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  1. Hey guys. Im planning on having my local smith cut my 19" down and permanently affix the Tromix brake on it at just over 18" Im wondering if Im going to notice any differences in cycling. This is a 3 port gun running a stock gas plug and puck. Thanks a bunch.
  2. Hey guys. Ive got no experience with attaching muzzle devices of any kind, but Ive heard I need a crush washer behind the brake. I also know Chaos makes a barrel nut which is supposedly meant specifically for this kind of thing, but I havent heard anything about it annnd I guess Im just looking for the best option here. Anybody have any experience with washers or the Chaos nut? Heres a pic of the brake mounted imperfectly, just cause threads with pics are always more interesting.
  3. As R&R stated, the threads on buffer tube adapters are the same between milspec and commercial tubes, so if you purchase their adapter you could attach whatever tube your stock required. The aluminum tube sold by CSS is commercial spec, (slightly larger OD than milspec). Some milspec stocks will fit commercial tubes, however the ones that do will invariably require a hammer to fit and will not be adjustable for LOP without another good hammering. Talk about friction retention mechanisms.... Magpul also cautions highly against forcing a milspec stock (such as the released version of the ACS
  4. Will486

    axis pin loose

    Had the same problem after originally doing my conversion. Can you post a pic of the FCG showing how you installed the crook? Just to confirm that its been properly installed. Also, I keep hearing people referring to the e-clips as if they are temporary fixes. Any reason to suspect that they would not hold up to long term use? They would be soooooo much easier to install than a crook or a plate.
  5. oh my god. i leave thread for a few hours. this is what happens. complete and total derailment.
  6. Thats the only reason I can think of not to get one. But, on the other hand, Ive always maintained that the price of your weapon is that last thing youre going to think about when theres someone in your house a 3 am. I may have to pick on up as well, if only to compare it to the Saiga.
  7. If you've been keeping up with the SHOT show, you might've already heard about it. I thought I'd let all you Saiga 12 owners out there know there's a new kid on the block. CMMG has developed a prototype AR-based, piston-driven, semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun. It's considerably smaller than traditional 12 gauge AR adaptations, with approximately the same dimensions as an everyday AR, minus the right side bolt carrier handle. I bet it only takes 2 3/4", though. We'll see. Doesn't look like its just an upper conversion, looks like the lower is proprietary as well. Also looks like it will be comp
  8. in case you havent seen this classic..
  9. Will486

    Quad rail

    True, true. I should examine it personally before passing judgment.
  10. Will486

    Quad rail

    I dont mean to step on toes here. I just dont see any reason to skimp on such a vital weapon component. I'd hate to drop my gun one day and have my rail system break in half. Perhaps I am simply bias, though. Ive worked at an airsoft shop for the last few years where the name UTG has been cemented into everyones unconsciousness as one of the cheapest brand names on the market. Im sure UTG rails would be just fine on a plinker. I just dont want them on my SHTF gun.
  11. Oh, I understand that. However I also understand that every other piston-operated rifle on the modern market features a relief valve of some type, be it your simple AK style holes in the cylinder or advanced one-way valves on piston driven ARs. The relief valve is an integral part of the design, and is there for a reason. I see no reason to plug it up, as it could not possibly improve performance. As one user posted above, by the time the gas reaches the relief valve (which isnt really a valve, but eh..) in an S12, the piston has already completed its cycle so closing that port would not impro
  12. Will486

    Quad rail

    Chaos, hands down. UTG started off as an airsoft company, and the large majority of their products were not altered in design when they entered the real firearm market. Their rail systems are still made with pot metal, their rail covers still slip and their vertical grips are still iffy on whether or not theyre actually 20mm. Its an alright rail, I dont mean to rag on it too much, it will work. But if youve got the money, get the Chaos. Its anodized 6061 Aluminum and wont add much weight compared to the Halo rail system. ..Just to clarify, it seems you understand the Chaos rail system to
  13. +1 for CGW. Enlarge the gas ports if you need to cycle birdshot. Ive heard of people closing up the vent as well, but overcompressed gas inside a sealed steel cylinder is literally the definition of a decent pipe bomb.
  14. Will486


    http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-310/Magwell-Saiga-12-JT/Detail I hear Chaos is coming out with a magwell, though. It should be a few months, but its probably going to be cheaper. No word yet on how it will attach/detach. The JTE one is mounted by drilling and tapping into the receiver.
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