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  1. hellraiser

    New Vepr 7.62x54R 20 round magazine

    Pics??? Pics???
  2. hellraiser

    vepr 54 mags

    I would love quality 54r mags. Even just 10 rounders. I really dont want to invest in sgm mags if these are being made...
  3. hellraiser

    Anyone know how to strip a wasr22 bolt?

    Thank you!!! I was lookin for aditional pin or something holding in the extracter. Lol Cant wait to get home and try this!
  4. hellraiser

    WASR-22/FAL My "FLAK GUN" Conversion

    Fun little guns! But the o.p. took it to another level. That thing must turn heads and start conversations all the time.
  5. What im trying to do is remove the extractor for a cleaning. Last thing i want to do is monkey with it and mess something up as it runs pretty decent. Hopefully some one can walk me through it! Thanks all!
  6. hellraiser

    sgm drum oppinions.

    Thanks for the response. Im really surprised there isint much info out there on these good or bad.
  7. hellraiser

    sgm drum oppinions.

    I did a search. Cant find much info. Just want to know if these thing run well and hold up. I like the sgm mags, wondering if its the same quality.
  8. hellraiser

    Sgm magazines durability over time.

    Thanks guys. To be honest I may not have noticed it when it was brand new. It is mice to know there is metal in there though!
  9. hellraiser

    Sgm magazines durability over time.

    So I picked up a sgm mag and after the first range trip I noticed some of the plastic is already worn away on the follower. Only a small spot but I can see some metal. Sorry I don't have a good camera but it's on the bump that the first round sits next to. It works fine and I had no problems. Just wondering if this wear is typical and what I can expect over time.
  10. hellraiser

    report on your csspecs 308 mags

    I have four 1st gen ones. I love them. The weight has never been an issue for me. They have always functioned flawlessly. My only wish is that I picked up at least 2 more 1st gens when they were available. I trust the seconds are just as good but would like to keep them all the same.
  11. hellraiser

    Anyone successfully remove a Velcro mark.

    DUDE !!!! THATS AWESOME!!! You did a great job. I imagine you would have to really look for it to notice it. I agree. My thinking has always been if it can be fixed then why not?
  12. hellraiser

    Will a vented gas tube work on a 223?

    Hey thanks again guys! Took my sweet time with a dremel and it fit fine. Have to wait for the next range day for a function test. I'm sure it will be fine though. The look is growing on me too. Still kind think CSS could have handled it different. But as long as it works I'm cool with it.
  13. hellraiser

    Kalifornia .223 Saiga mag question...

    Sometimes californians buy mag kits and add these permanently. "glued or rivited floor plate is common" http://www.magazineblocks.com/magento/products/magblock-kits/saiga-223-10-30-magblock.html They create 10 round mags with 30 round body's "for looks". I'm not sayin that's what the guy is doin but could be.
  14. hellraiser

    Will a vented gas tube work on a 223?

    To be honest that's how I felt at first. Then they tell me that they will be out for "months". Basically they left me in a position where I either waste my money and buy somewhere else or deal with it. Looks like I can't at least make it work. Thanks guys as always!!!