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  1. this gun does pose a problem for me in a way. when I got it I pretty much planned to resell and make a couple of dollars, problem is I like it too much and it shoots too well to let it go so I may have to sell something else to keep the wife happy.
  2. Picked this up the other day, a really nice old single action. This gun may have the tightest cylinder lock up I've ever seen in a revolver no play in it at all. Thanks to that and the clear sight picture the adjustable sights give it shoots great groups. There are a few handling marks and drag lines on the cylinder plus there are signs in the past someone used a pair of pliers on the cylinder base pin the but no sign the gun was ever in a holster and overall a really nice gun especially when you figure it's from the 70s.
  3. are these black or clear?
  4. takes the right approach to truely deal with a bank, some of the old timers just had a knack for getting what they wanted up close and personal
  5. this site is a .com not .org or .net so the owner can do whatever he wants to support his interest. that's fair enough for his support of the forum.
  6. 2 VWs looks don't win races or make a revolver handle / shoot better
  7. How do you like that grip shape? Case hardened guns always look so great.
  8. well if all else fails there is a mathematical way: Clays has a VMD of .1462 measure the bushings use the IDs radius squared, times pi, times the height to get the volume of the bushing convert this to CCs and divide by the Clays .1462 value and that will give you a good estimate of how many grains each bushing throws. http://www.tacticool....com/powder.pdf
  9. I've got 400 pieces of new brass coming this week so I should get a chance to make them go bang this weekend. One of the other changes Colt did on the newer guns that seems odd was they no longer use a full sleeve in the cylinder as the old ones had and Uberti still has (2nd IPB item 4). Colt went to a short bushing at the front of the cylinder (1st IPB item 6), I’ve never had to change a sleeve out due to wear but it would be cheaper than replacing a whole cylinder. Sadly with Colt they’re just really selling their name brand now not a quality pistol that’s being sub contracted as cheapl
  10. the extended length cylinder pin 1st shows the 2 notches 2nd ready to fire 3rd pin in safety mode hammer on 1st click safe hammer down just some more shots of the guns
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