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  1. Nice, NetPackRat! Good to see another Cult of Correia member in the fold... I'm actually working on an Abomination build, if I can ever figure out the combined twist+flip on the bayonet. (Almost HAD it down with a lot of help from peeps here 'til LC threw that curveball... LOL)
  2. So, anyone have any guesstimates on how long it's gonna take the Saiga Speculation Bubble to burst? An LGS lists one for ~$640, but that's a little more than I'd like to pay with all the "correction" I'll have to do... EDIT: Looks like 'Sledge and I had the same thought at the same time...
  3. Thanks, I'll have to check them out--my mother's been talking about picking up a couple pistols and checking out FWDG, but then again she only speaks the language of "cheap" and doesn't understand that not all guns are created equal, and nothing I've tried can get it through her skull.
  4. Was just wondering if anybody still had a line on any decent prices at gunshows or WAC meets--an FFL on NorthwestFirearms used to do group-buys, but his last one was in December and he says he ain't doin' any more since he doesn't expect any more to come in. Anyone know of any in around the $500-550 range, or any data I can use to try to reassure the guy whose shop did the group-buys that he may have a chance at being Back In Business after all?
  5. Undisclosed sector of the King/Pierce/Snohomish County area.
  6. Problem with chainsaws: they make noise. Great for intimidating the living, but to the undead they're a target beacon screaming Here I Am! As fun as watching The Usual Old Crone Suspects have an apoplectic fit would be, Abomination is all about efficiency: stick the undead with the bayo to hold 'em in place, then a silver slug for the coup de grace.
  7. And werewolves ain't got shit on a Saiga with a silver-edged bayo, either.
  8. Hey, be nice! I'm gonna stick a CZ52 sidefolder on Abomination...
  9. 1950, huh? I know a bunch of wannabe throwbacks who wish they could turn the clock back to that era that might be interested in movin' in...
  10. Ideally, as far as guns: 1 of each option in the Ready Racks, plus more each in all the world's common and larger-user-proprietary (did the ChiComs move to that indig round they were talking about for a while IIRC, or still on 5.45 or 7.62?) military chamberings. I'll grab whatever I deem best suited to whatever form of COMWEC I'm facing...
  11. I have a little bill of sale with lines like "Seller certifies under penalty of perjury he is the lawful owner of this firearm" and "Buyer certifies under penalty of perjury he is not legally disqualified from owning a firearm". Don't know how binding it is, but it at least demonstrates good-faith effort on my part. Also, the entirety of my purchases to date have been from fellow Washington Arms Collectors members, and you have to be CPL, FFL or otherwise pass a background-check to even be allowed to join.
  12. I can do $490 via a group-buy on another board if I wanted to go through an FFL... the rub is, my numbers are specifically on "Private Sale" terms without playing with 4473's. (It's enough that Big Brother knows I have guns thanks to my CCW permit, exactly what all I got is NOTFB IMO.)
  13. Reserve turned out to be outside my budget, anyway--the seller wanted $1100 starting, and my budget projections allow ~$600 for an "unconverted" or ~$850 for a "restored". Thanks, guys! I should probably shoot King a note and see if he's considered an outside-threaded Polychoke-compatible version.
  14. Thanks, guys. Idea: for a belt-fed 12ga, would it work to add a sleeve around the shell bringing it up to the rim's diameter? I envision a loose fit with some kind of stand-off tabs keeping the sleeve far enough from the rim for extractors to grab, the loose fit being so the extractor would rotate the tab out of the way if necessary. Big reason I leaped to an S12 action was I was thinking "a large-bore that I'm already studying, with a chance of not being a Large Bore Destructive Device", along with some degree of common spare-parts with Abomination and Vera--it does look like the Impaler is better adapted to something like a Ma Deuce or cut-down Barrett-style design. Post-A, the only thing I'm on is lots of caffeine, but I am obliged to note that I'm, ah... shall we say, "not totally sane"?lol
  15. So, I've been looking for a way to build a particular belt-fed weapon from a game using live-iron mechanicals, and I figure a 12ga slug-gun is the easiest way to go large-bore without LBDD. Interim thought: adapting the RPK belt-feed design to fit the S12 as a starting point. The ultimate goal: the C-14 Impaler from StarCraft II, albeit as a conventional semiauto firearm rather than a select-fire gauss-rifle. The design: Image is from the instructions of a card-model I'm using as a reference. Dimensions look more like they're for the model than the "genuine article". Complications: the Impaler design is known to include both stiletto-bayonet and light integral to the forearm, and I can find no evidence of magazine, magwell or even sights (unless there's a targeting reticle projected inside the user's helmet). The big question: does this look like something S12 guts can be adapted to, or would I better off to start from "clean sheet of paper"?
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