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  1. I just purchased a Vepr (not the Super) in 308 and I love it. A nice step up from the Saiga 308 I had. One question: I still have a Saiga 20 round magazine. Can I adapt the Saiga mag to the Vepr? They are not interghangeable, I tried. Looks like some Dremel tool work is needed to make the Saiga mag fit.
  2. jgsales and centerfiresystems $299.
  3. Also check centerfiresystems.com they have Saiga 410 for $299.
  4. J&G Sales is now selling Saigas for $299!! I just bought a 5.45 from them. Better hurry before the supply dries up.
  5. martilyo

    Saiga 410

    Here's a link to my auction, current price $399.99 http://www.auctionarms.com/search/displayitem.cfm?ItemNum=10393057
  6. martilyo

    Saiga 410

    Check my auctions on auctionarms.com I should have a couple for sale next week (search for hubsguns) around $400.00.
  7. Whether or not the "ban" is true or false, the truth is available Saiga shotgun sources have dried up. I have an FFL and even my distributors can't get any and don't have a clue when they will arrive. I'm just sayin......
  8. Currently not going to happen at that price unless you find one used (private owner or Pawnshop), but odds are not in your favor The wholesale cost is far more than $399.
  9. I own a 410, and I have been hearing that BATFE is stopping the importation of all Saiga shotguns due to BATFE's viewpoint that "it has no sporting value". Anyone else have confirmation on this? I won't let my Saiga out of my sight!!
  10. I took my 308 to the range for the first time yesterday. I used the iron sights and there are no modifications to the gun at all. At 50 yards I was hitting the circle outside the bullseye and hit the bullseye several times. I was amazed with the accuracy!! Needless to say I am happy with my 308.
  11. I've got 3 mags so far, the stock8 round, and 2 24 or 25 round mags. This is my 3rd Saiga and they never let me down!
  12. The Belgian ammo looks like a good deal for reloaders.
  13. I got a great deal on auctionarms for a 308 Saiga for $403.98!! It was a listing error but the dealer honored the price!! It should be in this week. Already have a 223 and 5.45 Saiga.
  14. I have been checking online prices for a Saiga 308, so far the lowest I have seen is $449 at classic arms. Anyone know where I can beat this price?
  15. Excellent report! i think the 5.45 is highly underrated because all the news is always about the AR15 and the .223 round. I found the 5.45 has less recoil than my AR and is far easier to clean and disassemble.
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