefully I'll get a few pics this weekend! YAY, I'm excited!