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  1. I had sent my Saiga to Cadiz for some warranty, apparently there is a list published by the ATF that discriminates against certain lots of serial numbers. Tom said they had to run my serial #, it came back clean. If it hadn't they would have kept/destroyed it and sent me a new one. Per Tom, This was mainly an issue with guns manufactured around '06. I don't like that idea at all.
  2. If you don't find the issue, CGW in the vendors section does the warranty work. The RAA email and phone contacts are blackholes.
  3. I'm no expert, but most every thing is interchangeable except the handguards. You need a retainer to hold on a traditional guard. Of course, this applies to a restored Saiga with bullet guide. As far as the warranty, look up Cadiz Gun Works on this site.
  4. Last time, and I really got to review some contracts.... It says sold out, but once you go AR the worlds the limit. http://www.blackjackbuffers.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=396 Got it.. http://www.aceltdusa.com/ak_print.htm
  5. Everywhere I read says the sight barrel is the same on AK and SKS. I don't know... Edit - this guy does customs... http://www.apwcogan.com/Fiberoptics.htm
  6. Well, crap. I'm interested too. Let me dig a little more.
  7. I've got $180 in mine, counting $85 for a front hanguard. Pistol Grip ~$20 PG Nut ~$7 Stock ~$50 - Standard Tapco Trigger Group ~$30 Do it. It's Christmas and you can sell the retarded sweaters you get on Ebay to people in Nigeria.
  8. This thread is getting a little too warm and fuzzy. Your gun looks like a monkey fuckin' a football. Fix it. Now.
  9. I think this front will work. You might call them first. Item #60214 - Front Sight Only $20.95 http://www.williamsgunsight.com/gunsights/image_sks.htm
  10. I'm doing the DE tapco side folder and saw grip. I bought a UTG rail that I'm gonna Duracoat DE, if I can get it to match. Duracoat only offers the Magpul DE, and I don't think it matches Tapco. I'm ordering Coyote and some lighter and darker tans to try and match. Thank for the inspiration!!
  11. I'm leaning towards Duggers recommendation. Duracoat says it can be applied to painted surfaces, they just need to be degreased. Roughing it up with some sandpaper probably is a good idea too. I don't have a blaster, and I'm not EVER messing with stripper again. Now, Strippers.... have a whole different set of precautions, and I am messing with them again.
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