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  1. Yep...Dillo Dust is a dry rub...smells awesome, haven't tried it yet.
  2. Flashbang

    Savage .17 HMR bolt action

    Lol...nah...I don't like to cross post sales...just like posting the pics. Dusted off my old photography equipment and have been going pic crazy lately. If I'm not shooting my firearms I am shooting with my camera.
  3. Just some pics of my a Savage .17 HMR....sweet little rifle....although I put it up for sale on another forum....gotta' fund my expensive hobbies...lol
  4. The clips go on very easy and they are rock solid, there is no play in them at all. Don't know about heat yet as I haven't gotten to the range. No bathtub trick for the photos...lol...just a white background and a Quantum flash with my Canon 20D. I highly reccommend the clips and the manufacturer, check out all the free swag that came with a simple $20 purchase.... I finally know what Dillo Dust is...lol
  5. Flashbang

    .45, .40 or 9mm

    +1 for old school
  6. A little reconfiguring...
  7. I'm going off memory since keeping receipts around will make the old lady flip Spikes Lower $89 Lower Parts Kit $59 BCM Upper $425 BCM BCG $140 BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle $45 Etac Brake $98 Handguards $20 DD BUIS $70 YHM 1/2" riser $13 RRA Front side sling swivel $28 Ace ARFX Stock $90 Buffer tube assembly $35 Approx $1112.00
  8. This is the black version from ETac (they also have one in the white and a parkerized one)
  9. Here she is. Special thanks to Etac for the brake, it looks awesome! BCM mid-length upper, BCM Gunfighter, BCM BCG, Daniel Defense BUIS, Burris fastfire II, Spikes Lower, ACE stock, Etac Brake
  10. From a quick search, that seems to be average. Stag is great for the money. I had one (sold it to fund another project, now regretting selling it) and it performed great. Just to be clear, it does come with a BCG and charging handle, correct? At that price, it should. Mine did, and so do all the one I just found while looking up the price. I didn't get a good look at the whole kit but it seemed like good quality. Hopefully I can find something at the show tomorrow. BCM goodness..... How you liking that GunFighter charging handle? I love mine. After using it for one handed charging, using a regular charging handle feels flimsy. Gotta love BCM stuff. I can't say enough good things about Paul and BCM. Once you switch to the BCM Gunfighter you will never want to go back
  11. Good, glad to hear that. It seemed sturdy, but it's obviosly sturdier than I realized. When you run out of bullets you can use it as a club and not worry about damaging it. Abso-fucking-lutely. That Ace stock is rock solid. I actually just sold one, that I had used for quite some time. I, too, wouldn't hesitate for a second to use that stock as a skull smashing device. I'd put money on a lower breaking, before the stock did. Flashbang, it looks real good. BCM is top notch stuff. Thanks bro.
  12. Thanks...I am going with the K.I.S.S. method of building for this one...keeping tacticool parts to a minimum. Waiting on my GoGun brake for this build.
  13. Good, glad to hear that. It seemed sturdy, but it's obviosly sturdier than I realized.