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  1. Easy pointing and well balanced SigSaur P238. Fantastic little gun for shooting. The big brother P938 was not so much fun to shoot but not a hand killer either. Sexy little "1911's" they are. The P238 shooting 380ACP is just fun. Easy to conceal too. The aforementioned Ruger SR9c is a nice pistol but has a long trigger pull. It was a contender until I shot the Sig Saur P238.
  2. My Remington 878 Automaster is in about the same price. Nice wood but first, someone put a high viz rib on the front. Secondly, when cleaning the gun I didn't know not too allow cleaner too far down the barrel and much of the original warning yellow paint came off. It reads not to oil the chamber. See this model holds two shells in the gas chamber itself so no oil should go there. Comfy to shoot standard shells. Stamp on gun reads no magnum shells. After this gun, the model 1100 was released.
  3. OP and GySgt: I too have a Lee Progressive 1000 press for 45ACP. First off, the beaded chain has a short lifespan. You'll get going at a smooth pace and "pop" goes the chain. I suggest using two small zip ties and a rubberband between the ties. Pull the ties tighter to increase the tension. I came up with this solution after 4 chains broke. My re loads were good but the shoulder of the case wasn't seating in far enough when I inserted the rounds into the removed barrel. Several days of frustration later I found out the re loads were fine, the culprit was my Springfield XDs. The c
  4. what do you not like about the Springfield xds in 45ACP?
  5. Canadian Terra boots for me! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoetmH5vVvc
  6. GunFun, I was looking closely at the background of picture number one. Lonely at sea? I mean wow, just wow, that is one heck of a porn collection....Ha! I hope you are safe and dry.
  7. Results received yesterday! The 3 shell results details: Slug is hard lead measuring 0.686 diameter. Three PRIMER substitutions listed first. Hull: Federal Target with paper base wad. Primers: Rem209P, Powder: Universal 25.4 grains. Bushing #171 on my Lee Load All II. Wad: Federal 12S3 1-1/8" felt 1- 20 gauge over shot card Slug: 1 oz Lee Key Drive (439 grains) Crimp: 8 point, no rattling observed. FPS / PSI 1329/7000 1313/6700 1272/6100 Hull: Federal Target with paper base wad. Primers: Win209, Powder: Universal 25.4 grains. Bushing #171 on my Lee Load All II. Wad: Fede
  8. I placed an order with AGP back on 12-27-12. Today, 03-05-13, my order left Tempe, AZ. A longer wait than anticipated but not anything to complain about. FYI my order number was 7762 on 12-27-13. Maybe tht'll help someone go-guess-a-figure your shipment date.
  9. Shells were shipped last week. I am waiting on results which usually arrive by mail. Please continue to be patient.
  10. If ordering bulk materials, order more powder and primers than you anticipate. This way you'll only have the 1 extra fee. SO maybe order like 12 lbs of powder and 2000 primers and then find that UPS left it on my front step with the Hazmat label facing the street. RU hooked on 20 gauge? Or perhaps you can be persuaded to other 12 gauge recipes? Buy bulk buckshot (Remington Field Grade) from precisionreloading.com They sell in 25lb bags and will ship 2 in a low rate USPS package. OK have fun and be safe. 7000 grains per 1 pound. My favorite load uses 28.4 grains per shel
  11. I've put another 100 rounds of independence through the XDs and followed that with 8 HP's. Not a hickup. I did notice that Springfield Armory really intends the shooter to use the front fiber optic sight, With all sights aligned and a gentle trigger squeeze most hits were low. Keeping the front red optic up a little higher and the shotswere placed where I expected they would connect.
  12. OKAY! Tuesday I'll ship the shells for testing. I got side tract with nailing and painting trim work and hanging curtains and shades while I had the money. I like the second recipe more because the shells were faster to assemble, I'll still ship both designs, in the name of curiosity, but will favor this recipe: Okay I have two more loads made to send off for testing. Both use WSF (28.45 grains) and LEE Key Drive 1oz Slug. Each has a 1/8" fiber card under the slug. Slugs were pushed in finger tight. Great crimping on both hulls. Three of each are being shipped off this week. 1.
  13. It fits nicely in my hands. I quickly greased and oiled the gun. The gun fired 170 rounds mix of Winchester, Independence, Federal, and PMC. Not hickup was noted. The gun was allowed to cool and then shot several magazines of the following HP's: Remington Golden Saber230 grain, Corbon DPX 185grain, PMC Stralight 185gr, I expected a cooled down and gummy gun to have problems with mixed magazines of HP. All went bang, Now, The 230gr bullets all shot 4-5 inches low at 30ft. The lighter HP all hit dead center. Two other people had the same results. So what is it about the
  14. Keep the box open for UPS to inspect. They'll label it ORM-D and write small arms cartridges on the label. No hazmat fee if the shell is completely reloaded.
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