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  1. Great.. I was about to order a Bp-02 from kalinka. Now I don't know what to do. That would seriously suck on my rifle.
  2. haha, I know what you mean. Mine looked like someone had just cut a few bits off a two by four and screwed them on. Could get splinters just holding it- hate to think of firing it. Looks nice now though, all refinished!
  3. Looking to get some Vepr mags, preferably 10 round. Having an impossible time finding any!
  4. Pretty hard to screw up an AK... That's a heck of a horror story. I hope it get's resolved for you- I'll never buy from them having read this.
  5. I haven't looked at the list in a while, and that link didn't seem to have it. Have any of the big ones jumped in yet? S&W, winchester, ect?
  6. Does anyone have these in stock? trying to get a few and it's very difficult.
  7. bumping this. Looks like SGM is the only company making em and I can't find any in stock. Anyone got any ideas?
  8. Same deal here. Looking to spend 500ish and hopefully get at least 6x... Do POSP's even fit on vepr mounts without modification? The one on my .308 saiga doesn't.
  9. wow. Mine just arrived yesterday and the furniture is unfinished, unsanded, with splinters all over it and a massive knot/hole right on the PG area. Don't mind really, I didn't buy it for the furniture, I actually laughed for a good while after seeing it.
  10. Yeah that woulda been a great deal. I'm going with the shorter barrel integrated sights version. Basically what happened is saiga .308 jumped up to a dollar a round and I have a bunch of 54r so figured I'd actually save money by just buying a new gun.. But I wanted something more compact since I'm not sure I'm sold on the longer barrel being that much of an advantage for accuracy (and my .308 has a long barrel with a long flash hider and I wanted something different.) I'll be interested to see how the two compare on the range.
  11. just bought one for 1200 because .308 costs a dollar a round now..
  12. WOW I can't believe I didn't think of that, that's a fantastic idea. I don't want to do it unless I have to because the mount costs more than the rifle and I'm not confident in my tapping skills (I had a gunsmith drill and tap for the mount because I don't want to risk messing up a rifle that isn't mine).. But I definately will try if I can't find a good riser. Btw as far as I can tell the hole in the mount is completly pointless with the bolt I have on it so clearance.
  13. Drill and tap. also has a side screw to make it really solid. Have on my own mosin and love it
  14. Heh, that's actually how the old scope mount was on the rifle before I started working on it.
  15. hate to bump this but pretty desperate for a reply- Rock solid industries responded to tell me that this is a known issue but they don't know of any solution. There has to be a riser or something out there with appropriate dimensions.. My go to is YTM but I don't think they have anything in the appropriate size
  16. Hey guys, been a while since I posted, but I have a question I figured yall may be able to help out with. I'm upgrading a friends Mosin Nagant and went with the rock solid mount, but my friend insisted on a PoSP scope that unfortunately is too small from bracket to bracket to cross over the hole. Anyway for some dimensions, the total length of the mounts rail is 6 inches, the hole is 2 and 5/8ths inches. The distance from the back indent to the first of the front is 4 inches and 5 to the second. The scope is 2.5 inches from tightening screw to tightening screw. I guess what I'm looking for is some short of extension/adapter/riser that can sit on top of the current heavy weaver rail and bridge the gap so I can attach the scope and still mantain a solid mount. Any recommendations? And here's some pictures
  17. volkov

    86 krinkov

    wow, beautiful, and born the same year as me.. Lovin it
  18. yeah.. because power companies really want you to use LESS power... Wait what?
  19. How does anyone know? I thought the seals on the osama raid were never named, yet the media is sure none of these guys were involved? And frankly, I would have requested Obama NOT say a prayer over my coffin- the guy doesn't even salute the flag most of the time.. plus he's called the Quran holy.. I'd consider it a dishonor.
  20. Yeah, and they have to be locked up and only used at the hunting club or sporting clay's facility they are registered to. You cannot have them in your home, nor can you use them in self defense without being prosecuted for murder. Actually you CAN have them in your home- but they have to be locked up when not in use.. And your right- you can't use them in self defence.
  21. Alright, this may not be a dremel forum but I figure someone here may know whats up- this is the second dremel I've had die on me.. This one was doing very low intensity work on some plastic when it died.. it's a 100 series.. I read the problem was likely the bushings but instead of just taking the blue nobs off I took the casing apart due to stupidity- and the power wires came undone from the back of the motor. The bushings look fine but it still won't start and I'm confused as to whether or not I've put the power wires back in the correct place since there are two circular holes and two round ones and I have no idea which ones right. Have tried both to no avail.. Anyway, if anyone can help, it'd be awesome. Don't feel like buying ANOTHER one in under a year. edit: and btw I'm dumb enough that I though the first one breaking was a fluke.. so on the second one I didn't bother keeping the warranty info and all that stuff.. dangit
  22. Have one, and two part german shepherds And no- it's mount pleasant SC.
  23. Nah, the whole point in going for the norinco instead of the galil is to get the x39, otherwise I'd just got a galil.. Looks beautiful
  24. well- they likely wouldn't take my possessions- It seems they hold someone and gunpoint at get them to open the safe.. So I guess I'll just my head down if anything happens- not my money.. Unless like you say- the hearding thing happens..
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