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  1. superbee

    Picture Post ,Lets see your .223!

    Sgt Raven... Thanks!! 12.5" barrel Fake can..316L SS Made by me.. 16.250" OAL AMD piston G2 All holes filled/polished by me. Krebs FSB/GB nickel boron coated.. Definitive Arms AR mag adapter.. Samson rail... cut about 1" off to mate up to can.. Welded cap on end and coped to slide over can...By me... CSS billet trigger guard.. US palm Battle grip.. Rifle Dynamics AR stock adapter.. Magpul CTR Safety modified by me.. TWS Primary Arms micro RDS 1" riser.. Receiver striped and parked by Definitive Arms... Camo job by me.... Camo Duplicolor, mesh bag, netting material, cleared with flat clear....Still hasn't rubbed off under safety... Let it dry...Let it dry.... Love this gun!!!
  2. superbee

    Picture Post ,Lets see your .223!

    Over 1,000 rds thru it...Runs all mags... pmags, USGI, Lancer etc...Money well spent...Chase the owner is a great guy to work with, his attention to detail is amazing.... At time of pics, I had not yet installed the MBUS... There on there!!
  3. superbee

    5,56 AK74 Magazine

    Well clearly they will fit, but what good is a mag if it fits but wont feed reliably? Maybe some info on how to add a feed lip to a mag for our friend in Germany...??
  4. superbee

    5,56 AK74 Magazine

    Going to work without a BG? Make a BG yourself....google what material you need....it's pretty easy
  5. superbee

    WASR-22/FAL My "FLAK GUN" Conversion

    Love it,,,, I'd buy it!
  6. superbee

    My 223 build....Pics....

    Just an update....Put 40 flawless rds thru it yesturday....Still undecided on BUIS as of yet...Have a set of magpul and a set of ARMS,,To me they both feel like junk...Samson rail is around .250" highger then the TWS so not sure if a set of micro's will work. Unsure of what optics im gonna use, the CMR is sweet, but it weighs about 1lb in the mount...The PA M4 RDS is a winner to.... I bought the Samson rail used, and the PO has to cut a section off the top rail. It actually worked out for me since i wanted to cap off the end and cope to fit around the can...Welded up nice.... Still waiting for my enail from Chase @ Difinitive Arms to have my adapter installed.... Keep you posted.... (My other Russian beauty underneath...SGL-31) [
  7. superbee

    My 223 build....Pics....

    Yes we will... They are filling all LEO contracts first. My friend should be receiving his complete rifle this week....
  8. superbee

    My 223 build....Pics....

    Thanks Sgt. Raven..... Been an idea in my head for a while. Hopefully be done in a week or 2...
  9. superbee

    My 223 build....Pics....

    Finally pickedup my 223 from the smith, so just wanted to throw some pics up....Started as a 21" barrel, had cut/crown threaded to 12.5". Krebs fsb/gb combo, AMD gas tube, AMD piston. I made the fake can, its 316L SS. That was pinned to OAL to 16.750...Useing a Samson K-rail Model 1....More info as the build progresses...Waiting for the email from Difinitive Arms to tell me to ship out for there AR mag adapter...
  10. superbee

    My MUTT Project Complete

  11. superbee

    Vepr 308 finished

    Ok didn't know that thanks....
  12. superbee

    Vepr 308 finished

    On the TWs site it says they fit the vepr...Can anyone confirm?
  13. superbee

    WTB,,,,, Magpul UBR...(Black)

  14. Anyone have anything??