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  1. I might be seeing things again,but I remember a topic here on the forum about different AK bolt firing group and firing pins and why they did or didnt work in the saiga. I tried doing a search but didnt find anything,so maybe you guys that remember it can find it and post it here. I remember it had alot of info and pictures a well..Good Luck
  2. Thanks for the info. That makes more sense. I'm assuming all I should do to modify the catch is grind down a portion of it until the mags fit? And will I still be able to use my surefire 30rd mag? I only have one so if not no big deal.
  3. I just bought three mags at a gun show a 30rd(made in Hungary) and 2x5rd(china). When I try to lock them in the gun the mag catch wont lock. Do I need to grind down the catch on the mags to make them fit? I dont have a bullet guide installed but I do have it on order. Also I tried the search function but for some reason it wasnt responding? Thanks for the help
  4. The gun actually started out as an Arsenal SGL10. So, the FSB was already mounted when I got it. The only thing I did to it was the trigger conversion. Where did I get the mag? It was already on the gun when I bought it from a local dealer. The mag is made by Surefire,you may be able to find it on their website.
  5. Great Video's,I'm new to AK's and shooting and these video's really helped! Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the positive feedback! I cant wait to take it to the range!
  7. Well this is my first post. I've been watching the forum for awhile when I was trying to decide which AK to buy. I decided on the 7.62 and finished my conversion today. After watching all the video's and reading all the posts I was able to get it complete in just under 2hrs! Also I did buy all my parts from CSS as I understand they are sponsors of the site. Here are a few pics I took with my phone I hope you like it. And I should be going to the range tomorrow to test her out!
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