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  1. the bad gunner

    Home Defense Shotty

    as far as the light thing goes i would put a light on it adjust the light like a site at about 15 to 20 feet depending on the longest shot you might have to take. put the light on the enemy pull the trigger and puff no more enemy. giving you postion a way is simple to remady remote switch for the light. and gun talk, i like my cheap mossburge 500 with a tri rail pistal grip and of couse a good bright lite. but there are so many good guns its all on what you like and how much you have to spend. dont forget about bying useed or upgrading later
  2. i found out never put dave sause in a skillet .... IT BURNS!!!!!!!
  3. the bad gunner

    Sighting in a Saiga

    if done true to the bore the AK-74 brake shouldnt change the point of aim and you should have a notice decline in recoil and a slight decline in noise levels
  4. stopping in south caralina at ellett brothers to pick up ammo for the florda shoot
  5. as for stocks ive worked with both tromix and ace , and i profer an ace stock with an internal block, a little more work but a much cleaner look. for vthe gas plug i would go with the gasfixers plug you can over port the gun then adjust it to your loads