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  1. Once 3D printing becomes capable of high strength alloys I'd like to see the government attempt to try to restrict/ tax/ regulate the production, and possession of anything.
  2. I've already contacted the offices of my Senators and Representative to voice my displeasure.
  3. Remember cars cause drunk drivers, spoons make you fat, pencils are the reason you miss spell words on your spelling test and the camera makes you say stupid things on air. The networks don't care how much hate mail you send them, they do care when you send hate mail to their advertisers who then pull their money from the station.
  4. If energy weapon every make it out of the lab you won't see any man portable versions any time soon, just don't see the power supply being small enough. Firearms will continue to evolve and will remain the go to weapon for some time unless a huge advancement is made in power storage is made.
  5. I agree that the industry will be our greatest friends in this fight because it is what they do for a living. Buying does two things, puts more ammo/ guns in our hands and gives the industry more money to lobby and lawyer up.
  6. I use the free version on my computer at home all the time and I really like it.
  7. BE A HARD TARGET!!!! lock your doors and windows, light your property, alarms the door and windows. Always think PREVENTION!!!! PREVENTION!!!! PREVENTION!!!!!! if you are too hard a target they most likely won't bother you. Think in terms of is the risk worth the reward? Most criminals are scavengers and only go for easy pickings. Walk around your property and try figuring out how you would break into your property, then fix those weakness. Counter your enemy by learning to think like them. Also draw our your property and ID all the in/out routes, hiding places, fields of views and points of i
  8. Tourniquets and Israeli bandages are life savers. Some duct tape and a plastic sheet can be used to seal a sucking chest wound if you have nothing else. Keep a tourniquet on you like the shoulder strap of your bag/ body armor or on your butt stock.
  9. been playing with the idea of a brake that will only allow the target to move a little at a time until it tips over. Also looking at a racket with a cam. Each hit would rock the target moving the ratchet,turning the cam till the cam depresses a latch allowing the target to fall.
  10. When I was in Baghdad we where in an old office building near the edge of town. The cafeteria was separate from the main building with a breeze from the second floor over to a stair case that lead down to the cafeteria/ make shift gym area. Every one through the breeze way at night was creepy (maybe it was all the bullet hole in the wall about head level) We had the building fortified pretty good with cameras, 24 hr guards, and 20ft walls with razor wire around the whole place, etc.... I lived down in the basement with the rest of my team, another platoon lived on the 2nd floor. The guys on th
  11. Amazing how labels change perception. If you give something a cute, fun name and people will eat it up. Seeing how the AR platform is the most common center fired rifle in the US I would say the "Evil Black Rifle" has found a place in the hearts and safes of most red blooded Americans
  12. The idea is to make a target that is as real as possible. I thought about a steel plate with accelerometers mounted to it to register hits with a solenoid that releases to allow the target to fall. Possibly a ball joint so the target can fall back, spin, fall forward etc.. to add to unpredictably. I have the mechanical part figured out but the electronics is what has me stumped.
  13. The 40S&W is based off 10mm that they tamed down. S&W did there home work designing the round and there is a reason it now dominates the LE market. 40 gives you almost as much capacity as a 9mm but gives you heavier bullets with a larger diameter similar to the 45. Glocks use what is know as an unsupported chamber which early on contributed to brass failure. 9mm and 45ACP are much older cartridges compared to the 40 S&W so manufactures already have lots of designs, research and tooling dedicated to 9mm/45acp. Personally I really like 40S&W because it gives me almost as much
  14. I've seen the balloon idea but I was looking for something that is random. 1 good hit might do it or you may get "PCP setting" and have to mag dump to kill it. Ideally a steel of a plastic target for training.
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