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  1. I got a barrel nut with my etac mini-talon breech/brake(which rocks), and I'm kinda confused about how to effectively use it too. I just don't get how it holds the mini-talon on any better than without it, it's not computing, but then I'm brain-damaged and functionally mechanically retarded so.... I'm not sure if I'm not using it right, am just missing the concept, or if it's just not so helpful with the muzzle device I have? Anyone care to clarify the confusion? PS - Can't the Chaos Porkypine also be used essentially as an elaborate barrel nut?
  2. WTFWJD?! Grrr, I could have snagged this sweet deal if I was capable of making quick decisions and wasn't compelled to research every last little detail.... sonuva!
  3. Just out of curiosity, did you actually sell them? If so, if you don't mind my asking, how much did the Porkypine go for? Did you get the price you asked for it here?
  4. Hey, I've been thinking about posting a thread like this but haven't been around much lately, but I'm glad someone else posted this. I love the 2 AK lighters I got, and I really appreciate KC913 hooking me up with them. I know KC went to a lot of trouble to make these available to us, and got WAY too much grief from a bunch of impatient assholes, but I really do appreciate it. So thanks for hooking me up with the deal on these awesome AK lighters, they rock and KC913 is a very cool guy(and responded to all of the absolutely ridiculous and excessive harassment with more grace than I would have
  5. OK, thanks for the input. I very much want a magwell on my S12, but am waiting to see which one will be the most versatile. It might be kind of a deal-breaker if it's not drum friendly though, unless of course a drum compatible magwell is produced that can quickly and easily be switched out for the stick/box-mag magwell. I can dream... I definitely am very much interested in learning more about magwells since I would really like to use one on my S12, but I am still collating data about them. I am to distracted by all kinds of chaos(bad chaos) to monitor the board, so when you post the mag
  6. is it? I'm pretty sure it is. I just got an AR Ergo PG for my S12, so I did my homework on them. I posted some pix I photoshopped comparing the AR & AK Ergo grips in my PG + TG thread. This grip looks like the AR Ergo Grip with the top cut off so it will fit on a Saiga, with what I think may be an AR Grip Adapter attached to it? You should probably confirm the details though. I ended up getting an AR Ergo Grip for my S12 because I like the shape a little better than the AK Ergo Grip, the main difference being the upper part on the back of the grip that rest on your hand web. Howeve
  7. +1! Thanks man, I'm glad somebody actually posted some useful info about this situation. And seriously, some of you need to go back on your meds! OVER-react much?! I think this forum REALLY needs to get laid before somebody gets hurt...
  8. Wow, this thread is really popular... with me. Kickin' it Sub-Mob style... OK, just a few last details to obsess over with the aid of Photoshop visuals and I think I'll have the AR Ergo Grips pretty much covered? I'm pretty sure I understand these parts, but my self confidence was surgically extracted when they were bolting the remaining fragments of my spine back together, so I like to double-check and triple verify & clarify. Again here is a modified pic of an AR Ergo Grip: 1- So the part highlighted in red is the part that needs to be removed so the grip will fit flush against
  9. I did some searching, and there is a new(?) version of the Ergo Grip, a Right Hand model which has a thumb shelf on the left side. Previously I'd only seen the ambidextrous model, the Right Hand Ergo Grip is not in the Ergo Grip catalog I got(about a year ago), so I thought it was a new development until I did some more searching and found a post from 2004 in another forum mentioning a Right Hand Ergo Grip. So I guess they just brought it back? From the pictures I've gathered from this site, I found one pic of an S12 with a Right Hand AR Ergo Grip on it(though I haven't gone through ALL
  10. Mike, are we going to have these in time for Armageddon? 'Cause I'm praying for rain, I'm praying for tidal waves, I wanna see the ground give way. I wanna watch it ALL GO DOWN! Learn to swim motherfuckers...
  11. Rock and lock seems to be the clear winner of the public vote. Of course I think using this mag in a magwell would be awesome, but with a few different new magwells coming out, I think most of us don't want to install one magwell that will limit our mag options. I'm dreaming of a mag that will accept all standard S12 rock-n-lock mags with alteration, plus doublestack mags & drums! That would be THE Ultimate Boomstick accessory. And speaking of ultimate accessories, WHEN are we going to be seeing there kick-ass Steel 8rd Mags & the Metal Mini-Drum with surprise special features?!
  12. As tends to happen, it looks like two cool new S12 Gas Plugs will be available soon. It's always Feast or Famine, fortunately the next year should be all feast(barring any further draconian cuts in our Rights Rationing). After test-firing my new S12 a few times and being annoyed by the factory plug, I wanted to get Gunfixer's Plug ASAP, but then this very promising sounding plug was announced, so I waited... impatiently. I hoped to order one with my drum pre-order, but that didn't happen. I'm surprised they aren't available yet, but I guess MD Arms has their hands full with the plug, the
  13. Here's another view of the two styles of Ergo PGs.
  14. OK, I think I understand, at least as much as I ever will(my brain is NOT wired for all this technical shit). I just got the(awesome!) new custom FCG, but have not attempted to install it yet since I am STILL without my bolt-carrier > , and I have not ordered the necessary TG & PG combo yet. So I can't look at the spring+FCG to see how they interact with cycling, etc since they are currently sitting in a box. But thanks for explaining it, that makes sense now. I am just trying to decide on all the parts to order for the 1st stage of my conversion restoration transfiguration and wa
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