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  1. I've been out of this game too long Wolverine and these things have gotten expensive!
  2. I'll have to suggest Glocks. I own two, a 23 (compact .40) and a 26 (subcompact 9mm). Depending on clothing, I'll carry either. Shane
  3. That is badass!! A few years ago, I ordered (what was advertised as) an "authentic" Vietnam era Tomahawk for a going-away plaque for our Company Commander (our company was the "Tomahawks"). I got it, and it had the right head, and a f#$%ing plastic handle!! The plan was to leather-wrap the handle and add some feathers, but I was sure it was going to look gay. It actually turned out okay surprisingly. If I could find a damn pic of it I would post it. Yours is sweet, I love that damascus steel. Shane
  4. Okay, so is anyone a "lightscribe" expert? If so, PM me!

  5. So, I thought it was a fluke when it first happened, but my Remington 700 in .308 will frequently miss the round in the magazine when advancing the bolt. WTF The only possible scenarios I can think of are: 1. The bolt lugs are out of spec, and not coming down far enough to consistently pick up the brass. 2. The "feed lips" of the magazine are too close together, not allowing the cartridge to sit high enough to be picked up. Any other possible scenarios? I may need someone with a Rem 700 .308 to take some precision measurements soon, so I can compare.
  6. I've heard people say this before. I personally have never understood how a bullet can deviate enough to make a 1.5 inch group, then change direction to go back to centerline to make a smaller group at 200yds.......3-5 times in a row. Here's my explanation - Do you shoot with your scope cranked up all the way? You might just be psyching yourself out at the close range, then when the target is a little "smaller", (relatively) the pressure is off. Line up a target at 100yds, and a 200yd target directly behind it. Then shoot a group through both, I want to see if it really does it while aiming at a 100....
  7. If wood is your thing, Boyd's makes ADL stocks for relatively cheap. I wanted to get a new stock for my 7mm, and make it into a "custom rig", but the bottom metal costs as much as a f$#%#ing donor action!
  8. Sweet deal, are you sure it's a plastic trigger guard? I've never seen a heavy bbl ADL. If you don't have much cash, lots of guys sell their SPS Varmint takeoff stocks (that will fit your bbl) on barfcom for cheap. Though it isn't gonna be much better, and you'll have to buy bottom metal. Thanks for sharing. Shane
  9. Looking forward to some 'yote slayin' with Eric1785 on Sun!!

  10. Sorry to necro this thread, but just had to give an update - Decided I wanted to get rid of this barrel and get a nice Shaw 22lr bbl (no brainer). I figured I would start by asking Sportsman's Guide if they would take it back, knowing that it wasn't their fault and they would probably say to take it up with the mfr. Wrong! I see a helical-fluted stainless 22bbl in my near future! I love these guys!
  11. I think this was probably the first woman I was ever in love with as a kid. Usually when I look back at 80's chicks they don't do it for me, but this one....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ele7YCI2-2Y Plus she's acting pissed throughout the whole thing. Hot. Good song too, but I don't care to admit that.
  12. Well after reading blkgunlvr's thread about his new toy, and talking to a guy at work about Mauser actions and their controlled-feed system, I decided to shop for a donor action for a cheap custom rig. I've actually been looking for a burnt, or otherwise fucked-up Rem 700 in 7RUM. I was planning on doing it slowly, but eventually building a nice compact long-range rig to sling those 180gr Bergers. I had pretty much settled on a 22" medium-heavy contour (.75" or so) fluted pac-nor barrel. They will install and true for close to $600. Then I was gonna grab a Bell and Carlson Medalist with the "butt-hook" stock (love 'em for bipod work) and put a DE brake on it. Once my friend at work explained why he likes the whole controlled feed thing it made sense to me, so I went on GB to see if I could find a cheap (cheaper than CDNN) 798 in 7mm Rem Mag (I guess I'll just sling 168s). Looky what I found: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=172542119 Had to jump on it, it was ALMOST perfect. Still have to hog out the barrel channel on the stock (Or trade it off for the butthook varmint model) and grab some glass. It will be a while, but I'm guessing by August I should have good enough dope cards to whack some unsuspecting 'yotes that are fuckin with our fall calvers. Oh I'll be taking this to MT this winter to cash out an elk tag too!
  13. That's good to hear. I mainly committed to it because I need a lower for my WSSM upper, and this was a great deal for the entire rifle. I never was interested in a 5.45 because I have a really nice AKS build (Bulgy). I know Hornady is now making TAP ammo in 5.45, but it's still in the steel case. But, if they're making 5.45 bullets, someone is bound to produce a brass-case variant with boxer primers. I'd bet that the Lapua ammo will probably do best. i'm also guessing by the quantity ordered that it was the most expensive. By the way, thanks to you and a guy at work talking up the Mauser action this last week, I went and did something stupid on GB. But I'll post it separately in this forum....
  14. I heard a joke yesterday that I didn't think was particularly funny, and I was trying to find a news article but can't. Does anyone remember the Soldier who tried to burn his wife alive by pouring gas on her? I can't remember when it was, but I'm thinking within the last year. IIRC, she survived, I don't think he lit her up. Shane
  15. Posted 6 days ago, if in fact today is Monday the 11th at 9:36 AM No problems here, but I don't pick those kind of mushrooms. This post has been edited by Shaneman153D: Today, 12:52 AM 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday Guns only have two enemies: rust and politicians I don't care how much bullshit you put on your .22. It's not "tactical". It's a toy. No problems here, but I don't pick those kind of mushrooms. Posted 6 days ago, if in fact today is Monday the 11th at 9:36 AM This post has been edited by Shaneman153D: Today, 12:52 AM 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday Guns only have two enemies: rust and politicians I don't care how much bullshit you put on your .22. It's not "tactical". It's a toy. If you read all this, you are just as bored as I am.
  16. Not familiar with those targets, assuming center circle is 1"? I'm sure those will clean up nicely with some reloads, not sure there is "quality" x39....maybe TAP? How do you like the M&P? I've got one on layaway, but it's gonna be a few months. Shane
  17. Spot on...These are the worst types of people. They don't understand that if they let the pronoun people take away my rights because it doesn't affect them, they're just making it easier to take away theirs next. see: Smoking Bans I give these guys an earful whenever they they start excreting out of their mouths: "What do you hunt with that?" "Two-legged game" or "Guns were not invented for hunting"
  18. The only time I've ever had a chance to fire an NFA weapon (not including mil. issue) was a Mac 11 with a suppressor. Like every other shooting range in Texas, it was ill-maintained and would not allow "rapid fire", even though you had to pay $12 (mil. discount rate) to get in. The range safety, who was a serious hard-on who I always had run-ins with; and a Temple PD officer were sitting there making idle threats (I just wanted to fire it with the suppressor) that if I fired it in FA I'd be "in trouble". I got to fire 5 rounds, and magically, I didn't accidentally slip it in FA. I did make some choice comments to both the safety and the LEO, and they heard me and didn't say shit. ("I don't need a fucking audience, thank you", and "You guys are doing a great job keeping everyone safe") This is one of many examples of why I hate most Texans. There are exceptions, and most of them are on this forum.
  19. There's the forum I joined 5 years ago!! Sorry to hack on you Boba, I agree that function>form, but lately I am finding that there are limits, for me anyway. Also, I can't figure out how you expect efficiently open the breech when your hand is on a pistol grip. But to each his own, who am I to judge your gun? My S-12 is god awful, but it works. Shane PS - Indy, LMAO @ your filename!
  20. man this place is becoming more and more like barfcom everyday
  21. Sweet Rifle! I always see those Rem-Mausers in the CDNN catalog and wondered what kind of quality they are. You'll have to update with some groups. Though I wouldn't expect miracles shooting Wolf factory ammo, do you reload? The only thing I don't like (Can't stand) about the mauser action is the whole load-from-the-mag-only thing.
  22. Thanks man. I have a Marlin 917V in .17HMR that is a tack-driver. Another "old timer" here that I used to shoot with has one of those little H&R (or NEF, not sure) break barrel .17HM2s. Both will shoot extremely well and do so safely. Shane
  23. You might be able to pay him off, but what's stopping someone else from coming in and doing it before the auction is up?
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