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  1. agreed- that's why I asked before I grabbed whatever was cheap. Rather be satisfied with a more expensive purchase then buy junk!
  2. Well, got home to take it apart and couldn't find it.. Turns out my brother went on a road trip and raided my guns for a pistol to defend himself.. Nothing strange there, he knows where the key is to the safe and I let him do it all the time. Wish he'd taken a different one but whatever. It's the only one that isn't 100% reliable at the moment and he only took one mag and the 8 rounds in it, kinda dumb. Anyway, I imagine it's a colt ejector as I think everything in the slide is original. I won't know for sure for a while I guess.
  3. Think I'm going to try tuning the extractor first.. Thanks for all the input from everyone. A more detailed description of the FTE was they were caught in the slide but still aligned towards the chamber and had deep dents where the slide had come back forward and had forced them to hit the chamber implyng that the slide did make it all the way back and forward with sufficient force, so the extractor is probably the best suggestion.
  4. Guess my post was one of the ones your mentioning. My dream would be essentially the colt slide I have on a colt reciever- just a standard iconic 1911.
  5. cool, probably gonna pick some up within the next few days. Got out to the range today and ran 50 rounds through it quick (have 2 weeks to test, if it doesn't fire I can return it). Two rounds failed to eject but it was way more accurate then I was expecting. Going to be replacing the springs with wolf ones I think.
  6. volkov

    .22 AK

    Yeah... I kinda did.. I hadn't really thought about it though. I just pulled off the dust cover expecting to see some sort of gas piston and was sort of suprised with what was down there.. I know it's too much to expect from a .22, but It felt like an AK, I thought when I took it apart it would look like one too. Now I think about it I realize that's a bit of a stupid expectation.. But it just makes me want a .22 ak that much less. It's not really an AK- it's a training platform at that point
  7. Just got some ammo- range test will be soon! problem is it only came with one mag. Any recomendations on 1911 single stacks? And MT, I think I'll go with the same idea- in for the range.. out at home when I clean it.
  8. volkov

    .22 AK

    went to the store, pulled it apart, looked at the bolt and said what the shit.. direct impingment ak!? Bought a 1911 instead, just didn't feel like it was a real AK.
  9. Just picked up a new 1911 for just under 700 (they had a gold marksmanship cup 70 for just under 800 that had me tempted), colt with essex frame from the pawnshop, dissasembled it- very clean.. but came across something a little curious on the recoil spring guide- a rubber like ring which has broken in three places.. pictures to come soon with edit. Is this just some BS recoil reduction thing or whats the deal here? it's pretty screwed up edit: pic now attached.. pretty sure it's a recoil buffer.. would anyone recommend replacing it? looks like one more thing to go wrong to me
  10. volkov

    .22 AK

    might pick it up then, pretty cheap for a plinker and the ammo savings could be cool
  11. volkov

    .22 AK

    if no one says otherwise that's enough to convince me not to get it =(
  12. volkov

    .22 AK

    Hey all, was in a pawn shop when an ak caught my eye- specifaclly an .22 lr (i think, they just had it labled as .22). I was just cruising through and got distracted by a bersa and as a result didn't ask for details but it had a thumbhole stock, a shortened ejection port but apart from that looked like a typical WASR. Any idea on the value of these? it was running under 300 and I was darn tempted.
  13. Wow.. I will have to have a black and red ak someday.. loving the two pictured
  14. it's pretty easy and works well- they are sold by MSA. there are topics reviewing them around
  15. Don't buy from lancaster- if you find an older AK by them thats good quality go for it, but DO NOT deal with them directly. They have terrible problems with actually delivering their product and many of the their recent guns have been faulty. I personally have a lancaster that I love and as a result was a supporter of the company and gave them the benefit of the doubt for a long time.. I won't anymore, just avoid them and save yourself the headache. Issues with folders are mainly cheek weld, especially with underfolders.
  16. You will if your piss turns green or you grow a third nipple lol Doubt it. I used to fish there before 9-11. Fishing was excellent. Tasted and looked perfectly normal. Yeah this crap gets blown out of proportion so much. Getting tired of it
  17. How neccesary is this thread? Can't believe it's actually a discussion.. Everyime I see it I get frustrated.. Wish it would die.
  18. Like the old color a good bit- but reds my favorite, looking forwad to seeing how this comes out... One day I'll probably make an orange and purple ak just for kicks.. go tigers!
  19. I like it better then the Akdal.. Looks like it's own gun and a good one at that.. The Akdal constantly makes me think of an oversized chinese toy complete with all the cut corners (asthetically anyway, apparently it's a solid shotgun, but if we're talking about looks it's what it reminds me of). But I'm an AK guy.. Looks don't matter, function does so I'm cool with either if they're good. I wonder if the tomahawk is having importation problems as a result of the pistol grip and stock being seperate pieces whereas the Akdal combines them into the reciever making it technically all one piece.. We're a good market and I'm sure they'd import if they could.
  20. maybe that's why they intentionally made it all one part though? To drop parts counts.. Maybe it's already been checked out. Guess we'll see
  21. Really? I thought it was like who's the king of most lethal rifle platform in mass production and military use? Thanks for the information!
  22. guess if the thread's gonna get ressurrected I'll continue- done this on several rifles now having done helped on conversions for friends- at least one rifle is at 1000+ rounds and holding up great. No problems yet.
  23. Have a pt140- not sure why people rag on taurus- it was my first gun and it's never let me down- extremely reliable and durable and well made. Friend had the same one in 9mm (DA only) that was equally reliable. Having said that I'm really innaccurate with it.. I hate the figure 8 dots on the irons, but thats probably not an issue with the pt100.. Not sure. Either way I'd vouch for their quality, and their warranty (not from personal experience on the warranty but I've only heard good things).
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