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  1. Thanks for the information guys! Many thanks for the gun sight change suggestions, tool suggestions, and the manual. I'm wanting this weapon to be my main battle rifle. The only thing that I am not happy about is that it crimps the round casings when ejecting them, making them worthless I feel for reloading. I took it to a gunsmith and he said that's just the way it is. is that true? Also, the trigger pull is kind of hard compared to the M16. In other words, I have to pull the trigger all the way back to the rear of the trigger guard to make it fire. Can that be adjusted to be mo
  2. Just a bit of background, I previous shot M16s when I was in the Marines. Adjusting for windage was always done with rear windage adjustment. Front sight post adjusted for elevation. Now, I have a SAIGA .308 and I love this gun. However, when trying to zero it out, I noticed that it was firing dead on level, but to the left. I could not figure out how to adjust for windage. I noticed that similar to the M16 it seems to have a way to adjust the front sight post, but does this adjust for windage on this gun too? Please help! Also, the only modification I've made is to put a T
  3. Thanks guys for the suggestions. Will consider it seriously.
  4. So what you are saying is, hang in there cause we is going to have some live movin targets right? If we don't get destroyed by Skynet first, I think "Non-Sedentary Cadavers" are a real threat.... Perhaps Skynet is going to use Zombies instead of Terminator Cyborgs! I don't know the future, but there is no fate but that which we make our own! fecking classic. lol
  5. Looking to buy some 25 round mags, but then got to thinking. At some point I am going to want a tactical vest with magazine pouches on them. Likely they would fit any type of AR type config magazines, but I wonder if they would properly carry a .308 25 round magazine thinking it might be too long for the pocket. Anyone on here have tac gear that they can comfortably carry their high cap magazines on?
  6. So what you are saying is, hang in there cause we is going to have some live movin targets right?
  7. Was thinking about ordering me the buttstock I saw on Mississippi Auto's website that is the OD buttstock AR style with extendable buttstock. Just wondering, is it as easy as they are saying to install? Is there any drilling on the .308 you would have to do, or is it pull a retaining pin and slap it on?
  8. I was discussing this in another site. Zombie Wars is something that frankly, I think most gun owners know is coming.
  9. Yes, much like your car will accelerate to twice the speed limit, and it is up to you know the laws. Don't worry about it - the 922r laws don't make any sense (but they are the law). You should check out the Saiga 922r Compliance / THE LAW section here, and read the stickies for a basic education. But law isn't going to mean crap when the zombie wars start right? lol
  10. I have searched here and around the net, and I'm embarrassed to say I didn't know what this was until today and never heard of it. It started when I was on another site looking to buy some 25 round mags for my 308 SAIGA that it said that the out of the box config is not 922r compliant. After some searching, I think I understand what this means but need some help, and I thought this might be the best place to ask it. My understanding is that since it's an import weapon, if I change the configuration of it, say a pistol grip stock, then it's no longer considered for sporting purposes ri
  11. Locked and loaded

  12. Wow thanks! I was wondering how the OD green would look on the black rifle. I think it would look good.
  13. Hello folks! hailing from Texas, and specifically from Denton. I bought a SAIGA .308 back a few months ago and just looking for a place to discuss things about my rifle I now own. Getting ready to get rid of the out of the box rifle stock and looking to put a TAPCO pistol grip on. Mostly because I'm used to it from the M-16 I used to carry around a shoot. Also looking to get some high capacity magazines, which I have questions on, but will save for another area I suspect. Anyway, glad to be here!
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