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  1. sorry, yes i was talking about a wood stock in this case. you hit the nail on the head about which part makes the "stock" that is listed though. most stocks are made from more than one part. most people would count the buttplate (and other parts of a non-wood stock) as part of a complete stock. i know if i ordered a complete stock and it came missing the buttplate and sling attachment i wouldn't be pleased. seeing as how ive never even heard of anyone being prosecuted for 922r (probably because its almost impossible to prove the origin of non marked parts), and in my case if you removed the buttplate and swivel, i think most people would still consider the wood alone a "stock" even if fully stripped. so im probably good. i just want to get some outside opinions to be on the safe side. id call a sheriff or the atf if it didnt seem like even they dont have any idea how to define the law. plus, id probably get 6 different answers on six different days.
  2. hello saiga law savvy people! ive been searching the forums here (and google). i cant find this subject covered, and im curious. would installing a foreign buttplate and/or sling swivel on a us made buttstuck disquiliefy the stock as a us made part? if yes, why is it we can use an original foreign pistol grip screw with a us made grip to help with compliance? thanks.
  3. well i guess im carving both pieces now. better to err on the safe side anyway i suppose. thnx for the opinions guys.
  4. in regards to an ak47. when 922r refers to "Forearms, handguards" are we talking about just the bottom part the rides under the barrel? or the the top gas tube cover as well? id like to make my own bottom and keep the original (foreign) top. i dont want to do the work and find out too late that they are considered a two piece unit and my US made bottom doesn't count towards compliance. thanks
  5. h0pper


    well that tears it.. if i have to buy more than a bolt and carrier then i might as well buy the whole gun and have "just one more" ak. a fellows got to draw a line in the sand somewhere. thanks for the info stormi
  6. first off id like to apologize to the ak purists here for what im about to say. so ive got alot of parts left from my barrel-less romy m65 kit (everything except the under-folding gear). im planning on either slapping a complete yugo front end on it or trying to convert it to 5.56x45. how hard would it be slap a Romanian 5.56x45 barrel in it and convert from 7.62x39 to 5.56x45? im assuming id need a new complete bolt(is this correct?), if so will the new bolt lock up correctly in my 7.62x39 trunnion. would i need a new carrier too? will the standard crapco flat and rails work? i know you can modify .223 saigas to run AR mags, would the process work roughly the same for the tapco flat? any additional info or suggestions? lol whats your favorite color?
  7. thanks to everyone for the great info, i never seem to leave this forum without learning something new.
  8. Last thing you want to do is break a BATF regulation and loose your rights to own firearms. Probably not the best idea to ask those kind of questions on a forum that is no doubt being monitored. You get a newby or troll come in here and say "yeah sure go ahead and do it, it's a stupid law and you won't get caught anyway", all of a sudden Saiga12.com becomes a place where it's encouraged to break BATF regs. i have nothing to hide from the BATF, i plan on doing it right. i just want to make sure this wasnt the kind of thing i would need documents for at a later date showing who did the barrel and when etc, it wont ruin what accuracy the rifle has, and how nessecary it is to recrown. its a pain to remove the barrel but if thats the law then, thats the law. thats exactly why i asked here. few trolls and plenty of knowledgeable, helpful folks to point out the less obvious ones. also @ PRISONSHANK,
  9. lol THEM, now im screwed. i guess i better do it all proper, better safe than sorry. damn the trouble! thanks guys
  10. is this a "just dont get caught" thing? i mean how is anyone going to know if i go into my garage with my 16" no brake saiga, and come out an hour later with a 14" + welded 2.5 inch brake saiga? i mean i know not to cut it and then drive around for 2 weeks with it in the trunk before i weld on the brake, but removing the barrel for a >30 job seems a tad extreme.
  11. im planning on shortening the barrel of a 7.62x39 saiga and welding up a 74 style brake to make the full 16" for legal reasons. my question is, will knocking 2 inches off the barrel make the rifle noticeably less accurate in the real world? also seeing as how im welding the brake on is recrowning really necessary? ive heard that as long as the cut is straight and the muzzle is protected it isnt. sounds very suspect to me. thnx h0pp
  12. got my free mag from the give away contest today, as for the mag its in great shape with not a spot of rust, it was well packed and shows virtually no signs of wear at all! Albert @ Accessory Arms gave great communication. i wouldn't hesitate to do business with him in the future!
  13. i converted one of my (7.62x39) saigas to under folder. i used a Romanian parts kit with the milled uf stock. the romy trunion rivet holes do not line up with your saiga's factory holes. i have a welder and was filling the left over factory trigger group holes holes anyway so this was no concern for me. if you have any kind of metal working skills it shouldn't be a problem. it went pretty straight forward really. just measure, drill, slap the new trunnion in, assemble the stock's spring, nuts, bolt, pins etc and you're done. only real problem i had was the new trunnion wouldn't clear the rivet i put in the rear part of the trigger guard. i just popped out the rivet and plug welded the guard.
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