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  1. I don't have the small aperture for the rear sight, lost it. I always just used the large. $75 shipped USPS Priority.
  2. bc5000

    new layout??

    It's nice to see where the stickies end. Looks like the join dates are gone.
  3. I use Quaker State motor oil on everything. Not really. Tetra gun grease on the rails and Slip 2000 or CLP or whatever oil is on hand for everything else. CLP seems to evaporate though.
  4. Very easy transaction. Fast payment. He even sent extra for the PP fees. Thanks bud!
  5. bc5000

    A-TACS Saiga-12

    Yeah that's your handle. Feel free to use the pic.
  6. bc5000

    A-TACS Saiga-12

    The actual cost was $315. Then about $50 for shipping both ways.
  7. bc5000

    A-TACS Saiga-12

    It's water transfer, or hydrographics.
  8. bc5000

    A-TACS Saiga-12

    It was done by crc2.net Supposed to have only took 3-4 weeks but it turned into 10.
  9. bc5000

    A-TACS Saiga-12

    All I need now is a fiber optic front sight.
  10. Smoke cover. It's been fitted to my gun. Never been shot. $90 shipped.
  11. bc5000

    Vendor Recomendations for barrel cut?

    I sent mine to Rose Action Sports and had the barrel cut and internal threads cut for Rem choke tubes. It cost $100 including shipping both ways. I had it back in one week. He goes by GunCat here and AR15.com where he advertises.