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  1. DLT, how ya'll doing down there? Its kind of been somewhat quiet, with all of the election bullshit taking over the waves. I hope all is well, or as well as it can be. I hate the cartels, but maybe it will take them to clean this shit up. Be safe.
  2. HUGE congrats! Wish I wasn't so old, I'd have another. Super happy for all of you!
  3. And so it begins....OOO_RAH!!! https://www.foxnews.com/us/us-troops-seen-setting-up-barbed-wire-near-mexico-border
  4. Me and my daughter went to the grocery store last night and we witnessed a pretty long military convoy heading south. I will make a guess that it was part of the build up for the border. My daughter asked why, and I explained to her it was President Trumps order to reinforce the border to keep illegal people from coming into the United States (talked about the 'caravan/invasion force coming). All she said was 'You go President Trump!' She is 10 and understands what is going on. Very proud of her.
  5. I am somewhat comforted hearing Gen Mathis 's words of wisdom. More Military, Hell Yes! Time will tell how nasty this becomes. It certainly is opening many eyes there were completely closed or just looked the other way. Stay safe DLT. Yes, it can be and often is a very ugly world.
  6. Soro's is no longer able to just hide in the shadows. His efforts to derail our democracy are well known now, at least to those that give a shit. He can't hide any longer. Sure, he still has money, but his time is coming to a close. He is starting to look more and more like Supreme Chancellor Palpatine! I watched some news last night. Didn't feel very good after doing so. Seems they are toning down the 'tough' stance, using open ended sentences, and admitting that 'some' will make it into our country. Very disappointing. There needs to be ZERO tolerance for this, or we will PAY A HEAVY price from now on.
  7. 'If a barely-trained civilian like me can figure that out, I sure hope our military leaders are already prepared for it!' Its not the military leaders that haven't figured it out...it's the damned politicians. The politicians are the ones that we should worry about making the right decision.
  8. I live on 281 North, near Bulverde. So a San Anton-ion, I am. With the likes of the Castro Brothers, nothing else should be expected. The city gov is very liberal, but nothing compared to Austin. Screw that city. As stated previously, I was born and raised in Lubbock. When it was time to leave Northern VA, I just couldn't bring my two little girls back to Lubbock. Dust, allergies, and the job market there. Not to mention I am retired Marine, so the bases here offer certain advantages for me and my family. Growing up, my Uncles, Grandfather and Dad would always say how the Mexicans were pissed and they believe Texas truly belonged to Mexico. They would take it back in time. Fast forward 35+ years....and their wisdom is echoing to me from their graves. But it is still Texas, and there is no other place I would rather be....well, Hawaii, but certainly can't afford that either! DLT, you and yours are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay vigilant and stay calm. Hopefully, if it gets to that point, you will see our military patrolling your area. Hoping for the best of a possible bad outcome.
  9. Stay safe DLT. I really have no good advice to give you, but damn if I would evac either. I haven't a clue as to what the ending of this 'invasion' will be. I do hope the POTUS sticks by his words and militarizes the border.
  10. I don't know about old timer, but been here for almost a decade now. That just sounds old. In my beginning, you guys here helped me out a tremendous amount, including my Saiga 7.62x39 and S-12 builds. Never a bitch one, and just great knowledge. Thank you. This forum has always been a breath of fresh air. Many forums are 'family oriented' and you really have to watch what you say. Not here, for the most part. And I enjoy that. Doesn't mean you have to be a bleeding asshole, but you can speak your mind without offending anyone here...and well, if you do, get over it. Thanks for all the help and laughs. I do come here daily....just enjoy it.
  11. Looks very promising. Has stoked my attention. Thank you for posting.
  12. Imagine what the population would have done if they had live media like we do now, when Pearl Harbor was hit.....
  13. sjgusmc21

    US Palm comng back!

    Glue on floorplates are kinda stupid. Name a SINGLE major gun company that glues their magazines together.. This is why I never purchased them.
  14. I was in the Battalion Armory doing inventory when my Marines busted in and told me, 'MSgt., you're not going to believe this...'
  15. sjgusmc21

    McCain is gone!

    ^^^ "Dilly Dilly!"
  16. sjgusmc21

    McCain is gone!

    Along with 'The Lion of the Senate' this has gone on too long. Say what you need to, pay your final respects and be done with it. They are trying to make him out as some MacArthur, or some other Super Being, which he was not.
  17. Love the looks of that scope. Can't wait to see the whole package together.
  18. sjgusmc21

    McCain is gone!

    Can't argue with this either.
  19. sjgusmc21

    McCain is gone!

    I will agree with this for now. God rest his sole and thank you for your Military service and sacrifice.
  20. sjgusmc21


    OMG those are sexy! Well done Sir!
  21. I have been out of the 'semi-automatic' mag fed shotgun hobby for a while. Holy crap, never new their are so many new choices now. Thanks CSSPECS for opening my eyes. Looked up the Cheetah and Lynx shotguns. Wow. Been busy raising two young daughters...
  22. This is a great forum. It can be brutal, but and the same time, brutally honest, which is what I like. People here speak their minds...no tip-toeing going on here. Ask your questions, answer some questions, and above all, don't get butt-hurt. Bite back and it's all good. Take care and have fun.
  23. Love this forum...don't care how many post or don't post. We need GADDIS to dirty it up a bit....hasn't been around for a while.... As for Facebook...fuck facebook. Don't have an account and never well. Have even been questioned on job interviews why I don't have one.....did I mention 'fuck Facebook'?
  24. Well done sir and VERY HAPPY you are up, about, and feeling good! For you and the Mrs....best wishes and glad to hear it!