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  1. Yardage update: Target was a steel plate appx 6”x4” at 70 yards dead on. I never expected this with the 8” bbl. I’m now thinking she would do well out to 100 yards.
  2. Update: I mounted the optic center of the bore however I began to have numerous stovepipes. The cases were hitting the base of the optic. I moved the optic about 1/4” (max adjustment on the RS) left and 1 picatinny slot to the rear. This eliminated the ejection issue. My Tromix S17 loves Remington Sluggers: 3 round zero off hand @ 25 yards. Next test at 35 & 50 yards. Hope to test on a large boar:
  3. Hey Scott it’s been a long time! I just emailed you. Note: you probably have my old Florida phone & email.
  4. I haven’t found any offerings online for our 5 round mags. Does anyone know of a source? Thx
  5. I will take pics once Tony returns the bolt & carrier along with any instructions. The swapping of the forward recoil spring first using the OEM Plug then the Tac47 both still experiencing the SP’s only to be apparently resolved with the Gunfixr plug does not seem logical. I want to see another 35-50 rounds of Federal BS then 10-15 slugs on the 1 or -1 Gunfixr function 100% before any other spring changes. I realize all your feedback is not to resolve the SP’s. I do have a NIB Saiga complete recoil rod assembly or I can purchase a couple new full power springs from CS. BTW: what gas plug do you use on your builds? I’m open to how to resolve the SP’s.
  6. Still just my hands but I think I'm getting real close:
  7. I had been away from the forum for sometime so I’m not aware of the apparent purging. I appreciate what you’ve all shared. I’ve been serving my clients for over 37 years and feel blessed to say how much I enjoy what I do after so many years. There are certainly times when the utility value of the money earned is secondary to truly serving while hopefully exceeding my clients expectations. If anyone reads my post on my bolt head damage they will quickly , as I have, understand your hearts. Your desire to all help me is unprecedented not to mention my testing your patience...
  8. I believe these two photo's are better. I did not focus on the level. It is resting on the side and did my best to hold it level with one hand and take the pic with the other. Please let me know if I need to get another set of hands to deliver the right pic. Hoping I'm at least getting closer.
  9. I purchased a straight edge square with a level attached. It’s hard to balance the gun while holding the straight edge level and take a pic. My guess is these pics aren’t exactly what you need so I’ll have to borrow more hands. I will get what you have been so patiently waiting on!
  10. Yes sir! I doubt I would attempt any mods other than a fine file to smooth out a burr. I do work on other platforms. Does it seem odd that the stovepipes stopped, at least for 35 rounds, once I put in the low recoil forward recoil rod + the Gunfixr plug?
  11. Haha no offense taken. Dirty Harry nailed it when he said “ every man’s got to know his limitations”...I’m more visual so pics are appreciated. I’ve got my grand babies this weekend but I’ll work on it ASAP. I appreciate everyone’s patience. School is in session.
  12. Thanks for trying. Is the pic below the area that you want the straight edge photo? If so then my ruler is about 1/8" too long. I'll work on getting a shorter piece:
  13. I hope these pics are what you are requesting. I'm rushing to get to work:
  14. The one spot that I did notice was the small red circle. Are you suggesting to take a small file and slowly knock off the burrs? I can probably handle that.
  15. A big thanks to all who are sharing their expertise. I will need to sit down with the S12 and slowly read these posts over so I can hopefully get you the photo's requested. It's just that my mechanical abilities are growing...
  16. Thanks Mike! It's sounding more and more that the froward recoil spring is the culprit.
  17. I left a voicemail at KalUSA today re: available bolts, carriers, springs, etc. and to confirm they are interchangeable with our S12.
  18. BTW: I contacted Tac47 and had a nice conversation with Keith. He did not understand the failures I was having now with my auto plug. He then said to send it back to him and he is going to replace it with a new Gen 2.0. Great service!
  19. I clean the gas block, puc and ports after every outing. If the peening is the cause of the stovepipes ( which seems logical ) then why would the last 35 rounds of cheap Fed bulk run 100% only after changing the forward recoil spring? The other change was switching from the Tac-47 and OEM plugs, both of which had stovepipes with the OEM recoil springs. Only when I installed the Gunfixr plug ( I have 4 plugs that I accumulated over the years ) and the recoil spring did she run right. Note: I sent all the photo's to Tony (Tromix) and asked him if I should send him the S17 due to a bent receiver, etc. He said that everything looked fine but to send him the bolt and he was going to work on it. I sent it out today along with the carrier.
  20. I don’t mind what it looks like as long as it functions and is not causing additional damage to other parts. I’ve started getting stovepipes not only with Federal Bulk but also on Remington Sluggers ( never have issues with them ). Long story short: after much testing it seems that my forward recoil spring is bad. Last test was with the Gunfixr plug set on 3 and a Carolina Supply Low Recoil Spring. The Fed bulk ran 100%! I’m thinking the peening is not the problem. Thoughts?
  21. So continue to fire it this way vs filing the peening? If filing are we beginning at the edge at top of the bolt face and file down the side?
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