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  1. I'll take the drum for 55. Sending PM
  2. Rather tame by comparison, but it runs like a sewing machine from day one. Ivan had his shit together when he made this one. God,i love this weapon.
  3. New to me. Conversion already done.
  4. I"m not to familiar with the .223 Saiga. I saw a .223 for sale with a couple of Gallil .223 Mag's included. Are they compatible and are they modified? Is the feed ramp required?
  5. I like the mag well. Is it permanent? Welded? What mfg? Real nice rig. I'm full of question's
  6. If i ruin my bolt carrier converting to left side charging handle (hypothetically), can it be replaced ? Is there fitting or headspacing required?
  7. Use the front to experiment,add a rail,sling swivel on the side,cooling vent's. The butt is good for camo paint practice. That's how bubba learned.
  8. How short can you cut a barrel before you have reliability issues and or must shorten the gas system on the S-12? Is there some hard data on this? I have a 19" barrel and it has four gas port's and functions very well. My target length is a 14" barrel. I am aware of the SBS legal requirement's.
  9. I have 2 extra floor plates $10.00 obo for the pair shipped
  10. Arsenal Black poly Stock w screws for a stamped 74. Has the trap door. Real nice shape. SPF
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