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  1. Now for the real question... Will the new drum being marketed for the VEPR fit the magwell S12s.
  2. that charging handle out of a piston is bad ass!!

  3. Iran bro. What was the last Iranian terrorist to attack us? I can think of Egyptians, Saudis, Yemenis, and even Americans... But no Iranians. Seriously... If you guys were talking about attacking Saudi Arabia I would understand it more than attacking Iran. Bin Ladin, most of the 9-11 crew, many we have had shooting at us in Iraq... all Saudis and Egyptians. So why didn't we invade them? No sanctions? No drone strikes on the leadership? As for the boon of us paying the bills for US arms manufacturers to work on Israeli projects... Please explain how mortgaging our kids borrowing
  4. But wouldn't that make the owner a "manufacturer" unless the insert was registered as a pistol?
  5. Very true. Carrier operations have a very steep learning curve. They are going to lose a LOT of equipment and trained pilots before they get the hang of it.
  6. Taiwan is far from an easy target... They survived when we sold them out at the end of WWII... they will survive the Chi-com's half assed navy
  7. Motorcycles and even scooters can be more utilitarian than you might think. The Vespa you REALLY don't want to screw with in traffic. Vespa 150 TAP You won't haul anything, your only protection would be mobility, and numbers... But I can see these types of weapons having a home in certain areas... as well as just being cool as all hell.
  8. Dont forget many fuel pumps were manual up until the late 80s (driven by a belt system) I have never seen a belt powered fuel pump. Mechanical fuel pumps are almost exclusively driven off a cam lobe, or in the case of some mechanical injection systems, off a timing gear. What vehicle are you referring to?
  9. My instructor trained us with kobatons, and markers... If you think ANY kind of knife fighting or "sparring" with work with real steel as anything but a form or Russian roulette, try the markers first. Time it for 30 seconds... after all, even if the first strike was to the heart with a blade, there's 30 seconds of tape in the machine. (More actually...) After the time is up, look at where you and your opponent are marked and think about the damage done. Would either have survived? Even some disarm techniques... not unless you are disarming a child who won't fight back or a mannequin.
  10. You think a uniform changes stupidity? http://youtu.be/gxegEMWmNOA There is absolutely NO... NONE... NADA.... ZERO>> ZIP>>> ZILCH.... that would EVER justify the use of live ammo in these situations. It's the same reason you would never use real blades in knife combat training. You don't learn much dead... You actually WANT the student to fail and then improve. The first failure or error is going to be a rough one with that twit.
  11. Weaponry has advanced far beyond these big machines... Fighters are a dead concept in any new major war. The next big strategic weapon will be kinetic... rod from god/hypersonic cruise... or particle/FEL. Let them waste their time.
  12. Another issue in the rusty north anyway, is the what is "Common/cheap" changes every 5 years. VW bug/bus parts used to be a good bet... but certainly not anymore. Cherokees are pretty good... f150's... caveliers... What can you work with? You could retrofit points and a carburetor to anything with a distributor fairly easily, and after a bit of effort. Electric fuel pumps can be bypassed even to the point of using a pressurized air tank to push the fuel to a carb. Nothing is that complex. Don't forget... if your fear is EMP... the nice metal body of a car will shield one he
  13. I would love to see this dipshit's class with 1 proficient krav maga student slipped in as this instructors sparring partner. That would be entertainment...
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