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  1. If the mags are metal I would love to try them out or for Chaos to make some sweet ones.
  2. I'll take the two AGP for $50 shipped if your other falls through.
  3. I'm not positive but surefire says no magnums in the 12 rounder because it is so long. I have several high brass rounds through my 8 rounder.
  4. It does shoot 3" and how can you "guarantee it won't for long." Do you have first hand experience with this platform?
  5. I done the same as evl. I had a cashier at a store tell me "that's inappropriate don't you think." I replied "my keys?" She then held my keys up holding the old trigger. I summed up with "nope and you might want to find you one because it makes a wonderful ear scratcher." Her look and the old lady laughing behind me was priceless.
  6. The wood in the pic is from rusmilitary. Unfortunately Oleg told me a couple weeks ago he was no longer offering the laminate set which I think is the one pictured because the factory wants almost $400 usd for it. It does look good though.
  7. Has there ever been any kind of finish on the BattlerifleG3 set and is that a recoil pad on the end that was fitted by BattlerifleG3?
  8. Has anyone bought the S-12 2 PC plywood handguard and PG from rusmilitary?
  9. I'm kicking my self in the ass for going the cheapest I could in the beginning. Because now Oleg says he has no intention of selling the laminate because the factory wants the equivalent of 330 usd for it. I have wanted that set since first time I saw and waited to long. It's really the handguard I want I love that style. The plywood set he still sells looks green like it's made with pressure treated wood. Just trying to see if I could match the plywood set with a laminate stock or maybe have one made.
  10. I was wondering if anyone has the 2pc plywood set (PG and handguard). I was thinking about purchasing that set since they will no longer be carrying the laminate set. I noticed they are both listed as dark brown and two completely different colors. Just wondering if someone actually had some pics of it to see if I could maybe match up a stock.
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