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  1. Zebraman

    MKA barrel threading

    Never mind, I just read a post that answered my question. Thank you everyone!
  2. Zebraman

    MKA barrel threading

    Does anyone know if it is possible to externally thread an MKA barrel to accept Vepr/ Saiga muzzle brakes? Is the barrel thick enough to do this?
  3. Zebraman

    Saiga/ Vepr chokes on my MKA-1919

    Hi, I'm looking for a gunsmith who can shorten my XN MKA's barrel to remove the Winchoke portion of the barrel, then externally thread the barrel to accept the Saiga/ VEPR externally threaded chokes. I've already contacted T&N, but he won't externally thread the barrel. The barrels are within 0.002 in. of each other so that shouldn't pose a problem. Any suggestions? For those who will ask why? It is because I want to be able to use the muzzle devices that are available for the Russian guns. Thank you, Z
  4. Zebraman

    Does your MKA1919 run like a sewing machine?

    Mine does! Mine is a full Firebird TAC-12A1. I have found that I have to run Winchester AAs or Reminton STS hulls. Specifically, my gun likes Nitro 27 and AA s at 1235 or 1250 fps. 1 1/8 dram.
  5. Zebraman

    New Taccom +11 extensions

    What is the status on this item? When will it be available?
  6. Zebraman

    Failures to feed

    Thanks Tooth and Nail. I don't think however that the firing pin is broken, as it did fire after this, and NOT full auto. Do you mean the firing pin return spring? So I need to bend the lips of the mag wider right? Do you sell magazine springs that I can use with 15- 18 round mags? Thanks!
  7. Zebraman

    Failures to feed

    I have another problem that has just poked up, or I just noticed it. I have been having problems with feeding in my higher capacity magazines. Before anyone asks, gun works flawlessly with the factory 10 mags. I was testing out my MKA1919 with new ammo, when this started happening. See the picture. It appears that the shell has been stopped from feeding because it is trapped between the extractor claw and the firing pin. It did this quite a few times, and no, the gun did not go full-auto. Has anyone experienced this? I was actually getting three kinds of jams yesterday. This type (with the firing pin) and that the mag wasn't feeding like in the second photo, and failures to pick up the next round after firing. Can anyone help me?
  8. Zebraman

    Saiga chokes/ muzzlebrakes on MKA

    I have one of the Molot GK-01 brakes, atleast the American version. You have to use a screw in choke adapter made by Cadiz Gun Works. This choke and brake need to be generously loctited in or it will turn and unscrew itself. This is the reason for my original post. I cannot change the chokes as the situation requires in 3 gun matches.
  9. Zebraman

    Saiga chokes/ muzzlebrakes on MKA

    Does anyone know if the O.D. of the MKA's barrel is big enough to have the barrel shortened and threaded for Saiga external chokes or muzzlebrakes and still be legal?
  10. Zebraman

    Firebird High Energy System Problems & Issues

    I just checked my barrel with the same FB set up, and my barrel moves when you twist it. I have been having probems with it feeding sometimes. Could this be the problem? I have the XN now, because I sent my original back to the factory and it was replaced with an XN. Is this problem prevalent on this model? I was thinking about sending it to FB to see if they could figure out what is wrong with it. Thanks, Z
  11. Zebraman

    The wait is over , here are some pics of the new mag coupler

    Are you going to be making something that keeps the second coupled mag from ejecting the unfired shells while shooting? Is it even needed? Thanks, Z
  12. Zebraman

    Goodbye polymer, hello aluminum! My new MKA/TAC-12

    Mr. Anubis, Do you sell the little aluminum piece that keeps the shells of the second coupled magazine, from ejecting its rounds? Thanks, Z
  13. Zebraman

    Arms of America

    I got my order a couple of days ago. They did not jack up the price, like I expected. Arms of America appears to be a stand up company.... Thanks everyone for you input. Z
  14. Zebraman

    Arms of America

    Okay, thanks for the info. Anyone else get their order filled?
  15. Zebraman

    10 round mags ?

    I have some on order from another company for which I have been waiting 4 weeks now. If you can get them in and delivered in the next couple of weeks or before the other company notifies me that they will be filling my order, I'll take 5.