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  1. is there any advantage to the 20in barrel?
  2. so i good if i drop it into an ammo can? what about trudging through the woods with mags ont he chest during a good rain?
  3. i had planned to do this, may also dig a small holeand leave em in there a few days
  4. Will this have any effect on long term storage? what about reliability in wet weather...say you drop your loaded mag in some water..or it rains for 2 days on ya while out in the woods... can you seal it yourself? is it worth the time? i bought a case any none f it is sealed...i bought silver bear to and it is sealed red
  5. thanks guys for helping a noob. whats a good brand?
  6. for some reason i was under the impression they moved a lot ?
  7. can this be done pretty easy? is there anything that would prevent this?. my dad welds and id like a mount closer to the eye but i dont want it to move. i have the MDI quad but seems a little to far away for a nice red dot...am i wrong there?
  8. how much work was involved in installing?
  9. sorry, there is another post about thsi right now. did not see it
  10. the muzzle break on my sgl2 is kinda loose is this normal? ad does it effect the rifle accuracy? this is my first Ak.....
  11. you would think but im almost 100% sure there will not be. judging from the whole ordeal, esp since i asked for a small discount. i was actually going to order about 10 of the circle10 mags but was having so much trouble i held off. im happy as hell though that its on it way.
  12. thanks, im excited to finally have her!!!....monday anyways ill post some pics....
  13. yes i got the email. should be here monday. i really thoght when the shipping manager said "ill take care of it" it ment i was going to get faster shipping as promised...but i did not. at least its finaly on its way!
  14. consider your self lucky, but i am happy for you. not all have problems with kvar, but kvar sure as hell doesnt care if it doesnt go smooth for ya...the damage is done...move on
  15. hasnt shipped yet, but at least they told me it wouldnt ship till Wed or thursday......fingers crossed!!!! one up date i wanted to add was i got a reply about maybe getting a deal on some mags. it simply stated "Seems like the damage is already done right? yep.........
  16. From K-Var's track record, I believe your account here absolutely and sadly I'm not even suprised by it. I don't particularly like the company, (sometimes horrendous CS and they seem to have no problem lying to to you to end the call), but they, (Arsenal and K-Var are one-and-the-same), are the ones who hold the Legion contract. As I've said in other threads, I really wish that a better company, (RAAC comes to mind), had secured this contract, but currently that's not the case. I'm sorry to hear that this has been such a ridiculous ordeal for you. It's small consolation, but whenever
  17. called today, lady who answered was very pushy and rude, turns out it was the owners wife. she was acting like i was in the wrong for even calling. i told her i was told i would get 3day select WED and it would ship and it didnt. she said "hold on" she came back and said "no one promised you 3day select"..and "we just recieved you fax today (friday, 4th) only problem is we didnt fax it at all today lol ANOTHER LIE... i was being nice and polite too! but she just flat out was rude. i told her that yes someone sure did. and she flat told me "no".. then she said they HAD BEEN out
  18. i may have went of the dip end for a bit there..... but, i ordered the rifle at night, had the ffl fax in the morning. got a call next day saying they needed ffl, hung up called the ffl and they faxed within 5 min. called no answer...emailed no answer...repeated. finally get an email saying they needed ffl and that they had called and left a message(no...they did not), my god so they faxed it again no news...called no answer..email no answer...emailed no answer....finally Wed got an answer and they said they need an ffl, i said ok....they are going to fax it right now, if you
  19. well called them today...... they said the problem was "they hadnt received my FFL.....my god 4x's really? its to the point where they must be retarted.. DONT EVER BUY FROM KVAR!!!!!!!! they have had my 600 bucks or weeks now...its actually getting a little scary....im getting that pre rip off feeling.... today they asked for my ffl's phone number and my own and said they would call my ffl to see what the deal is and get it out, and would call me back. either happen? nah of course not......im straight pissed now. im calling these sorry SOB one more time tomorrow...... this i
  20. my god, i called and they said they didnt get the ffl again!...wtf is wrong with there system, the lady ive been talking to is nice and helpful (she is new) she wasnt even working there when i ordered my ak! lol but she obviously is ust telling me BS so i will get off the phone..2x now..think her name is courtney so much for the 3day select doing anything for me
  21. contacted them by phone today, talked to a nice lady who said she would get it out and i would get an emai showing it went out they also offered 3day select and i had to fax the ffl for the 3rd time! did i hear back today that it was shipped NOOOOOO......k-var sucks @$$. calling tomorrow ....this is ridiculous
  22. im new and didnt know about AA, i ordered back when they where 599. if i could cancel and get the same deal at AA still i sure would
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