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  1. Found it. Thanks! I will work on it this weekend. I have schematics but I am having problems, my computer will not copy and paste to forum. I would like to get schematics copy to sight would be big help. * Note: This is how I improved my rifles. A knowledgeable person should only accomplish this. IF you can accomplish the job, your self. You will save lots of money. BE SAFE! How I Tuned 5 Saiga hunting rifle (308,223,and 7.62). * Equipment needed; rifle, #36 drill bit, 6x32 or 40 or setscrew, and tap, In addition, fine thin stone, wet and dry sandpaper, drill press, punch set, nut w/6x3
  2. My main question concerns the trigger. Looking at the action I am wondering if anyone has tried drilling and tapping the top foreword area of the trigger to accommodate a set screw and apply a downward preload onto the "extension rod?" to reduce take up slack? I am hoping this is feasible and does not affect the disconnector. I want to try this and some general polishing to get the trigger into the 4 pound range with a lot less movement. If anyone has comments or suggestions I would appreciate them. I would rather hear it cannot be done than to take it all apart to find out. I do not want to
  3. gkp

    223 mags

    Hello. I am new to the AK type of firearms. I saw the price at CDNN at couldn't resist. I purchased a Saiga in 7.62 and mounted a red dot via picatiny rail on the gas tube. I really like it so far. I am thinking of getting one in 223, but want to know what if any high capacity magazines will fit it. I would apreciate any information! Thanks.
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