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  1. System Shock 2 was hands down the best game ever.. but it's aged so much that the hardcore scary realistic enviorments are now pretty much fail.. Imagine dead space+ Bioshock+ Halo.. and your getting there... Used enviorment to be creepy instead of modern shock factor.. was insane.. Red Alert- my first online game.. been using the same screename ever since Super Mario- this and castlevania were isanely fun for me on the SNES Sonic Adventure 2- I don't even like sonic but for some reason that game was intense Counter strike- Ok, it was addicting.. completly bullshit for how "realistic" it was supposed to be.. but it was decent fun.. Why grenades were so wimpy and recoil was so random from weapon to weapon will always confuse me.. Plus the prices on weapons were flat out retarded (guess I spend too much time with real guns). Oh and I hate the awp.. absolutely hate it.. I think the reason CS was so damn frustrating is because my aim was a lot better in real life whereas in CS I spastic and never understood it well enough. Halo 2 and 3- I really thought Halo CE was a crap game, but for some reason I joined every other person in the world who loves overated games and jumped on the bandwagon for 2 and 3.. havn't tried ODST and probably won't until the price comes down in a year or 5 Unreal Tournament- Loved playing it with friends Smash Bros/Mario Karts/DK bongos- Great series for drinking with friends Other random crap I can't be bothered to talk about- Baldur's Gate, Worms, Scorched Earth.. Mm I think thats it for all the games that really struck me as being insanely fun and not a chore disguised as fun like a lot of the grinding games about.
  2. I think that's honestly your best bet.. and that's a bad sign.. I wonder how good the russian mafia is at importing? I used to know some people who knew some people who knew some people that I'd never want to ask for anything.. much less an ileagal weapon, but to be honest when it's that far down the line it's probably all rumors and less credibility anyway. and Azrial that was so terrible it was almost funny.. almost.. ok I grinned a little
  3. I have a feeling my wife would think so, even if I found it negligible. Please dont take this the wrong way, because i mean you no disrespect, but if she is that scared of recoil, why does she even shoot guns in the first place? It comes with the territory... Don't try to understand how (some/most) women think or why, it gets confusing. Needless to say if something gets them to the range and having a good time, its worth it. Better to accomadate then to question sometimes.
  4. well.. check out the gas port threads to find out how many holes you have for one thing, and maybe try a gunfixers gas plug, they are pretty cool.
  5. yeah.. I'm with the 12 because.. as has been said, all the others (or very simular guns) are available from other manufacturers.. The 12 is absolutely unique.
  6. His own interpretation happens to stand against everything this country was formed for.. so yeah, I reckon it's fair to say he hates America, at least the way it is currently.. And frankly I'm going to hate America the way he wants it, if I wanted that crap I wouldn't live in the land of the free, and when it is no longer then land of the free, I will leave.... if I'm allowed too (which will suck, I love America, but if his dream becomes realized, there is no room for mine). And barry is the name he preferred as a child, but when he decided that change was all important he decided to go back to Barrack to indicate his pride of his heritage rather then his integration into American society.. (if your proud of your heritage, GO HOME. I'm a Brit, but I like America and I'm proud of it's history and I want to be a part of it, so I'm here, and while I still drink my tea from time to time I do not try to impose my culture on my friends or sneer at their culture, but because I'm white I guess it doesn't count as integrating right? because all white people must be the exact same. Personally I like to think of myself more as an assimulated American then a brit.. hence why I live here) And his birth certificate is fishy at best- but frankly where he was born doesn't change who he is.. unfortunately the birth certificate thing is just a desperate attempt to remove a terrible president rather then anything that has any bearing on his character.
  7. Meh, Al gore doesn't even believe his own shit.. check out his house in teluride if you ever get a chance, pretty sure that thing is about as efficient as a small city.. And the ammount of changes in climate that have happened without human interference.. It's arrogant to think we even have an effect, when we cover relatively little of the land- and regardless, 75% of this planet is ocean.. We really don't come close to having a significant effect.. And if we did, (which I REALLY don't believe), it's going to change anyway, it has a TON already, it's going to continue to do so forever, and while one specie may die out another will thrive- the worlds been working this way for millions of years. A bad climate for the polar bears doesn't mean the end of the world, it means something else now has a more favorable enviorment. And for the record, I drive a 99 Firebird formula, and a 99 Suburban, and I have no problem with it. I love pulling up google maps, clicking randomly with some of my more "green minded" friends, and proving that most of the time all your going to hit is water and undeveloped land. And the fact that their spokesperson has been proven to be outright lyng and plain making up "facts" makes me wonder how this movement has any momentum whatsoever.
  8. Sal.. he didn't forget.. There is no way he didn't notice looking out into a crowd full of people who all just rose to their feet and stuck their hand on their chest (unless he's really stupid).. It was intentional... And apparently you feel it was the wrong choice, since your defending him by calling it a mistake instead of saying it was the intentional and the right thing to do. I can't remember EVER hearing that song and forgetting.. it's darn difficult when even if you do lapse into a moment of stupidity and forget you soon realize that every person in the vicinity is doing the same thing at the same time and it generally serves as an extreme reminder.. On another note the Chinese flag thing is full of fail. If we could have made peace just by raising our enemies flag everytime a war was fought, saving a huge amount of american lives.. would that have been the right thing? To roll over and raise the flag and try to make an ally of someone who is fundamentally against all of the freedoms and rights that we believe in out of naive hope for a peaceful resolution?? To bow now is insulting to all those who gave their lives to avoid bowing to a foriegn power. If it was worth their lives then, it is worth it now, and we are dishonoring them by forgetting that. Sure.. China doesn't kill as many people and they arn't as cruel as Nazi germany, but they are not our allies, they do not believe in freedom, they arn't above killing their own people, and they wish to reaquire Taiwan.. one of our allies, and right now our allies have to be wondering how much of an ally we are, we seem to be abandoning everybody latly. If you want to raise a flag, honor somebody who has been a steadfast ally and friend.. The English, who have died along side us many times, or maybe Poland, who's been a steadfast ally.. But we instead choose the country that continually defies us, and blocks all U.N. sanctions to try and peacefully resolve a potential nuclear threat from a country whos "president" believes it is his responsibility to completly eradicate Israel. Funny how the world just honored china by allowing them to host the olympics, historically one of the last times we bent over that like was in berlin in 1936, wasn't the best thing for world peace.. -Now maybe that was an accident.. Maybe Obama is too stupid to realize what raising the Chinese flag means and did it out of ignorance... but failing to salute the flag was not an accident.
  9. I hear they won't even sell or import them to other countries.. period.. don't think your going to be able to get one
  10. He's just being modest.. After all, he IS America and the only important thing it could possble symbolize.. it's not classy to salute yourself! What a fucktard. And no, he didn't forget.. unless he is completly retarded, he was looking at a crowd full of saluting people.. standing by people on a stage who were saluting.. If he actually did forget, then he's far stupider then I'd thought. -btw.. Is saluting technically the propper term for hand on your heart?
  11. Didn't realize dell was so hated.. I've always loved mine, and I tend to recomend them to my friends, we've all been satisfied... and the one time mine finaly died after severe abuse and many drops, they got it picked up, repaired, and back to me withing 4 days.. I was amazed. But then I don't build my own computers.. I guess Dells are just good for simpletons (my friends with HP and Lenovo computers for the same price as my dell have some terrible computers). Funny story though, friend of mine's battery exploded back during he recall and they said he could have any computer he could make on their website... the thing is an absolute beast..
  12. hehe, have fun with that thing.. The first time I took mine to the range was hilarious.. my friends came with their 1000-2,000 dollar semi auto shotties, and looked at me a bit funny when I pulled this thing out.. Ahh, was so satisfyng blasting clays... and then going crazy on a cardboard box and tearing up the grass along with it.. nothing left but some torn up scrap cardboard and a mudpit.
  13. The Blackwater training facility is in NC.. I kind of mean that as a joke, but now I think about it, maybe it's worth looking into. I know they do a lot of training there for all sorts of stuff, but I really don't know much about it.. at all..
  14. Heh, I've spent a lot of time thinking about this one AK-47.. Where I live the range of the saiga-12 isn't sufficient, and the range of an AR is a bit more then I need, so I'd prefer to stick with reliability and penetration of the AK, plus I prefer the ammo capacity of the AK to the saiga-12. However, if I was in a squad situation (which is likely, given my collection and my friends with their own) I'd have no problem using either the AR and taking advantage of it's range when possible, or using the Saiga-12 as long as I had cover from AK-47/AR-15. Most of my friends have AR-15s, which is good, because I feel the disadvantages of it compared to the AK are minimized, provided you have buddies to back you up in case of a jam. What I'm tryng to say is, if it's me alone, I want the AK.. I want to wade through a creek (I live on a penisula with a river one one side, and two large creeks on the other sides of my neighborhood) and get out on the other side knowing my guns going to function, and the range is sufficient. Ammo isn't a problem for any of my weapons, I have a nice stockpile (I keep at least 1000 rounds per gun I own). But if it's me with some buddies, I'm a bit happier to use the AR and take advantage of it's range, knowing that should my gun go click instead of boom, or the enemy goes into cover I've got backup. Likewise in a defensive situation I'm fine with using the Saiga-12. In close range combined with a pistol should you run out of ammo it's my most effective option, and as long as someone has an AK or an AR to cover me with should a longer range threat present itself.. I'm fine. One of the big factors to consider though in defending yourself is what your potential enemy would have.. In charleston the poorer more urban people tend to use .38 revolvers or 9mm compacts, but the vast majority out here are your typical hunters with bolt action rifles and semi auto shotguns (non magazine fed obviously) with a good ammount of AR-15s thrown. At gun shows I tend to see 300 ARs vs 50ish AK/Saigas, and semi auto snipers are in short supply (dragunovs especially are very rare around here from what I can tell) Given that, I really don't want to be stuck with only a saiga-12 and a pistol, given that it would essentially only put me on even ground at close range, and at an extreme disadvantage against a large portion of firearms. So by myself.. yeah I want an AK.. I want good range, and good penetration power to give me an edge, and my local area has plenty of places where I wouldn't feel I could easily be outranged. Realistically though, it would likely be me, my brother with his PSL, my friends with ARs/bolt action rifles, and enough handguns to go around a few times over, so if it was fortified there is only one entrance (since the neighborhoods a peninsula), and covering it with the AK may be preferable. (I'd stick to the AK over an AR just because I personally keep more ammo then most people, and all my friends with AR's are likely to eat through ammo like crazy, so I'd be better off using the 7.62, otherwise I'd take the AR in this situation.) It really comes down to how much ammo you have, how much your buddies have, what they are going to be using, your enviorment, and what your going to be facing. Mine was pretty easy because my location is more or less set by my house and the huge ammount of food I can get from the creek with minimal effort. My decision would be much different on a farm for example.
  15. sorry, wasn't tryng to be a jerk, was asking a genuine question, just a little confused because I figured I'd missed something. Good luck with the sale, it's a nice shotty
  16. I'm 6'5 (large hands) and mine is the taurus millenium pro .40 cal. The .40 cal is just a round I've always liked and the taurus was suggested to me instead of a paying more for a glock.. I checked a few forums and the like, and it seemed to me like the taurus was a cheaper and often preferred version of it's glock counterpart and easily as reliable.. Not saying it's better, but some people prefer it, and I personally love mine, nice little gun.. Never had any FTE or FTF on even some of the cheaper ammo I've fed through it. All comes down to preference I guess, but I'd throw it in there for consideration.
  17. wow posted in the wrong topic. my bad.. how embarassing
  18. think your gonna have fun with that, got a lancaster myself this year and it's been an absolute joy to shoot. They really know how to build an AK
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