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  1. Yeah, your tube probably isn't seated all the way in the rear.
  2. Like zagumennyyilya stated, the suppressor co will never know what weapon their can was attached to. The barrel not be concentric/parallel to the bore doesn't apply to mine as my threads were cut concentric on a lathe, which is why I sent it off to adco as they guarantee it to be right. I wasn't comfortable with any local smiths to do the work nor knew of any with a jig like those who did netpackrats gun. I'll check with a dowel rod also to ensure no hang ups.
  3. Picked up a rdak stock adapter with all the AR parts to include a magpul ctr. Added a magpul Moe grip and a YHM 30LT suppressor mount.
  4. Well I got a little more work done. Got the barrel back from ADCO, which turned out great. While I had the barrel out, I went ahead and removed the side scope mount, tig'd up all the extra holes including the bho slot, and welded the original trigger guard to the mag release tower. It was riveted in place, along with re-riveting the forward most hole of the rear trunion which was removed when I took off the scope mount
  5. A lot of times what I see happening on the range is people trying to force the shot. And what I mean by that, during the natural arc of wobble, people usually jerk the trigger at the exact time they have the sights on target right where they want the shot to go. They do this instead of focusing on the basic fundamentals. Sight picture and trigger control are the most important, followed by follow through. If they focus on this those rather than the gun moving around, then they would get combat hits. No one can keep the gun perfectly still, but if they focus on the fundamentals, then that round
  6. Exactly. Invest in a good muzzle brake. Makes a huge difference in recoil management. It won't make you more accurate, but it will speed up you follow up shots. What will make you more accurate is the basic fundamentals. Start with a proper shooting stance. Feet shoulder width apart, squared up on target, with strong side foot slightly back. Weight on the balls of your feet, knees slightly bent. Bent slightly at the waist. You need to make sure you maintain sight picture and trigger control during the arc of wobble. Also remember the natural respiratory pause, that three to four second pause b
  7. I will say this, the Russians idea of a press fit is .02", even up to .025". That included, not only the barrel journal, but also the front sight and gas block. It took quite a bit of force on my 20 ton press to bust them loose. Even the barrel pin. I bent 1/4" plate I milled out to support the trunnion when pressing the barrel pin out.
  8. It's been awhile since I've made any updates. I've since pressed the barrel out, and is on it's way to ADCO to be shortened to 18", crowned, and threaded 5/8x24. They are also going to contour the barrel directly behind the threads for me to reattach my front sight. Using them, they guarantee the threading will be concentric to the bore. And they're reasonably priced. For everything mentioned plus reparkerizing, I'm out $130. I could have found someone local, but I have all the tools, and I don't know any smiths who are knowledgeable about the ak platform.
  9. He's talking about the piece the hammer strikes first before hitting the firing pin. I think its called the striker but I could have the names reversed. The S12 utilizes a 2pc firing pin/striker assembly.
  10. Yours has plastic, other one has wood. I believe the ver21 also has the slant cut receiver. Could be mistaken on the slant receiver though
  11. Received the sabrewerks KOP system in the mail yesterday and was immediately impressed with the overall fit and finish. The two pieces fit together with no movement whether vertical or horizontal pressure applied. The scope mount is solid and should have no problems maintaining zero. Theres room for some minor improvements that i will touch on later, but overall, im completely satisfied with the purchase decision. Ill link some pictures later
  12. It can be done. Look at the picture thread. AZArmory did one. You would need to turn down the barrel to fit. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/14900-this-is-the-tacked-308-picture-thread/page-22 Post #637
  13. That's pretty good accuracy for iron sights. id be lucky to hold a softball size group at a 100 yrds these days with irons. Any precision long distance for me, and I need a scope.
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