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  1. Selling some spare mags & what not. Came across these in a box of AK mags in my garage. Five SGM Saiga 12 10rd mags new in the wrapper and two used 5rd Izhmash mags. $40 + $5 shipping for the SGM mags, free shipping for 2 or more. The 5rd Izhmash are in pretty decent shape.. make an offer. I can accept payment via credit card, echeck, or money order.
  2. Forgot regular AR kits. AR15 pistol with shockwave & 10.5" / 7.5 brl OR rifle with 16" would be around $380. Can also do 223 wylde for the same price.
  3. Been awhile since I posted. Looking at purchasing some AR kits wholesale in bulk for resale. I can pickup AR15, AR10, AR9, & AR45 kits rifle or pistol pretty cheap but do to cash flow and minimum purchase quantities have to chose one or the other for now. All the kits come with M-lok or Key Mod rails. Want to know what you guys think I should get? Which are you most interested in? Retail prices would be about: AR45 Pistol with Shockwave Brace and 9.5" barrel - $475 AR45 80% lowers run $120 no finish and $160 Black Cerakote. Glock Mag compatible. AR9 Pistol with Shockwave Brace and 7.5" barrel $370 AR9 80% lowers run $66 no finish and $110 Black anodized. Glock Mag compatible AR9 Rifle with 6 position generic stock and 16" brl $390 AR10 Rifle with 6 pos generic stock & 20" stainless brl $525 AR10 80% lowers run $85 no finish $100 black anodized. For the AR9s I can do colt mag compatible which will work on any AR15 receiver and come with a mag adapter for $60 more. For an conversion kit that would work great but colt mags are more than Glock or generic Glock mags. Also which would prefer M-lok or Key Mod? Thanks for any input.
  4. I have a Tromix Saiga 410 conversion with Russian side folder.. thinking about selling it to offset the costs of a light weight performance AR build. Been quite awhile since I bought any Saiga stuff, what are they going for these days?
  5. Is it canted downwards? Or would the stock be 90* to the rear of the receiver?
  6. Yes. They've been sold to VT. I should have updated the status earlier.
  7. LOL. I just did it on a whim but it is really starting to grow on me. I did two ARs & a bunch of mags too.. got a quad rail & optics which had to match the rifle. Had to hide the cans as it was getting out of control.
  8. The modified bolt cutters are a good option if you don't have a press or want to spend much. Or you could even use a ball peen hammer (after all they are made to peen rivets). If you don't mind spending some money get a decent press. Also the rivet tool from AK builder is specifically built for riveting AKs.. I've built at least 15 AKs using his jigs & rivet tools. http://ak-builder.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29972
  9. A CSS tappet with a concave face would increase the power transferred to the piston. I had assumed (incorrectly) CSS was trying to increase surface area on the face, like KA & MD, but the nipple facing backwards gives the CSS tappet the same length as a regular puck but with less weight. Since it has less mass it can be moved with less force than the standard puck but still contacts the piston at the same time as the standard puck. The KA & MD pucks have a concave face, giving them more surface area than a flat face of the same diameter, which means less force is required to move it than a standard flat faced puck. A CSS puck with a concave face, KA or MD puck with a nipple, would have both the reduced mass AND larger surface area on the face. That would be one fast moving puck! Combine that with an auto gas plug & you could shoot 22's & your bolt would probably still cycle.
  10. icarus

    camo'd my S-12

    GTFo, You could just buy some regular acrylic craft paint and add it to the bedliner mix. Thats what I used when doing concrete countertops and it worked really well. I've also used it to color epoxy. Most "colorants" are just water based acrylic paint.. walmart sells a 4oz bottle for $1.50. Fap, It only took me a couple minutes of actual painting. Waiting for one coat to dry took longer than it did to apply it. Although cutting the template out took awhile too, if anything that tried my patience the most. Dat, I've never been a camo fan either. Never had a camo'd rifle before either. I was looking for some webgear and there was a bunch of different camo patterns.. so I started doing some research to see which was the best to use in AZ. Ran across a guy who made a real good argument for camo'ng your rifle.. figured why not. In a SHTF scenario it will actually help quite abit. By the way, I like that get the fck out obama emblem.
  11. icarus

    camo'd my S-12

    The rust idea sounds is interesting. Post some pics if you do it. I posted the template I used in the conversions & mods section.
  12. CSS, I thought maybe the pic was backwards. The King Armory Tappet is nipple towards muzzle correct?
  13. icarus

    camo'd my S-12

    Did one of my AR's too.
  14. Forgive my ignorance.. but isn't that puck backwards in the pic? The purpose of the nipple is to provide more surface area for the gas to push against. That would mean that the nipple should point towards the muzzle.. not "back" towards the bolt carrier.
  15. What "irreplaceable parts" would be broken? There is very little on an Saiga that is irreplaceable. Even the receiver can be rebuilt.
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