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  1. Ok, so I got my heart set on a Eotech 552.. but I happened to look at the Meprolight, and noticed it's by Mako.. and those guys are awesome. Also it doesn't need batteries. Still probably going Eotech but this has at least derailed my decision temporarily. Any thoughts on the Meprolight?
  2. Taurus PT140 Mil pro.. My first gun... still have it for sentimental reasons, I'm first generation American and it was my first gun and the first handgun anyone in my family has owned in.. I don't even know. Maybe ever. Terrible trigger. Bad sights.
  3. I'm thinking with the laws of supply and demand they are gonna need to raise their prices as well.
  4. wow.. That seems like an awesome sight. Price is pretty shocking too. Looks as if they can't even keep the thing in stock.
  5. well that's two pretty reviews on the eotech, definitely learning that way, I had been thinking aimpoint, but unless someone changes my mind, think I'm ordering an eotech tomorrow. Really appreciate all the help so far.
  6. I want it... But I think it's up there for the least usable weapon I've ever seen. Looks incredibly unweildly. It's epic in it's retardedness. Like I would probably buy an ak that was 10 foot long if I could afford it.. but really.. wtf..?!
  7. Until someone experienced comes along and answers your questions more precisely, I'd look up videos on youtube of 3gun- particularly the one you plan on attending. You can learn a lot from watching.
  8. alright, so I'm gonna go without the ACOG for now- got some needs for the my ak-47 that would be delayed too far if I spent 1000 on an acog. So- red dot or halo it is. Aimpoint, EOtech, or Trijicon. Durability is my biggest concern followed by battery life.. I like low maintenance. Weight and accuracy also important obviously. I could really buy any of a large number of models but I would prefer something someone has some experience with and loves- I'm great at making the wrong choice.
  9. So you regretting the EOtech? that's a boat I really don't want to be in, I fit in the former category of sort of budget shooter, so if I spend money ona nice scope.. I don't want to be regretting my choice later. May be years before I can spend 500 on a scope again, let alone 900.
  10. Haven't seen many at the range unfortunately. The range I go to tend to be divided into three types: A) cool person on a budget (either rocking a bolt action hunting rifle or iron sights or a tasco on an AK or AR) who's enthusiastic about everything, but isn't likely to have a scope I want to play with B ) "operator" dentist/lawyer with the eotech/trijicon/aimpoint on a colt AR who asks what sort of mods I have to my AR... when in fact I'm just using an AK with black furniture. C) "Gangsta" with the cheapest gun who can't shoot his crappy pistol and can't keep his hands off his gun while the range is cold (luckily these are rarer, I tend to leave the range if they are around) As for gunstores with ranges, my buddy went to the most reputable one to test and xd-40 with them and they handed him a 45 and some overpriced .40 ammo. Just to give you an idea of the quality/credibility. It's one of the reasons this forum is so great for me. Very good people around here with good experience to learn from.
  11. yeah.. 8 year constant use seems a bit unnecessary, most batteries seem to die natural deaths before 8 years are up. Having said that, not having to worry at all is pretty cool with the acog. Ok so basically my remaining decision is acog vs red dot.. I live in an area without many opportunities to shoot over 500 yards unless your going to a range specifically to shoot that far, and there's only like 2 within an hour and a half. So, does a halo/red dot have what it takes to do 500 yards, or should I go with an acog? does the 4x mag on the acog mess with 25-50 yard target acquisition? I haven't used either. My experience is pretty much limited to a PK-A in close range, and I like it a lot.
  12. Mm thanks for the heads up. And I can cross fastfire off the list if it's not solid. I'm looking to go for quality and if holding off for an acog is my best bet, may go that route- if anyone has a reputable source around 700-800 id be interested in knowing. Having said that, anyone good on the pros and cons of holo/red dot vs acog? Past 200 yards I'm very inexperienced
  13. Looks like they start at about 1000. Maybe its the route I'll go but I'll need to hold off in that case. Thinking about maybe a bBurris fast fire (if it's quality) or an aimpoint as well
  14. wow. pretty crazy looking. is the safety still ak style? because it looks really far back if so.
  15. Decided my AR needs a sight, but I'm I thought I'd ask some of the more experienced people here for what I should be looking at. Looking to spend 600 max- but I'm happy to spend way less if it meets the criteria. Basically I want either a red dot or a lower magnification scope, something durable and light. Not trying to shoot a mile or anything, 0-500 yard range probably.. maybe less. An extra bonus would be if it was trijicon with biblical references on it (are they on the civilian versions?). I'd love to give them my support, but it doesn't need to be any particular make.
  16. thanks for the responses. I cant actually locate the crack by touch or plain sight, only by looking through the scope and down. Maybe I could put some resin on the general area or something.
  17. good deal, it seems like such a tiny little nick, really doesn't bother me site picture wise
  18. So I bought a POSP for a Mosin about a year ago from kalinka.. but it wouldn't fit the rock solid industries scope mount so I put it aside for a year. Found a use for it and put it on a rifle, today I was messing around with it and noticed a very small blemish (maybe crack, maybe chip) in the very bottom right of sight picture. It appears to be on the front lens but I can't feel it with my finger. Basically, I doubt Kalinka is going to take it back a year later, and it doesn't affect the ability to use the scope, but will shooting potentially cause risk to my eyes? I'm tempted to slap it on my 5.45 (currently it's on a .308) and hipfire 100 rounds and see if it worsens. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  19. bump, still having no luck finding these.
  20. Wow thanks, that's fantastic information. Don't think I could use these scopes past 1000 meters anyway so it's a bit irrelevant in that case. I was under the impression that 2 meant 200 hundred meters. I'm still a bit confused because I don't think at 1000+ meters anything 1.5 meters tall would match up with the curve, it would simply be too small. Kinda weird. I really need to get better with scopes.. Very much new to shooting over 140 yards.
  21. The reticules on both of my rifles are different. Closer to dragunov but with no fractures in the curves and the first one is 1.5 meters and a secondary curve for .5 .meters. On Kalinka you can get a bunch of reticules in different calibers, including 5.45x39. The only thing in English on any of my scopes is the magnification and made in belarus =(
  22. How can you tell what caliber a POSP is for? Bought one off a friend but I'm have no idea what caliber the range finder will work for.
  23. PM sent. store says out of stock. Hope I'm not too late.
  24. Kalinkas sold out and I'm itching to finish my new vepr off. Anyone got an extra one laying around they'd like some money for?
  25. arg, kalinkas sold out of the low pro one too.. gonna be a while before I get my hands on one I guess.
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